Hand Bookbinding A Manual of Instruction ePUB ☆ Hand

  • ebook
  • 160 pages
  • Hand Bookbinding A Manual of Instruction
  • Aldren A. Watson
  • 10 February 2016
  • 9780486132549

10 thoughts on “Hand Bookbinding A Manual of Instruction

  1. DeadTrees DeadTrees says:

    Context I'm a beginner hobbyist bookbinderThe GoodAuthor Aldren A Watson was a professional illustrator and he naturally illustrated this book himself The illustrations are lovely and I think they are the primary reason to pick up this small bookAlso if someone is completely new to the craft then most of the Technical Methods chapter will still be useful today even if most of the binding methods are a bit outdated see belowThe BadMost of the methods in the book are very specific and involve a lot of bias toward certain techniues This book was published in 1986 so that was largely the way of things in crafts like this; you learn how to do things a certain way from your primary instructor Today however crafts like bookbinding benefit greatly from fast discourse provided via the Internet Once basic competencies are achieved it becomes simple to pick up techniues and methods from all over the globe and simply try them out with some basic guidance via email or YouTube video That is all to say that techniues spread uickly if they are beneficial Watson did not have that luxury and it dates the bookMany popular books on the bookbinding craft are dated and that's what gives them their charm It is interesting to know for example what techniues were being used in an 18th century German bindery and then compare that to a similar book from England But I'm afraid a book from 1986 that doesn't really have any novel methods or techniues just doesn't have much to offer hereThis book does cover the most basic tenets of bookbinding such as how to fold paper or spread pastethat combined with the subtitle would certainly suggest that this book is appropriate for beginners Yet there seems to be a dearth on certain topics absolutely critical to the craft A big one off the top of my head is the discussion about paste He only mentions wheat paste What? While that is certainly a classic adhesive the first one any binder should've been learning about even in 1986 would be polyvinyl acetate Or how about starch paste over wheat paste? Understanding the properties of these adhesives is one of the most important things I've done in this hobby and it was one of my first things I was forced to learn Anyhow I think this book fails a standalone Manual of Instruction as the subtitle claimsWho Should Buy This Book??I think this book is only for intermediate binders who would like some nice illustrations of things they do in their craft I think this book is inadeuate for beginners and anyone intermediate or better will likely discard the techniues shown in this book since you will have already learned better alternatives

  2. Ka Ka says:

    This book is an excellent resource for beginning bookbinders It provides a good list of tools and materials often ranking various options and the final chapter even shows how to construct various basic tools Techniues are simply explained and clearly illustrated Finally the step by step binding projects gives binders great ideas for where to start The only major flaw is that it details only how to make very plain covers of paper or cloth Leather covers and any decoration other than paper labels is omitted

  3. EA EA says:

    Great book old but great Step by step instructions tips and finely drawn illustrations that in many ways out do the photographs that I have seen in many other newer books on bookbinding This is a real keeper I bought one for my husband too since we don't share books as nicely as we should sometimes ;This is a book that people who want to learn the serious art of bookbinding need to have It's a permanent addition to my reference shelf

  4. Joe Donley Joe Donley says:

    A great reference that I will be keeping handy during future bookbinding projects

  5. Abraham Ray Abraham Ray says:

    Great read about binding books by hand making the tools nesarry to do the same

  6. Andrew Andrew says:

    Yes I am grateful to you Aldren A Watson for writing a books that transforms a passing interest in bookbinding into the desire to actually acuire the skills and knowledge to make books And thanks too for not expecting me to go buy all the tools and stuff at a craft store the make your own euipment section at the end is really helpful

  7. Katy German Katy German says:

    It seems a little weird to give any kind of star rating to this sober manual that aims to educate the reader about a precise craft It is brief which may be its only flaw

  8. Aaron Aaron says:

    AH you're reading that book on bookmaking to see how one PUTS a book together NO I'm reading this book to see how LANGUAGE puts a book together

  9. Pete Pete says:

    Tremendous book A must have for those in the biz

  10. Vesa Vesa says:

    This is a very nice book for a person starting to learn bookbinding

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