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The Last Command Star Wars The Thrawn Trilogy #3 [Epub] ❤ The Last Command Star Wars The Thrawn Trilogy #3 By Timothy Zahn – The embattled Republic reels from the attacks of Grand Admiral Thrawn who has marshaled the remnants of the Imperial forces and driven the Rebels back with an abominable technology recovered from the Command Star PDF ´ The embattled Republic reels from the attacks of Grand Admiral Thrawn who has marshaled the remnants of the Imperial forces and driven the Rebels back with an abominable technology recovered from the Emperor's secret fortress clone soldiers As Last Command Star Wars The ePUB ½ Thrawn mounts his final siege Han and Chewbacca struggle to form a coalition of smugglers for a last ditch attack against the empire while Leia holds the Alliance together and prepares for the birth of her Jedi twins Overwhelmed by the ships and clones at Thrawn's command the Republic has one last hope The Last Epub / sending a small force led by Luke Skywalker into the very stronghold that houses Thrawn's terrible cloning machines There a final danger awaits as the Dark Jedi C'baoth directs the battle against the Rebels and builds his strength to finish what he had already started the destruction of Luke SkywalkerFeatures a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years.

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  1. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    A trilogy that evolved in a wise way But it was so artistically done HOW A TRILOGY SHOULD BE Maybe how a trilogy should be it’s that all three parts would be the same as good I am sure nobody would mind about thatHowever if perfection isn’t in the euation I think that a wise approach is constructing a solid first part not necessarily extraordinary but with great potential to become better and introducing interesting new characters Then having a second part involving a bigger scope action and since we would have an expected third part so why not a victory for the bad guys? So far it was a format uite similar to the original movie trilogy of Star Wars while I do think that the first film was truly extraordinary where yes the scope in the second film was bigger and intense both movies the same as epic and iconic Then the fearful third part comesMoviegoers can tell you how hard is having good third movies in a trilogy why? I don’t know maybe some voodoo curse or something but it’s almost inevitable after two good movies having a failure in the third movie Even sometimes if we are so kind with those third movies we can rescue some elements we can appreciate some effort but the unmerciful general opinión decrees that the third movie wasn’t near as good as the previous ones You know? I like the third movie of Star Wars Close friends know that my complain is about the use of the Ewoks And it’s not the Ewoks per se since I find them as an interesting alien species and even they had a whole better 80’s animated series in comparison with the boring and poor produced Droids My objection falls in making a comedy like battle of primitive almost naked care bears against profesional trained ard suited soldiersIn any case we could have an eternal discussion if Return of the Jedi is as good as its two previous installmentsThe same kind of arguments I’m sure since I have no doubt there must be many readers who consider that all three books in the Thrawn Trilogy deserved a full 5 stars rating Where I have no problems with that since it’s the right of each reader to give the ratings that they feel that it reflects as their own personal reading experience with the booksIn my own personal case it was like an increasing reading experience Heir to the Empire was a 3 stars’ experience still on the good side of a positive reading then Dark Force Rising was a 4 stars’ experience and now in this book The Last Command I am truly glad of finding it as a truly 5 stars’ experience that seeing the trilogy as a whole long story I found that it’s the ideal way to present a story since indeed the climax the final part should be the strongest and most solid section of the entire narrative A LEADER IS AS GOOD AS HISHER OFFICERS Grand Admiral Thrawn was a formidable strategist and a born leaderHowever a leader is as good as hisher officers I still am kinda hesitant about his appreciation of how the Emperor may use the Force to coordinate fleets formations but it’s clear that Thrawn has a vision a clear vision of how to deploy an effective plan to give back the Empire its former glorySadly he can’t be everywhere and he needed to trust in the decisions of hisher officers and associates where even they may have “good intentions” to help the cause sometimes they may be just plain crazy but the final result can be disastrous And even Earth’s Roman Emperors’ history can give useful tips of how crutial is who you choose as your own personal security of course it’s possible that since Earth is in another galaxy far far away from them the Empire wasn’t aware of certain history’s valuable lessons but still since Thrawn is shown as some formidable strategist and a military leader seeing two steps ahead of his fellow comrades and enemies it’s kinda odd that he may be susceptible to such dangerous situations ATTACK OF THE CLOONEYS The idea of having evil crazy clones is really cool However their choices of names is kinda oddI mean without making any spoiler don’t worry there are clones there okay? But their names is basically the same name of their original counterparts but just adding an extra vowel aeio or u in their names and while there are some vowels where when you have a distinct sound Geez I feel like doing a Sesame Street segment there are some vowels that even having two of them the sound would be pretty much the same Sure in a prose novel like this one you can easily differentiate them from your comfy position as readerbut how the heck the characters can tell any difference in the names?It’s not like Jango Fett’s clones just decided to name themselves “Jaango” as an unanimous call No they chose to name themselves like Cody Rex and so on Even Jango’s unaltered clone is named Bobba Totally different namesEven weirder I think that there is some intention of deception in the crazy evil clones here in the sense that they may want to be perceive as the “originals” and not clones so why bother even to choose names that they are virtually the same that hearing them it will be heard without any sound difference? Street Fighter may show easy wisdom in the case of Ryu where his evil clone is named Evil Ryu See? Easy Anyone will be able to say “Aaah Sure You’re Evil Ryu” Of course besides the clear name you have a cool dark aura but still it’s not like Evil Ryu appears and he says “I’m Ryuu” and people would just hear the name as “Ryu” without knowing that there is a dang extra vowel “u” in the name Geez NEVER WILL BE THE SAME ANYMORE Any good book in a series should create an everlasting impact in the sense of the introduction of new characters the forge of new interactions between characters crutial change in the status situation of the characters etc in that way the story can be felt as something relevant in its existence in the developing of the seriesAnd certainly the Thrawn Trilogy had all thatSo putting aside some inconsistencies due the theatrical films made several years after the publication of this book trilogy no one can deny the importance of it with the introduction of key characters that they become crutial in the development of the Expanded Universe in Star Wars during 25 years since then

  2. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    Strictly speaking the poster of the original Star Wars movie does not have too much in common with the last book of the trilogy except for the settings and main heroes but my child self really loved it when I saw it first I was waiting for a chance to use it and this looks like a good place as any so there you have itThe New Republic is besieged on all sides thanks to the genius machinations by Thrawn behind the scenes and open battles Torn by internal struggles the Republic is poorly euipped to handle the deadly threat The main heroes desperately try to save the situation while being pursued by even powerful forces than Thrawn and his resurrected Empire The decisive battles and final confrontations are coming The main villains still remain the best written characters in the trilogy They are interesting devious powerful and smart Unfortunately the latter definition cannot be applied to the good guys all the time especially Luke Skywalker The Delta Force revelation was very clever and unexpected Despite my lower rating the book is on the same uality level as the first two Once I accepted that the main surviving heroes from the movies do not feel like themselves in the books it was a smooth sailing Actually by the end of the book Han Solo finally regained his sense of humor even if for a brief moment The reasons for the lower rating are not significant but taken together they were enough First of all I kept saying it is a fun mindless entertainment Well by the middle of the last book the novelty wore off I would not say the mindless entertainment overstayed its welcome but it came very close The ending was a little letdown and cliche It felt a little overdrawn with big bad guy giving an obligatory Evil Villain Speech Other overused tropes that I will not discuss also show upThe final rating for the book is 35 stars The whole trilogy rates the same despite slightly higher grades I gave to the first two books I said it before and I say it again Mindless but very entertaining A must read for any serious Star Wars fan

  3. Gavin Gavin says:

    This was a fun conclusion to the Thrawn Trilogy It was of a similar uality to the previous two books in the series and satisfactorily wrapped up the main ongoing plot arcs The ending produced a few shocks which was uite entertaining I was happy with the way things concluded regarding the Dark Jedi Jorus C'baoth but felt like things with Thrawn were a bit rushed On the plus side Thrawn was back to his best in this book He was a step ahead of his enemies most of the time Thrawn Karrde and Mara Jade continue to be entertaining than the characters from the original movies I'll read from the now defunct Star Wars EU just to read about them Rating 3 starsAudio Note Mark Thompson did a fantastic job with this full series The sound effects also helped to give the audio book a real Star Wars feel

  4. Rob Rob says:

    Same review for all three I grew up on Lucas' film trilogy; it took on a certain mythological uality Say what you will about Lucas I won't apologize for this enjoyment When the first horn blasts of that John Williams score strike I wear that nerdy shame with all of its lightsaber wielding prideAnd Zahn pulls off a follow up trilogy just well enough to pass We get some closure on the whole HanLeia thing we see how well the fledgling Republic fares watch Luke struggle through his on going mentor less apprenticeship It moves along at a fair enough pace pays respect to the classic characters while introducing some well executed new ones and honors canon well enough that it won't raise the hackles of the rabid fanHigh literature it is not A decent enough lightweight read for an unashamed Star Wars fan it is

  5. TS Chan TS Chan says:

    Really enjoyable and fitting closure to the Thrawn trilogy and Mara Jade's dilemma The audiobook performance really elevated the story telling which was otherwise fairly predictable Luke and Leia both come across as being too nice and bland sometimes which thankfully was tempered by interesting characters like Han Chewie Lando Talon Karrde and his smugglers even the Noghri and of course Thrawn one of the most impressive antagonists I've read to date What I liked most from these books is the expansion of the Star Wars galaxy from the beloved movies while maintaining the nostalgia with the characters that made it special

  6. Jerry Jerry says:

    A fitting ending to the true seuel trilogy to the original Star Wars movies

  7. Malum Malum says:

    Awesome ending to an awesome trilogy and we finally get some great jedi vs jedi action This is a great series of books but I will reiterate what I said in an earlier review If you can get your hands on the Marc Thompson narrated audiobooks for this series I highly recommend it It takes this trilogy from a series of great Star Wars stories and elevates it to an epic Star Wars experience

  8. David - proud Gleeman in Branwen& David - proud Gleeman in Branwen& says:

    Rather then ending the Thrawn Trilogy with a whimper Timothy Zahn saves the best for The Last CommandWith Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine gone the New Republic was supposed to usher in a golden age of peace Instead the galaxy finds itself being torn apart by the ravages of war again Led by the brilliantly tactical mind of Grand Admiral Thrawn the dreaded Imperial Empire has risen again armed with a fleet of seemingly indestructible starships that are being piloted by a limitless army of clones Pulling the strings of the Empire's vast clone army is Dark Jedi C'Baoth who is too far gone in his delusions to realize that he himself is also merely a puppet of Thrawn's In a last ditch effort to end the war and defeat the Empire Luke Skywalker and Han Solo lead a covert mission with the one person who knows enough about Thrawn's stolen technology to destroy itJedi warrior Mara Jade who once served as the Emperor's most trusted assassin But even if Luke manages to save the galaxy he may never get to see the results of his work since Mara Jade has vowed to fulfill the Emperor's last command and kill Luke SkywalkerLike many people my age I grew up loving Star Wars but in recent years it became harder and harder to remember why Let's face it the preuels were at best disappointing and when Lucas re released the original Star Wars trilogy it seem like without that childhood sense of wonder the flaws of the original trilogy were far glaring Sure the action was great and the one liners were amusing but when you really look at the original movies the characters were mostly cliched the overall story was pretty standard and much of the dialogue that didn't make us laugh induced groaning instead In fact what better evidence is there that the much of the appeal of the original Star Wars trilogy was cosmetic than the fact that Boba Fett became such a fan favorite characterdespite the fact that he didn't really do much than wear a cool looking suit of armor Let the stormtroopers do all the workI'm just going to stand around and look shinyBut Timothy Zahn's brilliant Thrawn Trilogy has reminded me why Star Wars still has a special place in my heartit's FUN Yes even with its flaws if the stories are done right the good far outweighs the bad and the audience is taken on a roller coaster of a thrill ride But with the Thrawn Trilogy Zahn has managed to up the ante a bit by giving us a story that's not only fun but intelligent as well And no character embodies the cerebral nature of Zahn's Star Wars stories than lead villain Grand Admiral Thrawn himself While Darth Vader was inclined to simply choke the life out of someone who displeased him Thrawn's tactics are far methodical I knew I was in for a different kind of Star Wars adventure right from Chapter 1 when Thrawn uses a strategically placed cloaked ship to give the illusion that his own starfighter can somehow manage to shoot through his prey's shields causing them to surrender because they believe he possesses a super weapon that doesn't actually exist All throughout the book Thrawn machinates complex schemes that are fascinating to watch as they unfoldmy favorite being the most creative usage of asteroids that I have ever seen Not that the bar was set that highbefore this book the most creative usage of asteroids in art was a game where you did nothing but shoot at rocks over and overif I had to chose between playing this game for two hours or watching that movie where Bruce Willis and a bunch of oil drillers get shot into spacewell I'd still pick this game but it would be harder to chose than it should be But Thrawn is just one of many things that works about this novel In addition to Thrawn's master plan multiple sub plots introduced in the first two books are realized in a superb fashion Princess Leia's pregnancy smuggler Talon Karrde's efforts to rally his fellow rogues against the Empire Thrawn's mysterious informant within the Republic and of course Mara's mission to kill LukeZahn was juggling a lot in the trilogy's final episode Fortunately rather than collapse under its own weight the book weaves all the various plot threads together leading each to a than satisfying conclusion In addition the minor problems I had with the last two books were resolved this time around While the previous two books dragged at times this one was paced beautifully so much so that I never once found my interest waning Classic characters like Han and Leia were handled better and no longer felt outshone by Zahn's original characters like Mara and Karrde Even dark Jedi C'Baoth who I found annoying in the past came across as a far intimidating adversary this time around Yes if there was any flaw this time around it was that the ending came a little too abruptly but it was hard to get too upset about that considering it was so artistically done Above is another example of something artistically done Forget that overrated Mona Lisa drawingas far as I'm concerned THIS is true artworkExciting intelligent and most of all FUN The Last Command is the best book in an amazing 3 novel series To anyone who ever enjoyed the Star Wars universe this trilogy is a must read And if like myself you ever found yourself wondering why you ever liked Star Wars so much in the first place this trilogy will make you realize that your original love of Star Wars wasn't just the result of some Jedi mind trick

  9. Paul Luttor Paul Luttor says:

    This review applies to all three of the Thrawn Trilogy novelsIt might not be entirely fair to these books that I first started reading them expecting them to be masterpieces touted by than a few people I know as the very best of Star Wars EU fiction because to be uite honest I was disappointed than I was impressed with them I say that this might not be fair because in reality they aren't that bad; the plot is certainly interesting enough to hold your attention especially if you're a Star Wars fan However there are several aspects of these books that just irked me the entire way through and ultimately prevent the series from getting any than a read it if you've got nothing else better to read recommendation from meThe first and biggest problem with the Thrawn Trilogy is the portrayal of the central characters from the original Star Wars films Luke Han Leia Lando C 3PO; even Chewie and R2 D2 all fall extremely flat when compared to their movie counterparts Han and Leia get the shortest end of the stick possessing very little of the wit and charm and absolutely NONE of the romantic chemistry that made their characters shine on screen All the pair ever seem to do in these novels is worry about things; Leia about the success or failure of her political endeavours and Han about the well being of Leia Luke comes off as the most faithfully portrayed; essentially remaining at the same level of mild stoicism and virtuosity as he was at in Return of the Jedi which wasn't very interesting to begin with C 3PO and R2 D2 are basically just parodies of themselves and worse barely contribute a thing to the story despite at least one of them being present at nearly every major event See The Preuel Trilogy Chewbacca and Lando are boring cardboard cut outs This is all made worse by the fact that returning characters seem to feel the need to constantly remember and very often uote parts from the original films and reflect on how similar or dissimilar that particular event was compared to their current situation It's as though you as the reader are constantly being turned towards and winked at every few chapters in case you forgot you were reading a Star Wars bookAnother big problem is the new characters While thankfully the books are all but saved by the presence of interesting newcomers Talon Karde and Mara Jade despite their being fairly transparent Mary Sues virtually every single other new character is flat and boring Grand Admiral Thrawn the titular villain of the series would have been an interesting new character if we'd ever been given a look at him through his own mind and not through the eyes of his bland and annoying first officer Thrawn is essentially omniscient; whenever there is any kind of trickery afoot he automatically knows that something is up and often exactly what the trickery is who is orchestrating it and why even when he would have absolutely no reason to suspect anything normally Again this would be interesting if we were ever given a look at his supposedly ingenious thought process but every time it happens it seems to do so only because the plot needs it to This is very very lazy writing Jedi Master Joruus C'baoth is intriguing as a concept but is mostly left on the sidelines of the story from the beginning of the first book until very late in the third book and is given little to do in between The other new characters such as Senator Garm Bel Iblis Winter Niles Ferrier Councilor Fey'lya and Ghent are all one note characters with a single defining characteristic eachFinally author Timothy Zahn's writing style simply isn't very good Particularly when characters are conversing with one another there seems to be only a few different types of responses which often sound awkward and hard to envision that characters are able to give one another such as grunted retorted countered and conceded Zahn also uses the word sardonic incorrectly on a few occasions and by the end of the third book it was really getting on my nerves how often characters tended to mentally cross their fingers or admit defeat in an argument by simply saying PointOver all I may have made this book seem awful but it really isn't As I said the plot is interesting enough to hold your attention even though the pay offs to established mysteries usually somewhat underwhelming and its cool to see some of the concepts from the movies expanded upon in greater detail than in the films such as the logistics of using The Force or how space battles and hyper drive technology actually work in the Star Wars universe Though you may find yourself as I did skimming over than a few redundant character conversations or internal debates For my part however I'll definitely try to avoid Star Wars EU books which prominently feature characters from the films as their protagonists as the discrepancy between screen and page portrayals was the biggest obstacle for meHope this review was helpful

  10. Jerry Jerry says:

    As this seuel trilogy drew to a close I couldn't help but think what a great flick this would have been Timothy Zahn is an excellent writer and this trilogy brings to the page what made the original films fabulous action romance heroism etc If only Disney had adapted the already existing literature to celluloid form instead of relegating them to Legends status

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