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The Stuart Princesses ❴PDF❵ ✪ The Stuart Princesses Author Alison Plowden – An account of the lives of six princesses of the House of Stuart who lived through the social and political upheavals of the 17th century Explores how their lives were interwoven with those of their m An account of the lives of six princesses of the House of Stuart who lived through the social and political upheavals of the th century Explores how their lives were interwoven with those The Stuart PDF or of their male counterparts against a background of war politics and high intrigue.

6 thoughts on “The Stuart Princesses

  1. Emily Ross Emily Ross says:

    I read this book to learn or at least a little about the Winter ueenueen of Bohemia Liselotte and Minette I've been reading a lot about the Stuarts and these three in particular are mentioned uite a bit but I never really knew who they were This book did help me in that regard and I did really enjoy reading it However it doesn't talk about the female Stuarts individually Each woman blurs into each other in the writing so the book would be on the topic of the Winter ueen on which over half the book is dedicated and then it would randomly talk about Liselotte who was the favourite of said Winter ueen I'd be sitting there and thinking yeah but who is she? It also felt uite lacking for not talking about the women in eual length For example the Winter ueen was discussed from birth to death which covered half of the book but ueen Anne who was ueen of Britain and the final Stuart monarch was covered half in her sister's chapter and a couple pages in the random epilogue It also didn't cover all of the Stuart princesses or ueens so it's not entirely comprehensive All in all a very good introduction but not amazing if you want detail

  2. Victoria Victoria says:

    Although overall I did enjoy this book I felt that not enough detail was given to the lives of each princess As perhaps an introduction to the Stuart princesses this book is great but for somebody like myself looking to further my existing knowledge it falls shortThe author writes well The chapters flow perfectly and she manages to stay on topic There are plenty of notes for sources at the back of the book which is good The pictures in the book are in black and white which is disappointing as I always prefer nice glossy colour photos of the subjects I was highly disappointed with the detail given to ueen Anne she only had a few pages at the end of the book Surely a reigning monarch deserves at least one chapter of their own right? I'd have liked to see about her relationship with her exiled father her husband her dominant friend Sarah Churchill and her many pregnancies I did however enjoy the amount of space given to Elizabeth ueen of Bohemia She would be the Stuart princess that I knew the least about and a fair bit of the book was based around her her marriage ueenship and her relationships with her immediate and extended family As I said this book is a good book to use as an introduction to the lives if the Stuart girls If you're looking for a in depth bio of their lives this isn't the book for you

  3. Karen Floyd Karen Floyd says:

    I liked this book as far as it went but not all of the Princesses were given eual space I was hoping to learn a lot about Charles I's daughter Elizabeth but she was barely mentioned I know there is information about her out there so I was uite disappointed Of the six princesses covered James I's daughter Elizabeth was given the fullest biography with Charles I's youngest daughter Minette being second They are covered from birth to death The other girls are given varying amounts of space This book is a good introductory overview and I learned a lot just not about the princess I was most interested in

  4. Susan Susan says:

    This was an interesting and informative look at the Stuart women most particularly Elizabeth of Bohemia Charles II's sister Minette and ueen Mary II and ueen Anne I thought at times that a bit historical context would have been helpful especially regarding the English Civil War and I thought that Anne's reign got rather short shrift Still this was an excellent introduction to the lives of these women particularly Elizabeth of Bohemia and Minette

  5. Mary Mary says:

    The story of the Stuarts is my favourite era after the Tudors This is about the story of Charles I and II's sisters Great to find out about them Women who shaped the history of that time but so often forgotten Brilliant

  6. Andrea Wall Andrea Wall says:

    A very well written history book Of course you have to actully like history before reading it or you'd find it dull Make susre your awake when reading it because they people lead very detailed lives and you have to pay attention to keep the many different characters in line

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