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Touched with Sight Shadow Thane #2 [PDF / Epub] ☆ Touched with Sight Shadow Thane #2 Author Nenia Campbell – Catherine Pierce is a black beast a shape shifter that has no settled form because of the magic infused witch blood that runs through her veins This anomaly brought her to the attention of the ruthles Catherine Pierce is a black beast Sight Shadow ePUB ☆ a shape shifter that has no settled form because of the magic infused witch blood that runs through her veins This anomaly brought her Touched with PDF \ to the attention of the ruthless Council that governs her kind Unfortunately their corrupt delegate has taken a vested interest in CatherineCrown Prince Phineas Riordan is a powerful witch who has with Sight Shadow PDF/EPUB Ä mastered three of the four elements The one thing he can't master is his sexual deviancy which if discovered means his life and his kingdom are forfeit Because witches and shape shifters are not allowed to fraternize Ever But that won't stop him from using the disappearance of Catherine's childhood friend and romantic rival to his advantageMeanwhile the Slayer threat is growing stronger Catherine and Phineas are on the brink of uncovering the secret organization forming within the bowels of the schoolbut they're being watched as well A war is brewing and it promises to be an apocalyptic nightmare even worse than the Great War that happened between their kind years agoCatherine has seen how the world ends in her dreams it will be not by fire or by ice but by shadow For she istouched with sightCover by Louisa.

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  1. edge of bubble edge of bubble says:

    The definition of YA is to me; the fate of bla bla resting on the shoulders of a hormonally challenged ball of angst And the villain yada yada comes with high school mentality While age is a part of it it isn't the deciding factor of the genre This one fits the bill as far as I'm concerned so I'm not accepting the NA shelvingThe plot got way complex in this book We are not just dealing with bug rescues Shitstorm is comingAlso my rapey little psycho is in the spotlight I just love him Him and the Angry Bird aka heroine are in hatelust place They have to act like they are dating Of course Angy Bird is angry at this And everything else No action as of yet but I have hopes on his pervy charm

  2. Diana Diana says:

    “He kissed her and the magic that had been building up steadily around them exploded raining down in arcs of silver fire that made her half remember a prophecy from her dreamsOne by one they all will dieSomething had been set into motion”

  3. Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* says:

    I think I love Finn even after my second readingREVIEWI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewSo after reading the first book I was like Yeah that was good I'd like to read in this seriesAfter reading this one I was like Whoa WhoaThere were so many passages of great writing in Touched with Sight and I reread a lot of them because they were so lovely Campbell can write well and it's evident she's getting better with every book He'd gone into the hills that night and razed a patch of the woods she loved so much and as he watched the trees crack and crumble to ash the smoldering landscape echoed the fires he felt inside thin ribbons of shadow and light in the umbra of the flickering torches The sky was broken she thought It cracked in two and the world was bleeding out in streaks of lightning Oh the anger and contempt had been the same but they had been shot through with another emotion that rose to the surface to burst like bubbles of fire coloring his speech with an intensity he usually lacked For the first time since she had met him the witch had called her Catherine Finn while he is definitely an asshole of astounding proportions is my favorite character view spoilerThat shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me My favorite character in Pan's Labyrinth was the deplorable Captain FYI hide spoiler

  4. Inge Inge says:

    I received a free copy from Nenia However that did not affect my personal opinion of this book Nenia doesn’t need to bribe me with free books when her words are so beautiful and her stories so awesome; when her main characters are badass and her love interests fascinate me in a morbid wayHalf of the time I didn’t even know what the hell was going on There are so many things you need to keep in mind when reading Touched with Sight – something about a Shadow Thane and the end of the world a suspicious school club the Otherworld and the Council with its rules and rankings for each of the creatures It’s very confusing for someone with a horrible memory like me because I couldn’t remember a lot from Black Beast I was doing a lot of this GUESS WHATI don’t care Because it was awesome The second instalment had a lot going on than its predecessor the lovehate relationship between Catherine and Finn people going missing a blood bond forged and did I mention Catherine and Finn? Because there was a lot of that in the book and it was glorious I felt so bad for Catherine the entire time but I couldn’t help but love their endless banterI’m also starting to really get a sense of “OH SHIT DOOM IS UPON US” here and I can’t wait to read the next book Mostly because of that ending THAT ENDINGShe lives to torture us that Ms Campbell But we love her anyway

  5. Aly (In Wonderland) Aly (In Wonderland) says:

    Read reviews and at The Beautiful World of BooksDISCLAIMER I received a free copy of this book from Nenia Campbell herself This did not in any way shape or form affect my personal opinionA magus crowned with boughs of fireWill rise like Phoenix from his pyreWhat Wart saidHoly shit people This book was BRILLIANT What Black Beast lacked Touched with Sight than made up for itSomething's happenedSomething badPeople are going missing Others are disappearing off the face of the Earth and Finn insert swoon here is hunting Catherine because he needs her helpview spoilerAnd because he wants her viddly hide spoiler

  6. Andrea Eliza Andrea Eliza says:

    Review to Come Ahh It has a cover So prettyyy skips around room waving hands like a crazy personOkay SO I'm pretty sure I've become a professional Nenia Campbell fangirl Don't judge me

  7. Wart Hill Wart Hill says:


  8. Natalie Monroe Natalie Monroe says:

    25 starsBefore I started the Shadow Thane series I always associated the name Finn with that tall gawky kid from GleeOh Cory Moneith Glee has certainly gone downhill since you passed awayBut thanks to this Finn I now associate it with a dangerous obsessive witch Yes he's a witch not a wizard of the likes of Gavin from Fearscape who is fabulous if terrifying And he had already started to think of her as his At some point his contempt and utter loathing had taken root and blossomed into single minded obsession He had been driven with the need to bend her to his sovereign will To feel the force of his command And since no professional creeper is complete without a dash of Edward Cullen Finn also enjoys other wholesome activities such as watching Catherine the main character and the object of his obsession affection sleep There was something perversely satisfying about this Watching her sleep The main difference between Finn and Edward is that Edward's creepiness is bundled up and disguised in layers of fluff and heart covered wrapping paper so instead of seeing him as who he really is—a possessive ass—we see him as a broken man with a slight possessive streak but that's okay cause he can't help himself As a woman it's my duty to tame the beast and fix himA handful of Valium in his evening tea should do itOne of the many things I adore about Nenia's books is that they go against the tide They're unconventional They take that creepy but oh so hot guy trope and crush it to pieces under her sensible oxford shoes There is a certain allure to Gavin but I've always been aware of his sociopath undertones and if I ever met a guy like him in real life I would wheel as fast as I could to the other side of the hall before he has the time to say Hey I just met you and this is crazy—For a while I thought Finn would continue in this thread as in the previous installment Black Beast and be the psycho stalker you secretly root for but want to tear his face off when he actually messes with the MC Sadly that didn't happen As the book went on Finn became and human in a way to the extent that I could sympathize and feel sorry for him It's not a bad thing but it also meant that one of the best aspects of this series dimmed thus rendering it dull and predictable in the romance department view spoilerI don't know how but I know Catherine will somehow develop feelings for Finn in the next book Her animal instincts are already screaming MATE MATE MATE There's no reason why she won't go along with it especially with the gradual humanizing of Finn There won't be a HEA though Because come on this is a Nenia book we're talking about It'll be a shriek fest in the footsteps of Terrorscape hide spoiler

  9. Runningrabbit Runningrabbit says:

    Sexual Commuter uotient well this one passes for OK until it hits areas towards the end and then it definitely passes for hot steamy I will mention here if you don't like rape type scenarios you might want to ditch this or do some serious skimming when the sex starts off A skim is certainly possible For the unwary commuter the sexual content may be explicit than expected for a book that could initially pass for YA however I would take this 2nd book for a NA So 'warning warning' for a sudden surprise arm yourself with a safety device like blinkers on a horse? Be prepared for some type of tangible saviour in your hour of need Soundtrack Tainted Love

  10. Mairéad (is roaming the Undying Lands) Mairéad (is roaming the Undying Lands) says:

    June 12th 2014 UPDATEdroolsstares at cover I think I need to kidnap a certain someone for my covers in the near futurejust saying shifty eyes

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