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  1. Jacinda Jacinda says:

    Parts of this book were good The sections on recruiting and propaganda are particularly informative and disturbingThe intro didn't work for me Why should I or a fictional character care if I buy toothpaste from a company that the military also buys toothpaste from? If I shop at the same grocery store as some guy who beats his wife am I supporting domestic violence?If the military buys a lot of food is that part of a vast military food conspiracy? Or is it just inevitable that people in the military need to eat something?Also while some of the research discussed is indeed disturbing other discussions of research bear hints of an anti scientific attitude that's all too common in this country

  2. Ammar Ammar says:

    This is an essential book to understand the workings of the military and its growing association with our society and culture You learn many things if you are as ill informed as I was like the servitude of universities for research that is sometimes controversial including trying to make guiltless soldiers and creating a robotic force that does not discriminate between the combatant and child the lavish lifestyle and gross custom of waste in the military and CIA from a 1800 pillow and minigolf in bases to rendition in Gulfstream jets and the current desperate and unethical ways to recruit soldiers including allowing people with criminal pasts or giving recruiters a pimped out hummer with a few sexy girls to grab attention to the militarythis book for me was endless in its regrettable surprises revealed but it informed me about the sloppy framework and disorganized system of the military which is adding disorder to regions worldwide this book was truly an eye opener should be a must read especially for those considering joining the militaryand it was praised by such people as Dahr Jamail of Beyond the Green Zone Dispatches from an Unimbedded Journalist in Occupied Ira and Chalmers Johnson of Nemesis The Last Days of the American Republic in addition to William Hartung and Mike Davis

  3. Carl Carl says:

    This was an interesting book in that it did delineate many connections between corporations and the military but it left me wanting a fuller description of the nature of the relationship Does selling shampoo to the military because you are a shampoo company constitute the same level of immersion as a company that develops the next warfare simulation for a video game meant to pre train the next generation of potential soldiers? I don't think it does and Turse doesn't play that up very wellLots of good information but needed to be pulled together better and be given a better focus

  4. Mike Mike says:

    A book that has good intentions but goes off target uickly than a North Korean missile The author promises a discussion of how the military industrial complex has insinuated itself into the economy and the culture and the book does a good job of that but then the discussion turns toward the military's excesses and I just don't really care how many golf courses the pentagon owns

  5. Miroku Nemeth Miroku Nemeth says:

    As a teacher and adjunct English professor for a decade and a half I have taught on war and literature and the military industrial complex and war profiteering for years I show Eugene Jarecki's excellent documentary Why We Fight assign readings from King's April 4 1967 Beyond Vietnam speech Howard Zinn on Thoreau poets and writers from Aeschylus to Tim O'Brien etc and have students many of whom are actually veterans research and write on war and its conseuences This book was recommended to me by the journalist Jason Coppola after he had seen that I had read Nick Turse's powerful and painful Kill Anything that Moves and I am thankful that I received the recommendation for it is an important work that I will use for years in my teaching For someone like me who has read Chomsky for nearly two decades and follows alternative media like Democracy Now regularlyvery little of this is new to me but I learned much reading this and meditating on the truly ubiuitous reach of the many tentacled beast for which the military industrial complex only conveys a partial naming It is sinister And reaches into almost every aspect of our lives from the obvious range of militant children's toys and other cultural phenomena that we rarely uestion however much they shape us to the multudinous range of corporations which have contracts with the US military from oil companies to media conglomerates to sunglasses companies like Oakley clothing corporations food suppliers and Starbucks There is a military industrial academic complex and so much As far as readibility I will admit that it gets bogged down in numbers in the first 50 pages or so but get through it it is worth it I also feel that a newer version needs to be put out for we have seen a new issuing of movies sponsored by the military like Red Dawn and new movies and so many aspects of our society that train us to think about our troops being involved in urban warfare Think the new version of Judge Dredd when one thinks of scenarios armor etc And the material on the history of the development of video games as training for the military is very important especially in relation to how it trains civilian children to want to become soldiers etc Anyone who has read the father of killology Dave Grossman whether On Killing or On Combat should know how he warns of this effect on the psyches of young people As a teacher and a father in the last couple of years I have seen teenage boys infinitely knowledgeable in aspects of the US military arsenal and tactics especially through games like the manifold reconfigurations of Call of Duty I wish that there was of this in this book but it was written before this became the trend which is perhaps one of the most successful tricks for indoctrination and training pre enlistment the US government has pulled off And by the way all of those insect size drones and plans for interning US citizens that you see on the Internet used to scare you into believing that whatever page or demagogue knows the sinister conspiracy plan that will do us all in well don't fall for the groups but those drones and those plans ARE actually real And much that should scare you and anger you if you are truly an American I don't mention other countries here as most of them are usually wise enough to fear America and what is happening though of course somnolence and complacency are not a particularly American attribute unshared by the rest of the world just something I care about combatting here “Certainly the day is not far off when most potential US troops will have grown up playing commercial video games that were created by the military as training simulators; will be recruited at least in part through video games; will be tested postenlistment on advanced video game systems; will be trained using simulators which will later be turned into video games or on reconfigured versions of the same games used to recruit them or that they played as kids; will be taught to pilot vehicles using devices resembling commercial video game controllers; and then after a long day of real life war gaming head back to their uarters to kick back and play the latest PlayStation or Xbox games created with or sponsored by their own or another branch of the armed forces More and toys are poised to become clandestine combat teaching tools and and simulators are destined to be tomorrow’s tools and and simulators are destined to be tomorrow’s toys And what of America’s children and young adults in all this? How will they be affected by the dazzling set of military training devices now landing in their living rooms and on their PCs produced by video game giants under the watchful eyes of the Pentagon? After all what these games offer is less a matter of simple military indoctrination and like a near immersion in a virtual world of war where armed conflict is not the last but the first—and indeed the only—resort”Nick Turse “The Complex How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives” 140

  6. Chris Chris says:

    A review of the uestionable ways that the Pentagon spends money Enter into the world of massive corporate contractors that enjoy defense funds to create products that they later sell to the public when you see the sheer scope of companies that enjoy these contracts the idea of a free market in any form is a joke because many many many of the largest ones earn large minorities of their profits from taxpayer money; the revolving door between the boards of multi billion dollar military contractors and high level Pentagon positions including Dick Cheney and Halliburton the list of blatant conflicts of interest within the system is a mile long; money is spent by the military so uickly that it doesn't even know where it goes they think about 23 trillion dollars are missing but they can't even get things together enough to be audited by the General Accounting Office; the immense lobbying power of defense contractors to pass bills that keep their cash cow healthy even when a set of projects worth 100s of millions are overbudget by a third and have been demonstrated to be useless The Pentagon's accounting system is so abysmal that spending abuses are rampant first class airline tickets dropping 50 or 100 grand at posh European hotels buying a thousand dollar nacho cheese warmer etc They own and run at least 234 golf courses around the world some worth over 13 million and continue to build on bases that already have two The sheer volume of money spent by the military every year about a trillion dollars and how it's spent give you the picture of a flat out blank check and zero accountability No one can explain exactly why tax payers should be footing the bill for all of this No other agency could get away with even 10% of these abuses without getting slammedDid you know that video games were invented or less by the defense industry as combat simulators or that they like to recruit hardcore Xboxers because they have less ualms about pulling the trigger and are good at eye hand coordination?The author goes into the uestionable recruiting practices enacted by the military to gain new guys now that the wars are so unpopular You no longer have to pass the ASVAB test by any stretch or technically pass a mental health exam or worry about a criminal record Several thousand gang members skinheads and felons are now in the military where they tag military euipment are trained in combat and have even stolen weapons and got them back home Only a few years ago the military would not have been desperate enough to hire these people on They even added a policy under Bush that allows you to become an American cititzen after only one day in the service to hopes of tapping into our large illegal immigrant populationThe tone of the book is sort of annoying but the information is absolutely fascinating if disturbing

  7. David David says:

    There is an ever increasing militarization of our society Even if you are a relatively socially aware and concerned citizen its hard to avoid being drawn in One problem Turse never sufficiently proves that by purchasing products from any given company which also happens to have contracts with the military you are falling prey to the Complex If I buy something from someplace and the seller turns around and uses that money to buy guns which are used to kill the innocent I am directly supporting those actions by buying products from that seller In the cases that Turse presents I would only be buying products from a company that also sells to the Military In no way would my money be helping the military This logic applies to almost every other case that Turse presents in this book almost three hundred pages of them Obviously the most direct way that we help support the Complex is through our taxes this should go without saying I would only recommend this book to those who might be interested in reading lists of what the military likes to buy it is amusing in its own way I guess

  8. McGrouchpants, McGrouchpants. McGrouchpants, McGrouchpants. says:

    Terrifying You see farther with this book and stop lingering on ideology right or wrong left or right; this is the book that led me to conclude that Lockheed Martin's a planet in a story of mine Read it and be chilled So many many things are just not within a person's reach welcome to realism American style where scope is the keyword and opinion is dwarfed by scale Probably not optional for anyone who consumes stuff in America including oxygen

  9. Tom Tom says:

    Goes on a bit too long too many numbers but a good uick read nonetheless

  10. Douglas Douglas says:

    I thought this book was excellent It wove together the different strands of the military industrial complex and showed us how the military industrial complex is part of everything we buy and do I especially liked the material about Kevin Bacon and how many military sponsored movies he's been in The writing style was pretty good as well Turse has novelist's habit of diction upswings at the end of chapters and sections

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