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Dragon Age Inquisition Premium Hardcover Edition Includes Additional Pages Of Behind The Scenes Content, Interviews With BioWare, And Exploration Into The Making Of Product With Dragon Age Partners Also Includes 3 Digital In Game Items.Mobile Friendly EGuide Access Digital Strategy Content Optimized For A Second Screen Experience.Multiple Play Styles Presented Identify Tactics, Explore Hidden Caves, Defeat Monumental Creatures, And Shape The World Around You Based On Advice For Your Own Style Of Play And Combat.Make The Right Decision Your Actions And Choices Will Shape A Multitude Of Story Outcomes Along With The Tangible, Physical Aspects Of The World Itself Tough Choices Define Your Experience, And Even One Decision Can Change The Course Of What S To Come.Be The Finest Inquisitor Choose Your Class Based On Recommended Character Loadouts That Take Advantage Of A Unique Set Of Abilities, Weaponry, Special Moves, And Even Class Reactive Story Content Completely Control The Appearance And AbilitiesGet The Best Out Of Your Team Connect And Communicate With A Cast Of Unique, Memorable Characters To Develop Dynamic Relationships That Will Benefit You And Your Party Where To Go Next Illustrated Maps Serve As A Guide To The Next Adventure Allowing Informed Exploration Of A Diverse, Visually Stunning, And Immersive Living World.

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    A must read for those of us that are fans of the Dragon Age series of video games and have played Dragon Age Inquisition.

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    Great guide

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    For a game guide, this is exceedingly well crafted Thanks to the organization of the book, you could use the guide to supplement your main plot game exploration or use it to supplement heavy delving into the open world altogether I appreciate the layout of the book in general, although I do wish a few sections came before the main plot walkthrough I also understand why they didn t, however, to preserve the surprise value for spe...

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    I really found the maps in this hard to read and I wasn t impressed with the layout However, the information in this volume is invaluable to players of this game Besides the maps, the artwork is really nice The book real...

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    It seems that it was put together before Prima had finished all the side quests and collections, because the maps are missing some of the markers But it s still very helpful for a game that could literally span hundreds of hours.