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The Gap into Power A Dark and Hungry God Arises [BOOKS] ✬ The Gap into Power A Dark and Hungry God Arises Author Stephen R. Donaldson – A master storyteller Stephen R Donaldson established a worldwide reputation with his unforgettable critically acclaimed fantasy series The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant  Then with The Real Story and into Power MOBI ñ A master storyteller Stephen R Donaldson established a worldwide reputation with his unforgettable critically acclaimed fantasy series The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant  Then with The Real Story and Forbidden Knowledge he launched a thrilling new science fiction series  Now the galactic epic continues as humanity struggles against the forces of ultimate evil and its own dark natureThe stage Gap into Power A Dark Epub / is set of confrontation at Billingate illegal shipyard The Gap Kindle - haven for pirates and brigands where every vice flourishes and every appetite can be sated  Gateway to the alien realm of the Amnion the shipyard is a clearinghouse for all they reuire to fulfill their mutagenic plans against humanityIt is here that the fate of Morn Hyland is to be decided amid a kaleidoscopic whirl of plot and counterplot treachery and betrayalAs schemes unravel to reveal Gap into Power ePUB ↠ yet deeper designs Morn Nick Angus' lives may all be forfeit as pawns in the titanic game played our between Warden Dios dedicated director of the UMC Police and the Dragon greed driven ruler of the UMC  Here the future of humankind hangs on the uncertain fortune of Morn Hyland in a daring novel of epic power and suspense relentlessly gripping from first page to last.

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  1. Sumant Sumant says:

    The third book in the Gap series ie A Dark and Hungry God Arises shows us the real manipulators in the game all the previous characters which we have met so such as MornNick and Angus are pawns in the hands of these corporate bigwigs Donaldson keeps a tight leash on the story in this book and he switches between the different pov characters effortlessly the outcome is an superb convergence which leaves you wanting Some of the strong points of the book are1 New set of pov characters2 Plot thickens 3 Top notch world buildingSome of the weak points of book are1 Donaldson fails to do a Jamie Lannister on Angus Let me elaborate on the above points now1 New set of pov characters Donaldson gives us a varying pov characters in this book so we get to understand the story from both the ends this partly the reason which makes this book such an enjoyable read Although we get lot of pov characters in this book the most noticeable among them areHolt Fasner the CEO of the UMCHe is the king on the board of this chess and is aptly called the The Dragon he controls human space through the UMCP as people think he is the last shield protecting them from the Aminion With mergers and acuisitions of some key corporations he has managed to become one of the most powerful man in human space With such tripe masses of human beings were tranuilized—until those rare occasions when they woke up saw what was really happening around them misunderstood it and did their best to impose the stupidest possible solution on the men who normally led themHe wants to become a god like character and has almost reached that level because not only he has kept his friends closer but he has managed even to keep his enemies like Warden Dios closerWarden DiosHe is an honest man who is trying to the right thing but other people have to face the repercussions of his actions He wants to sever the ties with UMC and wants to cut tto size the power wielded by Holt Fastener but there only a few choices left with which he can do thatHe believes in It is the nature of power to resist restrictions to seek an unfettered expansion and expression of itself And it is the function of ethics to impose restrictions on power to weld and wield the potentialities of power so that they serve but do not control the people in whose name they existMilos TavernerAfter been betrayed by the UMCP he is travelling with Angus to the Billingate station He is one the biggest rats ie he has been playing both the sides for so long that betrayal has been etched in his DNA He also gives Angus some taste of his own medicine when he makes him do some of the despicable things 2 Plot thickens There are so many betrayals going on the book that your head starts spinning after reading it You start to distrust anything and everything because the truth becomes so much convoluted in this book this is due to the fact that everyone is playing its own gameAs we are exposed to the pawns of the game and the players of the game but the pawns do not move with a specific set of rules in this game they have a mind of their own in this story It just is remarkable reading it all and digesting it 3 Top notch world building Donaldson can not only describe the gutter to you but also can make you breath it until you can choke on it He describes Billingate in the same way to us there is only one law on the Billingate ie I am the bill you owe if you don't pay you don't liveAnd that law has been put in place by the Bill who runs this station There are all sort of illegal things going on over here because this is the last station which separate human space with forbidden space or amnion spaceThe only issue I had with the book was1 Donaldson fails to do a Jamie Lannister on Angus We met Angus in the last two books and we know what kind of sadistic psychopath he is he just hates everything Also the way he broke Morn in the first book is too much fresh for me so when Donaldson tries to make a Jami Lannister out of him in this book I could not digest it That was the only flaw which I had with this bookI am really amazed that how such remarkable series has gone under the radar for sci fi and grim dark readers but this series is just keeps getting better with each new bookHighly recommended 45 stars

  2. Wanda Wanda says:

    35 starsI have made no secret of the fact that I struggle with Stephen Donaldson’s writing This is the only series of his that I have made any connection with and my relationship to it is turbulent I’m not one of those people who needs to like the characters in order to like the book but it helps if I care what happens to them I reluctantly care about what happens to the main characters in the Gap seriesIts like Donaldson took the Star Trek universe and turned it inside out There is no Prime Directive no Starfleet no honourable oversight by basically good intentioned people Like in CJ Cherryh’s Company Wars series it is the giant corporation that controls space and with the United Mining Companies comes the shadowy director also known as the Dragon who seeks to control everythingIn many ways this is a bleaker darker version of Cherryh’s idea of the megacorporation running outer space like Glen Cook’s The Black Company running the universe I had to order this volume through interlibrary loan but I’ve got the remaining books from the local used book store so finishing the series is a very likely propositionBook number 316 in my Science Fiction Fantasy reading project

  3. Mike Mike says:

    The story tangles further The betrayal is deeper The stakes are higher than you thought Donaldson's sci fi version of Wagner's Ring Cycle begins to truly blossom here Here we see the Gap Series begin its true slow inexorable motion Like drowning the reader is caught in a euphoria of despair This book like the ones before it offers little hope but a creature emerges from it that can be neither countenanced nor resisted I do not know whether to laugh or cry but it appears the final hope of humanity is at least in capable hands And many who have earned a comeuppance shall doubtless receive one This book seems to me the middle portion The Empire Strikes Back if you will Nothing happens and yet everything does This book explains much of what came before and sets the stage for what follows Again and as always I will remind the reader of this review that the stakes cannot be higher the heroes less heroic nor the villains less remorseful than you will find here The joy and the terror of Donaldson lies in witnessing the frightening and unpredictable efficacy of humanity all around And again I give you my Dream CastCaptain Angus Thermopyle Ron PerlmanMorn Hyland Olivia WildeDavies Hyland Liam HemsworthCaptain Nick Succorso Brad PittMikka Vasaczk Zoe SaldanaVector Shaheed JK SimmonsMilos Taverner Steve BuscemiThe Bill Christoph WaltzWarden Dios Tom SelleckMin Donner Sigourney WeaverHashi Lebwohl Ben KingsleyHolt Fasner Kevin SpaceyCaptain Sorus Chatelaine Sharon StoneCaptain Dolph Ubikwe Idris ElbaIf courage be thus I fear for humanity's sake

  4. Gilda Felt Gilda Felt says:

    I’m happy to say that the series has finally hit its stride this being the best book so far The reader is given a deeper look into what is going on that even those who thought they knew didn’t Betrayals abound as nothing seems to be what it is so the reader is left wanting Luckily there are still two booksI’m still not totally happy with the main characters of Morn Nick and Angus Their flaws still rule their lives and they have plenty I could perhaps feel sympathy for the three if they weren’t giving so much to themselves It seems that the fault always lies with the stars Who are the victims who the villains?I’m hoping there’s character growth in the next two books because at this point while I’ve become invested in the plot in the characters not so much

  5. Kirt Kirt says:

    I read The Gap series a five novel saga from Stephen R DonaldsonI think Donaldson does better with SF than fantasy The series is set in a future as created by something called the Gap Drive an FTL travel method that sometimes drives people mad It starts out with a complicated little minuet of a story involving the lives of three people who live on the fringes of space the first novel but over time the series becomes a complicated tale involving a terrible cold war between an alien race the Amnion and humanity the dangers of human greed and one man's attempt to make the universe safe for humans It's based very loosely on or perhaps sort of inspired by Wagner's Ring Cycle What's up with SF based on the Ring Cycle? I know of one video game that's a SF take on it and there's a Captain Harlock anime series based on itAnyhoo I was told once regarding the Covenant the Unbeliever series that that if you can get past the rape scene in the first book you're good I think this is literally true of this series If you can tolerate the much nastier rape scenes that's multiple rape scenes by the way in the first book you should be fineI dunno what's up with Donaldson and rape but the important thing is you'll know you'll be able to handle the series overall if you can take the first book in particular if you can have a certain amount of sympathy no matter how small and how overwhelmed by hatred and disgust for a mass murderer and rapist as he transforms from villain to victim If you're capable of viewing a very very bad person as a human being worthy of a tiny drop of sympathy even if you can't forgive him for what he did and the text makes it clear you shouldn't then you'll enjoy the first book and what follows itThe first book is probably the best; while making it clear you should hate Angus Thermopile the aforementioned rapist and mass murderer for the things he's done Donaldson deftly manages to make him seem human which is vital as things totally fall apart for him because otherwise you won't care when things go pear shaped for him The book starts with a listing of events as people understood them on a particular space station followed by what REALLY happenedThe second book is also very personal following what happens to the various characters after the first book and completing various transformations While Thermopile went from villain to victim in the first book in the second book someone who seemed a hero becomes a villain and the victim transforms into a heroine of sortsAfter that the style of the books change becoming less personal even giving the occasional encyclopedia like supplemental data entries on the universe sort of like a reverse RPG sourcebook mostly fiction with a little source material However this drawing back makes everything epic giving even room for people to show themselves at heroes and villains The last three books are a little overlong but they keep you hookedWhat makes the series work is that while it is highly nasty and gritty despite the cynicism of all the characters and the compromises they make by the end of the series humanity is better off than it was at the start of the series and there's been redemption or damnation for all the major characters This including several characters that don't even get introduced until the second or third book but turn out to be very important especially in terms of how they intersect with the three main characters of the first book Of those later characters I particularly like Hashi Watch for him

  6. Thomas Stacey Thomas Stacey says:

    Well that was awesomeWhen I asked Fantasy Faction for dark character driven sci fi this series was recommended It's taken a couple of books to hit its stride but it's finally there the world has opened up considerably and many characters introduced in the previous books are given their time of day After such a climatic ending I simply cannot wait to explore this series further Highly recommended

  7. Boostamonte Halvorsen Boostamonte Halvorsen says:

    What a book What a ride Man I just don't know how Donaldson juggles all of thishe's a master storyteller The twists and turns are so unpredictable The constant rotation of the HeroVillianVictim thin this absolutely astounding and now it's stretched to a secondary batch of charactersor two batchesit's hard to tell if they are going to rotate or are just funI can't wait for the next book

  8. John John says:

    Man this series is killing it Had to force myself to put it down reading three other novels as well but I failed time and time again Donaldson has long been one of my favourite fantasy authors Now he is my favourite Sci fi author granted I don't read much in the genreOn to book four in a bit

  9. Zade Zade says:

    The third book in the Gap Cycle is where Donaldson's story really begins to take shape Although he uses our interest in the characters to carry us along the story really is about the political schemes and wheels within wheels that arise from the commercial development of faster than light travel and contact with a semi hostile alien species Although the series is based on Wagner's Ring Cycle the historical bits of the story show a very plausible development of this society from our own especially in terms of corporate usurpation of governmental power Besides the absorbing complexity of his plot and his ability to keep the reader guessing about what is really going on Donaldson also demonstrates the rare ability to get his readers to sympathize with or at least understand truly despicable characters He explodes any black and white vision of right and wrong by creating situations in which characters must commit evil acts in order to serve a greater good and making the worst of bad guys play the role of hero Other reviewers have described the ethos of this series as depressing and hopeless but I think they are wrong While there certainly is an air of doom about the story and than enough evidence of the evil man can do to man the fact remains that the whole point of what's going on is to preserve hope for human survival on both the individual and species levels If readers have gotten through the first two books of the Gap series they will be well rewarded with this third volume In another review I compared the Gap series to Herbert's Dune The worlds they create are vastly different and the atmosphere of their stories appear on the surface to be at odds but Donaldson has some of Herbert's knack for amazing world building and convoluted but ultimately logical plotting I'd put Herbert in the top 20 authors of the 20th century so it's no small compliment that I put Donaldson in his company

  10. Jesse Jesse says:

    Wow this book took me awhile to get through Its a great book but its not light reading This is an emotionally heavy book from start to finish Its a noir story loosely based on the Ring cycle that is set in the far future in space This is the 3rd book in the series and it slows the series down a little bit mainly because its transitioning us from the beginning of the story into the roller coaster ride toward the ending I can't remember as of writing this review if there are two books to go or just one I highly recommend this series as its not uite like anything else I've ever read in the Sci fi genre That having been said don't read it unless you have a strong stomach for man's inhumanity to other manor precisely woman The series this book as well is full of themes of betrayal redemption brutality fear of loss of self and a whole multitude of other very series human drama All of which is set against a backdrop of mankind's future expanding into the universe and all the technological and cultural developments that spurred that on as well as those that evolved because of it

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