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Scottish heiress Roslynn Chadwick needs the safety of marriage to protect her from Also see: Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN [ACE] ACE Scottish heiress Roslynn Chadwick needs the safety of marriage to protect her from an unscrupulous cousin and from the army of fortunehunting scoundrels who covet her wealth and beauty And Anthony Malory is everything she has been warned againstA ruthless, irresistibly handsome English rogue, Malory's sensual blue eyes speak of limitless pleasures How she wishes she dare to love such a man to believe the whispered murmurings of his passionate promise and to follow the enchanting dream.

10 thoughts on “Tender Rebel

  1. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    Well, well, well...
    It was uncle-Tony's turn!!!
    And it was really good to see the womaniser Tony to be tamed from a Scottish heiress with quite a temper...

    And this book in this series was lovely!!! Even though i still have a preference to Nicholas Eden!!!
    I love this guy and the first book was my favorite...

    But Tony and Nicholas were similar characters... That's why they don't like each other!!!
    And of course the same happened with James... He and Tony are against to Nicholas and believe me when i say that when those three guys are in the same room the atmosphere is very amusing...

    But enough with that!!!

    Tony as we all know was a womaniser of that period and he was amazingly charming... He didn't want to get married and he was having fun with the way his life was... But everything is changing when he sees the fiercy redhead with the attitude.

    From the first moment, he wants to take her in his bed but this Scottish woman is not so easy to handle, even though she feels the same about him from the first moment. But Roslyn is already aware of this kind of men and she doesn't want to get involve with him...
    And she has already her own plans... She has to get married soon enough because she is in danger from a ruthless cousin...

    So, Roslyn is trying to find the right guy to be her husband and Tony is trying to win her heart...
    Roslyn is trying to vanish Tony from her mind and her life but Tony wants to ruin her plans...
    And in some point, he tricks her and they get married...

    For God's sake!!! Tony is a husband... Unbelievable??? Yeah, it was!!!
    But he was a very good husband... The problem in this marriage was Roslyn...
    She was afraid of what Tony used to be before her that drive him in his limits...
    I really want to slap her in some points...

    She was so unfair and so stubborn...
    Both of them were stubborn as a mule...
    And the things turn out so much complicated... But i enjoyed all this madness!!!
    Their relation was fiesty and intense!!!

    I really love to read about the Malory family and i want so badly to read the fourth book...

    Why the fourth book???? Because here in Greece they made a mistake and they published the first and the third book, so... i know everything that happened with Captain Hawk (aka James Malory)...

  2. Katrina Passick Lumsden Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

    To me, there's nothing at all enjoyable about watching an irrational bitch treat her new husband like shit merely because of the wrongs she's constructed in her head. It goes on seemingly forever, and is justified as her Scots temper. How thoroughly insulting to Scottish women. There's a difference between having a temper in justifiable circumstances and making things up to justify treating someone badly merely because you wish to. This would have been an enjoyable read if the heroine had been a bit more reasonable. Rosslyn Chadwick, however, is an unreasonable, irrational bitch. She even admits to being one towards the end of the book. Why would I ever root for a bitch? Perhaps I should ask Johanna Lindsey...

  3. Lover of Romance Lover of Romance says:

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance width=600 I have been re reading this Malory Anderson series and thought it would be a good idea to review these books as I read them. Tender Rebel is the second book in the series, and what a fun book to read and I loved this one. This is one of my personal favorites to read, although I could say that for many of the books in the series. But I have such fond memories of reading this the first time so many years ago and was quite a blast reconnecting with this couple again.
    Now lower your dress a little-'
    This is no time for offended modesty... You're the distraction.
    Och, well, in that case.
    That's quite low enough, my dear...
    I was only trying to help,
    Commendable, but we want the chap to ogle you, not bust his breeches.”
    The jist of the story is that our heroine, is traveling to London from Scotland. Her grandfather has recently passed away, and has left his entire estate to her which is quite a bit of funds. But her cousin Geordie, needs the money and is a bit bitter for not receiving any of it and will force her to marry him if he can. So she needs to find a husband and very quickly before her cousin forces her to marry him. While at a ball, she meets our hero Anthony Malory. Now Anthony is so not ready for marriage. But from the moment he sees Roslynn, he wants her more than any woman he has ever met. Now Anthony is definitely been around the block when it comes to women. He is charismatic and charming. Roslynn has a strong attraction to Tony, but she knows he is Not the marrying type and attempts to stay away from him. And yeah with some hilarious interference from Tony's brother James, working Tony's jealousy, Tony marries Roslynn not willing to let her marry another man. A few misunderstandings happens, and Tony and Roslynn work through some miscommunication issues and drama but boy do you love every step of the way these two find on working through a marriage and that finding love isn't easy or uncomplicated. There are some actions that Roslynn takes that aren't the most commendable. But what I like about these mistakes is that they make her real and human and see how she pays for those mistakes and learns from them.
    My eyes have been a-wandering, as you put it, for the last nineteen years. Give them a rest, Roslynn. They settled on you and don't want to move on.”
    The ending still brings me to tears every single time, these two are just so right for each other in every way. This is the type of romance that just gives you a smile every time you read it. Love the style of Lindsey in this series and how enchanting they are. And of course we have some witty interactions with some supporting characters and we see the beginnings of James' story with his future lady who dresses like a boy. Stay tuned for book three.
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  4. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    This is probably one of my favorite Malory books, although I think that Anthony is an absolute cad. He is a complete rake, and he certainly gets hoisted by his own petard when he decides to pursue innocent Rosalyn, who's on the lookout for a husband, not a lover. He's never met a woman like Rosalyn, who is Scottish to her toes, and not one to fall easily for his charms. However, he is a Malory, so she does fall, eventually. But she ends up getting the husband she came looking for.

    This book has some very good scenes that I will never forget, showing what an absolute rogue Anthony is (smile). What I really liked about this book was how he fell on his face when he got confronted with the fact that he was in love for the first time. Nothing better than seeing a rake get reformed by the love he's avoided so long and finally succumbs to. Anthony goes on to be a model husband, as we see in the subsequent Malory novels. Although he doesn't lose one bit of his snark.

  5. Reb Reb says:

    Ah, the beginning of a huge love affair for me. This is the introduction to my guilty pleasures'. Books that are pure escapism, a bit cheesy, a bit bawdy, but intoxicating, none the less. I fell in love with the Malory's (Tony in particular) fact, I want to be adopted by the Malory family. The men, are strong, and a bit unconventional, and their women, equally unconventional and refreshingly strong and independent. Johanna Lindsay is a great narrator, she entwines the reader into the plot and takes on a journey where you frantically turn pages to get to the next bit. The beginning of my love affair with the Malory's and Johanna Lindsay. I have re-read all her books time after time, and will continue to do so, for years to come. The books are light, they are easy to read and digest. They take you on an improbable journey....No need to over analyse them.

  6. Shelly Shelly says:

    So this is the 2nd book I’ve read by this author, and I liked it even less than the first. I’ve heard so many good things about Johanna Lindsey, I wonder if my tastes are so different from everyone else.

    Lady Rosalynn Chadwick from Scotland is on a mission. After the death of her beloved grandfather, she has no one else to protect her. She has inherited her grandfather’s entire estate, which is quite large and makes her quite wealthy. Her cousin, Jordy Cameron wants it, and will stop at nothing to get it, forcing her to flee Scotland for London, where she hopes to find a husband who will stop Jordy from coming after her. Rosalynn has no delusions, she only wants a decent husband who will protect her, after all, with her marriage contract, she will retain most of her assets anyway, and give her husband-to-be an allowance after their marriage. Attending the 3rd ball in 3 days, she is hiding from one particularly awful candidate on the lawn, when she runs into Anthony Mallory hiding under a tree. Anthony is not really attending, but making sure his 17-year-old nephew has no problems escorting Anthony’s favorite niece, Regina Eden. Upon seeing Rosalynn, the notorious rake is of course, practically obsessed with her from the beginning, naturally. After introducing themselves, Anthony immediately proposes an ‘arrangement’ and is quite persistent he and Rosalynn will end up in bed soon. She explains to him this will not be, as she has to get married, and everybody knows, rakes never want to marry. A few days later, an attempted kidnapping on the street leaves Rosalynn feeling a little over exposed, and determined to lead her pursuer, most likely Jordy’s hirelings, astray by leaving for a country party given by Lady Regina Eden. Upon arrival, Rosalynn learns Anthony is Regina’s uncle, but is determined to avoid him, as she desperately wants to get married, and feel safe. Four of her potential suitors are at the party, and she is trying to learn more about them. Anthony consistently dogs her, but she’s of course attracted to him as well, but knows she must marry and put her feelings aside. Anthony schemes to get closer, by offering to learn more about her potential suitors and reporting back to her, because he’s still convinced they’ll end up in bed, only after she’s married to someone else. For some reason, she agrees this is a good idea. After Rosalynn heads back to London, she is kidnapped in the middle of the night from her friend’s home and taken captive by Jordy, who has a shady priest on the way to marry them. Determined to escape, she jumps out of a second story window into a hay cart in nothing but her shift. Rosalynn ultimately rents a horse and takes three hours getting home. It’s there she decides to run to the country, to Regina’s home, sending her Abigail one direction, while she goes the opposite, to throw off Jordy. But instead of going straight to Regina’s, of course she has to stop at Anthony’s and find out who he’s decided she should marry! After hearing what happened to her, Anthony decides to seduce her and marry her himself, but only after telling lies about the other suitors she was considering. Rosalynn and Anthony are married in his niece Regina’s country home and she finally feels safe. After returning to London, Jordy attempts to kill Anthony on his morning ride, leaving Anthony angrier and out for blood. When he catches up with Jordy, he beats him to a pulp and forces him to leave town, explaining she’s married to him now, and he’ll never get anything from Rosalynn. Unfortunately, Jordy’s lackeys aren’t aware of this new agreement, and kidnap Rosalynn again. Did I mention Rosalynn and Anthony are arguing because she told him before they got married, he should continue with his mistresses, and when he came home smelling of a tavern wench while he was out searching for Jordy, she held it against him because he said he wouldn’t and didn’t cheat? Yeah, lots of drama about silly things. Ultimately Rosalynn and Anthony make up and are going to have a baby and everything’s peachy.

    This book has received tons of great reviews from people whose opinion I tend to agree with, but not on this. I found so many things to annoy me I don’t know where to start. I like the premise of the book, and the plot, up until the constant bickering between Anthony and Rosalynn, so my complaint isn’t about the plot. Ultimately I hated the main characters.

    Pretty strong words, but I did not like them Sam I Am! Anthony Mallory was a great character in the first book, I was really looking forward to reading his book, and sad to say, I am really disappointed. I think if Anthony had been paired with just about anyone else on the planet, it would have been a better book. However, I really disliked that he seemed to be just as determined and stubborn as Rosalynn in their disagreements, failing to tell her he did not have a go-round with a tavern wench, simply because he felt she should trust him. It almost seemed as he wanted to break her spirit, like a horse, to make her bend to his will, and I can’t see how that’s entertaining to read or fun to either him, or her.

    Now onto Rosalynn. I can’t think of a single thing I liked about her, not her personality, or her attitude, nothing. No real reason was given as to why she was so untrusting of Anthony and others, she made it plain she wanted to get married, but kept going back to Anthony, but it was never explained why she felt so attracted to a man she was supposively so determined to avoid, the pettiness of spending his money simply because she was angry at him, the fact that she didn’t seem very friendly or loving toward her one true friend, Frances, especially when Frances announced she was getting married, she was never nice to really anyone! I could go on and on and on, but I felt she was a bitchy character, and not deserving of Anthony, let alone a book. The one time she appears kind in the whole book is to Jordy, of all people, leaving him a ton of money because, as it turns out he didn’t kill her mother and he’d been treated horribly all his life for it. She just did not make sense to me, and I didn’t want to get to know her, I wanted to smack her.

    Also, throughout the whole book Jordy is seen as a horrible evil man, after her blood and her money, and is suspected of killing her mother, but nothing has ever been proven. At the end of the book, when his side is told, and Rosalynn is feeling bad for him, I kept thinking, first of all, he wanted to marry you against your will, he attempted to kill Anthony, second, why on earth didn’t you just ask him why he was upset/surprised when it was announced Rosalynn’s mother died, third, why he was upset about it didn’t exactly make sense to me, and now Rosalynn feels sorry for him? This whole part of the book was almost worthless to me.

    I really can’t find much to like about this book besides the basic plot. The whole time I listened to the audio book, I wanted to throw something, or was gritting my teeth, or probably sighing heavily out of frustration. I will not read this book again, I don’t recommend it, and I’ve sorta doubtful of this author now. I will give her one more try, but it’s gotta wow me, it’s got to be better, almost anything is better than this.

  7. When Funmi Met Romance When Funmi Met Romance says:

    RATING: Welp!....It was a great book for something written in 1988. However, the hero is a dick and the heroine is a bitch. The communication issues were petty AS HECK! I just feel like the plot was hellishly lazy and rather bored me at times and dragged on. The characters were not likeable. They were just insanely rich and so they had the time to listen to no one and act selfish as freak. The beginning was so promising! I rather enjoyed her book The magic of you ( i think it's called that) However, this book was ...not the thing. I'm giving it three stars because , I didn't hate it, I finished it, and rather enjoyed the beginning.

  8. Lia Lia says:

    I loved the little stubborn scottish !

  9. Chumchum_88 Chumchum_88 says:

    I was disappointed in this book, I expected more for dear uncle Tony, and I realized from these two first books that there is a pattern, at least one main character is an ass, and in this case it's the dear lady.

    I still loved Anthony in here, even thought he acted mean most of the story in retaliation, still I felt him sweet and loving, even in moments when he was giving her a lesson he could help but be tender and devoted to her.

    Roslyn in my eyes was a self-centered bitch, I know that I sound mean, but she deserved what she got, her circumstances not withstanding, I read about more desperate circumstances that hers. Since the beginning she was judgmental and distrustful with Anthony, and I hated when she was making the decision she kept saying it's not fair when he treated her like that making it sound as if it was His fault! I really had an intense urge to slap her face and pull her hair (and I'm the peacemaker in my family). She kept getting mad at him over nothing and making everything his fault, he's the problem, he's the unfaithful, he's the one who shouldn't be trusted, he's the pauper, all him never her.

    I was really disappointed at the ending, it was not satisfactory, she got way too easily with her action. first she didn't trust him accused him of adultery, then made some idiotic rules that cause them to drift more apart, just like that with a simple letter from his brother ad couple of tears from her and he's like it's okay now! are you fucking kidding me?! She should have trusted him from the beginning, if not his actions should have spoken for themselves. I was fuming most the time, hating her reaction and attitude toward Tony when he was innocent from all accusations.

    Overall, *thump sideways*

  10. Susanne Susanne says:

    Why was she always so self-centered, never considering anyone's feelings but her own?

    Just what I was thinking for the second part of the book. I am so frustrated with this book! I am so glad this is the fourth Malory book I've read because otherwise I might have given up. How can a wonderful author like Johanna Lindsey take to so lovable character and a great villain and screw up the romance?

    I love the Malory family as always and I was bouncing up and down in the first part. Anthony is one hot hero and Roslynn is an independent funny heroine. But she was so stubborn in deciding that Anthony was no good. And she refused to trust him! She was the most annoying heroine ever! I am not particular fond of the whole I'm going to push you away to protect myself from hurt-plot and this was too much! They can't be fighting for 100 pages and then magically resolve everything in 10 pages.

    Well, I'm still glad I read it and I do enjoy this series immensely! It was funny and well-written and they had awesome chemistry. Just to much negative xD

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