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juery in Action [Epub] ➝ juery in Action Author Bear Bibeault – Thomashillier.co.uk Popular ePub, juery in Action author Bear Bibeault There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn 9781933988351 347 pages and has a text language like English Popular ePub, juery in Action author Bear Bibeault There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback juery in PDF or and others isbn pages and has a text language like English.

10 thoughts on “juery in Action

  1. Jon Jon says:

    While I like a certain familiarity of tone in tutorialreference books the authors were a little too informal and it got old reading sentence after sentence of just how great juery is Also the examples are contrived without any apparent attempt at a real world example This book taught me what each juery command does but I don't feel I learned anything about what juery can do for meStill this is the book everyone seems to recommend so I fear I would be even less satisfied by the other juery books on the market

  2. Michael Economy Michael Economy says:

    This book is useless it's the juery docs with a bunch of useless jibber jabberIf you're considering reading this book don't just read the juery docs which have been kept up to date since this book was published

  3. Widi Widi says:

    Good for javasript framework reference but less practice example

  4. Robert Muller Robert Muller says:

    juery in Action is a great user's guide for juery and juery UI It explains things in detail provides full reference material for the options and parameters and covers the ground What it does not do is provide explanatory code examples and tutorials The labs are fine as far as they go but they're not a substitute for actual coding as learning I think this book would be best for people who have already learned the basics of juery and thoroughly understand HTML and CSS and Javascript coding who need detailed explanations of things Start with a tutorial then use this book to dive deeper for specific things Also if you haven't got the CSS background get it first before trying to use this book because there is very little help on the CSS side of the euation and very little example CSS

  5. Dejan Dejan says:

    An excellent guide to practical Juery The book lacks on Juery internals thus in Action so best read with Juery sources open Especially interesting chapters are 63 Manipulating JavaScript objects and collections if you learned about Juery from tutorials you probably don't know this stuff and 41 Understanding the browser event models won't give you much practical insight but an interesting read

  6. Dan Stewart Dan Stewart says:

    Read a little code a little That was my experience I caught myself saying Wow I want to try that on almost every page This was a great book to learn juery Even though while I'm writing this review juery has come out with a new version the book's content is still relevant

  7. Erik Nilson Erik Nilson says:

    This book is #1 on my list of BOOKS I'd recommend to other programmers I don't know how else to elaborate on how important I think the ideas in this book are

  8. Jeanne Boyarsky Jeanne Boyarsky says:

    “juery in Action” second edition was a great book It kept almost everything I liked in the first edition while adding new stuff I liked and updating the content for the latest version of juery Cool stuff that's new in the second edition1More exercises than the first edition to try in the labs2The second half of the book on juery UI3This is the first print book I saw with references to HTML 54Mine came with a paper giving free access to the first and second edition PDF – not sure if that was because I got a review copy or they all do5The last sentence made me smile “We wish you health and happiness and may all your bugs be easily solvableWhat I continued to like1Screenshots of labs and reminders to do labs2Emphasis on common idioms gotchas etc3Casual style and cultural references – this time caught a reference to a Jimmy Buffett song4The PDF is in color5Showing the non juery way first for things like AJAXWhat I didn't like1Ripping out the paper with free book codes damaged the binding a bit2Could really use a list of tables – they are such great references3The function syntax boxes look the same for custom written plugins and built in Awkward for later when flip through for reference4Would have liked on how to use plugins and which are available5Could really use a list of tables – wait I said this Maybe I should make my ownI read this book largely on the train and didn't get the full benefit from it I need to go back and do the labs and exercises These aren't optional Disclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for writing this review on behalf of JavaRanch

  9. Taylor Taylor says:

    If you do any JavaScript programming you should really check out juery And if you are going to seriously use juery this book is invaluable If you do neither move along nothing to see hereThe documentation for juery while rather good for an open source project tends to be a bit scattered and some things can be hard to find Also trying to use some advanced idioms from the online documentation can be hard to figure out Lastly some of the reasons why juery was put together the way it was put together can be difficult to glean from the exiting documentationThis book than fills in these voids in the exiting doc Like almost every Manning Press book I've read this book is extremely well written This is not just a regurgitation of the library APIs It gives both context and background for each topic it tackles The examples are non trivial but easy to follow and understand while at the same time highlighting the point being made The prose itself is extremely easy to read no dry dusty technical reading hereIn short if you are using or are planning on using juery in one of your projects you owe it to yourself to pick this one up

  10. Ahmed Moniem Ahmed Moniem says:

    I have just finished a Manning Book titled “juery in Action” I am here just to share my opinion with you about this bookReally it gives me a good starting point in juery commands and utility functions Also it demonstrated many practical examples to test the core API of juery So I think it is a good start for beginners who need to know what is the juery?Also it gives me a very high level of the plugin capability in juery and introduced me with some famous plugins like forms plugin UI plugin Live uery plugin and dimension pluginBut IMHO I think it is just suitable to give you highlights about the core API of juery and it doesn’t stand as a juery reference at all So if you are expecting when you read this book to be a juery guru then you are wrongAlso I have missed practical examples on the interaction of juery with ASPNET and how we can use them efficiently together The book didn’t mention ASPNET altogether because it is focusing on the core APISo it is a very basic juery book in my opinion suitable to learn how to write juery scripts and some basic concepts to give you a starting point to read advanced materials

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