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A Call to Action Women Religion Violence and Power ✰ A Call to Action Women Religion Violence and Power Epub ✶ Author Jimmy Carter – Thomashillier.co.uk The world's discrimination and violence against women and girls is the most serious pervasive and ignored violation of basic human rights This is President Jimmy Carter's call to actionPresident Carte The world's discrimination and violence to Action MOBI ð against women and girls is the most serious pervasive and ignored violation of basic human rights This is President Jimmy Carter's call to actionPresident Carter was encouraged A Call PDF \ to write this book by a wide coalition of leaders of all faiths His urgent report is current It covers the plight of women and girls–strangled at birth forced to suffer servitude child Call to Action Kindle Õ marriage genital cutting deprived of eual opportunity in wealthier nations and owned by men in others And the most vulnerable along with their children are trapped in war and violenceHe addresses the adverse Call to Action Women Religion PDF or impact of distorted religious texts on women by Protestants Catholics Jews and Muslims Special verses are often omitted or uoted out of context to exalt the status of men and exclude women In a remark that is certain to get attention Carter points out that women are treated eually in some countries that are atheistic or where governments are strictly separated from religionCarter describes his personal observations of the conditions and hardships of women around the world He describes a trip in Africa with Call to Action Women Religion PDF or Bill Gates Sr and his wife where they are appalled by visits to enormous brothels He tells how he joined Nelson Mandela to plead for an end to South Africa's practice of outlawing treatments to protect babies from AIDS infected mothersThroughout Carter reports on observations of women activists and workers of The Carter Center This is an informed and passionate charge about human rights abuses against half the world's population It comes from one of the world's most renowned human rights advocates.

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  1. Deborah Markus Deborah Markus says:

    When did black Americans get the right to vote?If you answer 1965 you are very cool and we can have a friendly spirited discussion about whether having the right to do something is really a right if you can’t actually act on that right And we may have to agree to disagree because technically the late lamented Voting Rights Act was put into place in order to protect the rights already spelled out in the Constitution But we’ll certainly be cool and groovy together because you obviously get itIf you answer 1870 however I’m going to have to yell and cry and possibly call your mom Because 1870 is the year the fifteenth amendment was added to the Constitution and black women were specifically left out of the text of the fifteenth amendmentThe answer to the uestion When did black Americans receive a constitutionally guaranteed right to vote? is 1920 And yes you’re right – that effectively only gave white women the right to vote Black women as a group only got to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote when the VRA went into effect Right now I’m just talking about what was on paper Why am I asking this? Why am I talking like some kind of Constitutional scholar when I’m just a stay at home reader who’s trying to review a book that’s already a day overdue at the library?Because I think we have a bad national – no make that global – habit of believing that human rights are vitally important and women’s rights are cute if you’re into that kind of thing but frankly kind of 1 boring 2 obnoxious and 3 are we still talking about this?I have a friend who is kind educated worldly intelligent well read and sophisticated If asked she could describe and deplore the human rights violations happening every day all over the world – in Syria Nigeria Turkey all over the placeShe noticed I was reading this book and asked how I liked itI explained I’d been worried at first that it would be a lightweight work in every sense – it’s barely 200 pages and has 18 chapters covering every sort of women’s issue you could think of But I was starting to understand why Carter went ahead and had a lot of short chapters on a lot of important topics The matters he asks readers to grapple with are sometimes so brutal that really the important thing is that he’s touching on them at all But he obviously gets it I concluded I mean I could kiss him just for the fact that he puts the word 'honor' in uotes when he talks about 'honor' killingsMy hip groovy compassionate friend looked alarmed What are honor killings? she askedAnd that’s why it’s important that an old white Southern gentleman wrote a book about how religion is used all over the world as an excuse to mistreat women Specifically it’s important that a guy as well known old fashioned devoutly Christian and just plain nice as Jimmy Carter decided to write a book like this one A book with chapter titles such as The Genocide of Girls and Child Marriage and Dowry Deaths and yes 'Honor' KillingsHonor killings cause the death of hundreds of women every single year in Pakistan alone Women’s rights are human rights because women are uite literally dying for the lack of them And the reason my friend hasn’t heard of them is that women’s rights are just not considered important enough to be reported onFor exampleWhen the news runs stories about India the reports tend to focus on economic growth and investment There are occasional stories of individual cases of individual women suffering horrible fates; but where is the general sense that India is first and foremost a place where it’s just not safe to be female? Can you imagine reporting on South Africa a few decades ago without making any mention at all of apartheid? South Africa was defined by its institutionalized ineualityIn India girls are singled out just for being female before they’re even born And that’s if their parents are wealthy enough to go in for a gender based abortion Poorer parents often simply murder their girl children at birth And no this is not just about a few horrible cases This is what India is like to the point that there are some areas of the country in which there are only 650 girls for every 1000 boysAnd that’s just the beginning Female literacy rates are lower than male rates because education is much less of a priority for girls than it is for boys Women in India are routinely expected to endure sexual harassment in public – ever heard of “Eve teasing”? The rape statistics are horrifying And don’t even get me started on dowry deathsSo of course when we talk about India we talk about economic opportunities for investorsI’m not saying India is the only sexist place in the world Sadly that's not even close to being true I’m saying all things considered why is sexism not associated with this country the way racism was with South Africa?I’m a screaming heathen redhead feminist It’s easy to dismiss my rageful rantings It’s not as easy to brush aside the gentle earnest anger of a devout and kindly elder statesman like Jimmy Carter You may not need to read this book But I think we should all be glad it’s out there And if like my good friend you don’t know about so called “honor” killings – or dowry deaths or just how widespread gendercide is – you might want to go ahead and grab a copy of this book from the library Be warned it’s short but it’s not a uick read Not because the prose is dense – uite the contrary – but just because of the subject matter I do a decent amount of heavy feminist reading and I had to take freuent breaks to revisit some very sweet children’s books in the course of reading this book because otherwise I’d have to scream and cry and throw things But I’m still glad I read it

  2. Rayme Rayme says:

    I admire Jimmy Carter but found this book frustrating Each chapter outlines a different problem women face globally domestic violence trafficking maternal health etc and as a thoughtful fact based summary it does a fine job and can be used as a primer especially for men of an older generation to raise consciousness My frustration comes from the mental gymnastics and very narrowly selected uotes Mr Carter uses to show that the major world religions do not really condone poor and uneual treatment of women He'll say verses of the Bible or Koran are misuoted mistranslated or misapplied and that religionGod commands women to be treated with honor respect and euality I am not convinced and think that the major world religions are misogynistic at their core and no amount of polish by Jimmy Carter can fix that I understand why he wants his thesis to be true he has a lot invested in his faith and I believe a genuine interest in women's rights but in my opinion it's lipstick on a pig

  3. Carla Carla says:

    Forget what your politics are This man is beyond reproach for his championing of women's rights human rights While the book is backed up by statistics that blow you away certainly some of the depraved practices both cultural and religious around the world will haunt you I finished this book and cried This information is really not that new to me but certainly how little that has changed since I first became aware of violence towards women is new It will make you angry sad horrified overwhelmed and energized It takes a while after reading this book to digest all you've read It should be a MUST READ for EVERY high school student male and female Thank you President Carter for continuing your fight for euality and respect for all women This book IS a call to action I can't say enough good things about this man his mission and this book

  4. Jenny (Reading Envy) Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

    I listened to Jimmy Carter read his book on the audio version which I got as a review copy from the publisher He doesn't always pronounce everything perfectly but he's Jimmy CarterThis is an excellent overview of how religious and political restraints impact the status health and livelihood of women worldwide He offers specific ideas for working toward change while also acknowledging why some change has been difficult You can see the 23 action items on the Carter Center blog without even reading the book and I'd recommend at least doing thatHe doesn't let the USA off the hook He points out that Atlanta his closest urban center is the highest trafficking point of women in the country these numbers are crazily high I had no idea and the negative impact some ultra conservative organizations have had on women's health legislation leaving the USA among a handful of countries to not move forward in this arena Most of the information is very current with sources as recent as earlier in 2014 in use Some of the older information was shocking such as some United Nations documents on women's rights from the late 1970s that I had never even heard of I wonder what the world would be like now if the countries that signed those documents had actually followed through on their vows Jimmy Carter's own politics and even religion do come out in the book but I have to say I was impressed by the telling of why he left the Southern Baptist Convention after 70 years in it based on their changing policies about women in ministry and church Actions speak I don't know all that much about him as a president mea culpa but I appreciated his plea for non violence and abolishment of the death penaltySidenote There are some horrordystopian novels out there right now that include tapeworm invaders but they don't have anything on Jimmy Carter's description of guinea worms which actually exist and his organization has been working to eradicate it For all that is good and holy do not do a Google image search for them Yeah I couldn't help myself either

  5. Ms.pegasus Ms.pegasus says:

    Religion has for centuries been linked with violence and inhuman cruelty Former President Jimmy Carter a deeply religious man devotes this book to uncoupling that connection His focus is on violence subjugation abuse and discrimination against women He starts with the flawed dogma propagated within his own religion In 2000 the Southern Baptist Convention the largest US Protestant group banned women from leadership positions As a result the Carters resigned Instead he focused his activities on his local Baptist congregation and internationally on the Human Rights Defenders Forum As a former US President Carter has obtained access to political leaders across Africa Asia and Central America and describes his encounters with for example Violetta Chamorro President of Nicaragua 1990 1997 President Hosni Mubarak President of Egypt 1981 2011 and President Thabo Mbeki President of the Union of South Africa 1999 2008 Under the auspices of the Carter Foundation he has networked with numerous national and international organizations as well as scholars of Catholicism Islam Hinduism and Buddhism His work in forging joint resolutions and commitments of change are enumerated in this book but what resonated most for me were his personal stories He accompanied a farmer who had been proclaimed Global 2000 Outstanding Farmer of Zimbabwe after insisting that as a fellow farmer they had much in common only to learn that it was the farmer's wife who did all the actual work He speaks of funding a local ministry for the impoverished many of whom were law abiding but undocumented migrant workers through the sale of his tapes of Bible lessons An Afghani relative of a friend fell victim to a brutal extortion scheme and was finally extricated from the situation by the combined interventions of Carter and Burhanuddin Rabbani a former president of Afghanistan served from 1992 1996 One might uestion Carter's insistence in tying the interpretation of religious doctrine to what might be considered a secular issue human rights However Carter's examples demonstrate the close intertwining between culture and religion in the non Western world Rudolfo Anaya's Bless Me Ultima or Nahuib Mahfouz's Wedding Song are powerful works of fiction that examine this connection Carter's religious commitment actually aided him in his work His own curiosity about other religions and his deep respect for indigenous decision making invited trust In 2007 the Human Rights Defenders Forum convened with the theme of “Faith and Freedom” Both secular and religious representatives were hesitant “We also encountered resistance among some religious persons and leaders because of their perception that the human rights concept focuses on the individual instead of the collective well being We also were uietly informed that many religious people and institutions automatically associate the human rights framework with the promotion of homosexual and abortion rights so they were reluctant to become too closely associated with the movement” p91Zainah Anwar a Malaysian activist with Sisters in Islam SIS gives forceful articulation to the importance of indigenous activism “We are not a product of the West; we are a product of our own society and the challenges that we face within our own society” p 107 From his work in Africa Carter concludes “It is clear that eual female involvement in community affairs is beneficial to all citizens but is best achieved by letting the local people – both men and women – make their own decisions The experiences of The Carter Center and our African coworkers show that there are ways to encourage these changes in social norms but this work will reuire a lot of patience and a tremendous amount of humility and mutual respect” p85This is not a deep book Even Carter is perplexed by the contradictory statements of author Naguib Mahfouz in his Life's Wisdom from the Works of the Nobel Laureate It is unfortunate he did not raise this issue with some of the scholars he met in Egypt I know this is a uibble but Mahfouz's name does not appear in the book's index The writing is organized as a series of essays on various topics eg Sexual Assault and Rape Violence and War Women and the Carter Center Although this permits some interesting observations such as the unintended conseuences of China's one child policy the sense of progress is muted After finishing this book one can only have a renewed respect for former president Carter His efforts have been tireless and his commitment demonstrated by actions It is a refreshing contrast to the self aggrandizement we have seen all too often in former political leaders His optimism is not infectious but it is admirable This was the selection of our local book clubNOTESupdated survey from the UN

  6. Mikey B. Mikey B. says:

    Despite the primary importance of this topic I did find this book floundered in certain aspects I suppose one cannot expect a book of 200 pages to encompass the totality of this vital subject area It was in some ways similar to Half the Sky Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide but less emotive Half the Sky Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide had a far grass roots feel to itThis book discusses what the Carter Center is doing around the world Credit must be given as their aid is based on giving self directed autonomy to the local communities they are involved inSome parts of the book were positively naive or unnecessary as when Jimmy Carter recounts his visit to Saudi Arabia with his wife She is placed with the women folk and Jimmy with the men folk But there are definitely soul searching topics brought up Rape slavery and genocide of girls – the sex ratio of females to males in India and China is diminishing because of the preference for boys Given that these two countries have the two largest populations in the world this becomes even criticalAn interesting issue is brought up in the work of the Carter Center in Africa They are helping to prevent and cure awful diseases I will spare you the details As Mr Carter points out one reason for large families is that many infants die at an early age If couples could be assured that their children survive they would be apt or persuaded to have lessMy main contention with this book is when Jimmy Carter tries to extrapolate texts from the Bible and uran to ensure that God made woman and men eual This is essentially cherry picking these ancient words to illustrate whatever subject the author wishes to emphasize The Taliban and all those for a caliphate and evangelical fundamentalists pick other ancient texts to justify male dominance to justify polygamy to justify female punishment for adultery to justify child marriage to justify slavery to justify honor killing to justify female genital cutting Using ancient texts lead to looping arguments instead of just resolving the problemFar better is when Jimmy Carter brings up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women The US has not ratified the latter treaty And also he brings up science for eliminating diseases and helping women during childbirthAlso birth control is not mentioned in Jimmy Carter’s twenty three points at the end of his book to enable women to achieve eual status with men Only when women are given full rights to reproductive control of their bodies can they achieve parity and euality with menSo I give this book four stars for the good aspects that Jimmy Carter brought up

  7. Connie G Connie G says:

    Former US President Jimmy Carter did not just sit back in a rocking chair when he retired in 1981 He and his wife Rosalynn founded the Carter Center which helps improve the situations of people around the world As a devote Baptist and Sunday school teacher he is frustrated by the ways male religious leaders Christian Jewish and Islamic use sacred texts to justify male dominance of women Some of Carter's concerns are wage discrimination sexual abuse in the military rape slavery and prostitution child marriages spousal abuse genital mutilation inadeuate health care including prenatal care and honor killings In some countries female babies are selectively aborted or killed at birth This leads to enslaved girls being brought in from other countries to serve as prostitutes since there are not enough women to serve as mates to the increased percentage of males in the populationCarter is also a member of The Elders an international group of former political leaders peace activists and human rights advocates Nelson Mandela formed the group to work on human rights projects as well as concerns about health war and climate changeCarter also has worked with Bill Gates Sr who manages the foundation set up by his son to decrease the transmission of AIDS in Africa He has used his connections as a former president to influence political leaders around the world and encourages women to seek political office The international work of Jimmy Carter who still tirelessly crusades for human rights at age 90 is truly an inspirationWebsite for The Carter Center wwwcartercenterorg

  8. jeremy jeremy says:

    president carter himself describes a call to action as the most important book he's ever written having authored 28 his thesis is lucidyet although economic disparity is a great and growing problem i have become convinced that the most serious and unaddressed worldwide challenge is the deprivation and abuse of women and girls largely caused by a false interpretation of carefully selected religious texts and a growing tolerance of violence and warfare unfortunately following the example set during my lifetime by the united statesone could easily make the case that humanity has a deep hatred loathing and contempt for womankind as evidenced by their treatment across centuries and cultures a westerner would perhaps be likely to point their accusing finger at third world nations and decry the many abuses suffered by women there yet industrialized nations often treat their women as degradingly albeit with less overt barbarity having long since refined and institutionalized the practicecarter's book considers many ways in which women and girls are systematically abused neglected exploited and debased throughout the world chapters on prisons executions sexual assault and rape violence and warfare genocide slavery prostitution spouse abuse honor killings genital cutting child marriage and healthcare form a troubling portrait of the reprehensible treatment of women the world over with staggering statistics and disturbing first hand accounts aplenty a call to action is at once heartbreaking and infuriating carter calls to account religious leaders politicians governments and others for not doing to oppose the pervasive mistreatment and enforced ineuality of women of particular note is his characterization of the oft utilized practice of selectively uoting misinterpreting and misapplying religioussacred texts to justify such treatment as divinely inspired throughout the book carter highlights groups and individuals leading the efforts to combat ineuality and abuse patriarchy uite obviously has wrought a world wherein women are often considered and treated as second class citizens or worse president carter rosalynn carter and the carter center have worked tirelessly on a host of human rights public policy and peace issues for over 30 years now a call to action may well be the summation of a life spent in service of humanity with its aim of bringing attention to the often horrific treatment endured by half the world's population what prevents us from taking action to secure basic human rights for women? some of us are paralyzed by the extent and complexity of the problems some of us have become desensitized by societal violence and no longer recognize it when it occurs some have misinterpreted holy scripture and believe god has ordained a lower status for women some men are afraid of losing their advantages in a paternalistic society but these two simple success stories illustrate how the suffering of women and girls can be alleviated by an individual's forceful action and how the benefits of such actions stretch out into the larger society political and religious leaders share a special responsibility but the fact is that all of us can act within our own spheres of influence to meet the challenges

  9. Vannessa Anderson Vannessa Anderson says:

    From the book The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that men and women are eual ratified in 1948 by a vote of 48 to 0 yet it is not honoredJimmy Carter was the first American president born in a hospitalThe first pope Saint Peter was married because Jesus healed his mother in lawIn November 2012 Congolese troops trained by the US Government perpetrated a mass rape of 135 women and girlsGlobal Slavery Index report released in October 2013 estimates that 298 million people remain enslaved today includes those living in bondage as forced laborers those in marriage against their will and prostitutes engaged involuntarily in the sexual tradebetween two hundred and three hundred children are sold in Atlanta alone each monthconsidered to be one of the preeminent human trafficking center in the United StatesAn analysis by Atlanta social workers found that 42 percent of the sexual exchanges they investigated were in brothels and hotel rooms in the most affluent areas of the city while only 9 percent were in the poorer neighborhoodIVAWA International Violence Against Women Act would make America a leader in ending violence against women and girlslies dormant because not enough voices have yet risen to demand its passage Further what irony there was to see how they compose the Koran and virtually took from the Bible word for wordIn the military Women were given eual status in January 2013Politics and the sexual assault in the military 1995 Study of female veterans of the Gulf and earlier wars found that 90 percent had been sexually harassedsome women employees of civilian contractors serving in a war zone must sign an agreement that forbid them from suing if they are reaped by a fellow workerthe American president and the British prime minister had decidedto find a justification for the invasion of IraReading that some selected scriptures are interpreted almost exclusively by powerful male leaders within the Christian Jewish Muslim Hindu Buddhist and other faiths to proclaim the lower status of women and girls This includes unpunished rape and other sexual abuse infanticide of newborn girls and abortion of female fetuses a worldwide trafficking in women and girls and so called honor killings of innocent women who are raped as well as the less violent but harmful practices of lower pay and fewer promotions for women and greater political advantages for men confirms what I already knew A Call to Action explained the hateful and manipulative mindset of bigots and how they used the Holy Scriptures to justify their bigotry A Call to Action also exposed those who could have come forward but wouldn’t because they benefited from the actions of the bigots Coincidently these are the same individuals we vote into office to represent us in Washington DC These individuals are responsible for the continued existence of racism crime financial ineuality sex slavery trade sexual abuse etc and will continue to exist because these individuals are hoarders of money and power and born to parents who produced defective sperm and defective eggSpeaking from his personal experiences author Carter exposed the hypocrisy of the believers in his community He also confirmed what many of us already knew; What surprised me most was that many of these white men prefer black women when other interracial social contact was completely taboo I’m sure no one is surprised by thisNever has an author been so prolific in telling a story that I feel came from the author’s heart Mr Carter I applaud you for being a man of honor and integrity and for having the courage for saying it like it was and the way it still isI rarely read books with references to or from the Bible because those using those references take them out of context to use as manipulation to make people conform but author Carter took nothing out of context A Call To Action Women Religion Violence and Power was an easy read with an excellent flow Not one page was wasted on fluff or filler A Call To Action Women Religion Violence and Power can be beneficial in teaching logic and critical thinking A Call To Action Women Religion Violence and Power will help readers distinguished between proclaimed Christians who embrace money power hatred racism violence and criminality from Christians who embrace legal justice social intelligence mercy forgiveness kindness and love Author Carter discussed politics the handicapped politics the death penalty politics capital punishment politics and violence against women girls and children religious politics racism politics and how the media dismantle it all for ratings What kept me glued to A Call To Action Women Religion Violence and Power was the truth in what author Carter expounded Anyone who passes up the opportunity to read A Call To Action Women Religion Violence and Power is missing the opportunity to build upon what you already know or to learn you didn’t know Applause Applause Applause Author Carter for putting into words everything people need to know about how the world of politics actually works Those who I believe would appreciate A Call To Action Women Religion Violence and Power would be Christians women minorities the low income students of political science economics mental health sociology psychology social workers politicians and those who have chosen to serve the people and not themselves

  10. Mel Mel says:

    After a lot of books with subtitles like A call to action I find myself wondering what marketing genius didn't think I'd mind the complete absence of actionable items This is not the case here President Carter goes into the specifics of some important work being done by a lot of people gives numerous examples of how people have stepped in to help out and my reaction is how the hell does this man have the energy to be involved in all of this? Some might add at his age but frankly I haven't been that active at any ageHe speaks frankly about the nature of not only the oppression of women and girls but also the political realities of how the transition from where we are to a less oppressive reality would have to take place The work is daunting in the details and always backed with examples of what was tried and a fair assessment of the progress and shortcomings of various attemptsTrigger warning President Carter is a devout Baptist and spends a large portion of the early chapters making the religious and especially Christian case for why this cause is just As only a biblical studies teacher with decades of experience can do he goes on to debunk the claim that Christianity includes a divine imperative to be a sexist douche Amazingly he does this while fully acknowledging the presence of sexist douchery throughout Christiandom and perserveres through that reality to try to reform the religious practices from within

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