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Rumor ✮ [PDF] ✩ Rumor By Glenna Maynard ✻ – Thomashillier.co.uk Haunted by the past Grim's story continues in Rumor; book two of The Black Rebel Riders' MC Grim is trying to keep the one promise he made Red finding her daughter Sarah Things are heating up between Haunted by the past Grim's story continues in Rumor; book two of The Black Rebel Riders' MC Grim is trying to keep the one promise he made Red finding her daughter Sarah Things are heating up between a club once thought to be a friend and an old enemy Grim has to decide where his loyalties truly lie Will Grim keep his promise and keep his patch Sometimes the lines that bond you are the ones that threaten to end your very existence Loyalties are tested and lines are crossed leaving a trail of despair on the highway to hell'Rumor has it that one day the Grim Reaper is going to come for you' Those are the words that have reverberated through my head most of my life You know that saying about becoming a bird so you can fly away I too want to be a bird and I want to fly far away from here Sarah has lived a secluded life of torment and despair She longs for the day the Grim reaper she has been raised to fear comes to end the hell she has endured.

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  • Glenna Maynard
  • 03 February 2014

About the Author: Glenna Maynard

Glenna Maynard is a USA TODAY Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author most known for her gritty Black Rebel Riders' MC saga She has a passion for writing antiheroes but occasionally takes a walk on the sweeter side Bikers Rockstars the boy next door Glenna writes them allWhen she isn't arguing with the voices in her head or drinking reader tears she enjoys watching classic TV shows with he.

10 thoughts on “Rumor

  1. Tantalizing Tantalizing says:

    Holy Crap Glenna Maynard completely blew my mind yet again She seamlessly mixes Sarah's Rumor's past memories with the present Allowing us to see exactly how bad her life was So bad that she wanted the Grim Reaper to take her away from it all Little did she know she was going to get her wish and her life would never be the same again Grim has searched and searched for Red's daugher Sarah for years at times neglecting his own daughter He finally finds her and saves her from the hell she had been living in in a way that only Grim could Let me tell you this scene was graphic but the men who had her deserved what they gotRumor is written in both Sarah and Grim's points of view giving us an insight to how they felt making the story that much real We get to see Grim being the bad ass is to everyone around him but it was his inner thoughtsthe softer side of him that surprised me the most Sarah grows to be a strong young lady regardless of what happened to her in her past She was determined to avoid the life that claimed her mother she would not be an Old LadyNow don't get me started on Baby I would say that 95% of the time when she was either opened her mouth or was around I wanted to jump into my Kindle and strangle the life out of her Rumor is a dark twisted ride that will have you on the end of your seats the whole time Just when I thought I could let the blood return to my knuckles Glenna once again sends us spiriling down a dark winding road Wow I didn't see that twist coming It sent me for a loop I can only imagine what it will do to GrimI cannot wait for the next installment so we can see what Grim his family and the Black Rebels MC have in store for us

  2. Heather McQuillen Heather McQuillen says:

    I am in love with this series so far

  3. Yolanda Yolanda says:

    Couldn't put it down had me on the edge of my seat

  4. Colleen Everly Colleen Everly says:

    Loved this book This is a very good series This book had so many emotions in it from anger I was so angry at a few of the people I wanted to climb into the book and hurt some one but Grim did it for me so all is well raw passion Grim finding love again happy when Grim got his revenge I actually said YES out loud Rumor lived a life no girl should ever have to but she survived and is still a good person Baby needs to mature some she's kinda bratty right now but she's a teenager so some of it is expected Grim Oh my Grim Love him

  5. Krystle Krystle says:

    Love this series so much

  6. Cindy Cindy says:

    Loved it

  7. Jennifer Guffey Jennifer Guffey says:

    Rumor Black Rebel Riders’ MC #2By Glenna Maynard45 starsThis book moves along the timeline from book 1 Grim The Beginning starting out 10 years later Red’s death has so deeply affected Grim that he is no longer the man he used to be he is hell bent on avenging Red’s death getting revenge of his own and finding Red’s first daughter who lives with her madman of a father Benji of the Devil’s Rejects MCGrim has left his and Red’s daughter Baby back in Drag Creek in the care of and being raised by Slim’s wife Foxie and with their two boys Rebel Striker Whenever he does come home he does see Baby but at 10 years old she hates him She wants her father but since he is always on the road she continually acts out in school and runs wild at home Another 3 years pass without success of finding Red’s first daughter Sarah and Grim starts to accept the fact that he failed in his endeavor and decides to move back home permanentlyHis being home is means that Baby moves back in with him though she refuses to call him dad and when she gets in trouble she runs to Foxie She is still wild but Grim tries to be a father to her the one that he should have been all along Being home also means the ability to meet someone and possibly fall in love againWhen Grim gets a new lead on Sarah he jumps all over it hoping to finally fulfill Red’s last wish Sarah has grown up in seclusion and despair with her dad his best friend and a shared woman She grew up being told that one day Grim would come for and he would kill her and that was why they had to move constantly Her childhood was so terrible that she began to wish for the day that Grim would find them and kill her ending her suffering But just because he’s able to fulfill Red’s last wish doesn’t mean that their daughters will get along Baby may act immature but looking deeper it’s really the fact that she hasn’t ever had her dad in a parental capacity and she certainly doesn’t want to share him after only having him for a few monthsThere are some wild and crazy revelations some that could have been suspected and that just sets up the drama for the next book I really like how the author includes MC drama along with all the personal drama and I am looking forward to the next books in this series

  8. Kimber Kimber says:

    I am in love with this series Glenna is an amazing author I can't wait to read Baby which is book 3 in the series Sarah aka Rumor is spirited fiery and amazing Though she has literally been through hell most of her life she has not let any of it decide her fate She has a Bette life now and can do anything she wants with her life Though it will take time as she continues to heal She has so much going for her and I cannot wait to see where her story takes her after thisBaby has grown up in unusual circumstances She knows somewhere in the world she has a sister but she never thought there would be a day when her sister would live with her She is fiery wild and a hellion just like her momma Her dad Grim was around very little while she was younger and now she is hell on wheels since he is back and trying to be a father She is not able to he controlled by him and doesn't plan on ever allowing it Though ahe does listen when he lays down the law That is until he ahows up with her long lost sisterGrim is trying to keep his promise to save her daughter from Benji But so far no luck Someone always gives Benji a heads up Grim is finally given a break He never expected that he would literally be Red's daughter's saving grace Now all he can do is try to keep Baby in line and help her heal But peace only lasts for a while There is much at play here and why he ended up with Red Will Grim come out on top? Such an amazing book

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    Bless his heart I love Grim His heart broke when he lost Red But he kept his promise and searched for Sarah for years Whenever he got close somehow they'd be gone But he never gave up Baby his and Red's daughter is very troubled Trouble being the way to describe her She's feisty and stubborn and definitely a handful There are a number of twists and turns You'll stay on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happens next You'll learn that some people are worth trusting when others aren't Some people were just plain deceitful You'll find Sunshine where you least expect it and love her So glad Grim is happy But there will be some changes you didn't see comingHopefully this isn't a spoiler but Sarah is Rumor That's the name she picks to go by Baby and Rumor and those cute little hellions Striker and Rebel sons of Slim and Foxie will be the main characters in the next book we're told we can expect later this year

  10. Sue Sue says:

    Grim continues on his uest to find Saraha promise he made to Red and when he finally does it is not before her young life has been turned upside down and she has been victimized for years and sexually abusedMeanwhile brothers are keeping BIG secrets traitors are in the club's fold and Baby is growing up to be a spoiled bratGrim finally finds a woman to make him whole again and the lies and secrets held come to light causing some big changes in leadershipThe kids will be the focus in the next bookSlim's boys and Baby and Rumor Sarah form an interesting web of entanglements and it looks to be very entertaining and full of dramaBetter than the first book but still a tad confusing and jumps around uite a bit making it hard at times to keep up with the fast paced action 4 two little girls to call you daddy stars

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