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The Yogi And The Snake The Yogi And The Snake Is A Modern Mystic Classic It Shows One Man S Search For The Purpose Of Life, His Growth Of Awareness, Self Discovery And Consequent Participation With Unfolding ConsciousnessThe Book Is Based On The Personal Records Of The Intense Mystical Experience, Visions, Encounters, Poetic Revelations, Process Of Spiritual Enlightenment And Insight Of Shailendra Gulhati, A Jammu Based Shaivite Author The Yogi And The Snake Takes The Form Of A ParableThe Yogi Supreme Spiritual Master Shiva , In A Dramatic Mystical Interaction With The Snake The Contemporary Spiritual Seeker , Unfolds The Eternal Secrets Of Spiritual Life, The Essence Of Spiritual Pluralism That Bridges The Gap Between Ancient Mystic Wisdom And Contemporary Spiritual Understanding

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    The author has very deep understanding of what he is trying to convey Writing was absolutely brilliant Definitely a must read.