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L'île mystérieuse Read L Le Myst Rieuse Author Jules Verne Thomashillier.co.uk Based On The True Story Of Alexander Selkirk, Who Survived Alone For Almost Five Years On An Uninhabited Island Off The Coast Of Chile, The Mysterious Island Is Considered By Many To Be Jules Verne S Masterpiece Wide Eyed Mid Nineteenth Century Humanistic Optimism In A Breezy, Blissfully Readable Translation By Stump Kirkus Reviews , Here Is The Enthralling Tale Of Five Men And A Dog Who Land In A Balloon On A Faraway, Fantastic Island Of Bewildering Goings On And Their Struggle To Survive As They Uncover The Island S Secret From The Trade Paperback Edition.

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    I can t remember the number of times I have re read this Verne masterpiece and discovered something new every time I had In fact, my book has become so frayed around the edges over the years that I fear I won t be able to open it any without being afraid of ruining the pages or the cover for good Trying to recollect my feelings when I read the book for the first time ever seems a bit of a humongous task But I can t possibly forget the rush of adrenaline and intense emotions, joy and thrill that inhabitants of Lincoln Island and their numerous adventures gave me be it while hunting game in the forests, or rescuing Captain Harding, building a boat for a voyage to an island close by, fending off an attack by pirates, making priceless discoveries like finding a hint of sulphur in a nearby spring or even a massive block of granite which was to become their home later on Every time I have started reading it, I have been sucked right into the core of the tale, the predicament of the c...

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    Passionnant et palpitant jusqu la toute fin, avec un style rudit mais vivant Mon premier coup de coeur de l ann e 2016, et certainement pas mon dernier Jules Verne

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    L le myst rieuse The Mysterious Island Extraordinary Voyages, 12 , Jules VernePublished in 1874 1992 17 1345 47 1347 679 1368 1370 1368 124 1365 192 1374 158 1376 9646234070 1365 160 1375 160 9645611067 1377 128 96460602318 1384 108 1387 1388 108 9...

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    If The Mysterious Island isn t the biggest novel undertaken by someone conditioned with what we today diagnose as Aspberger s Syndrome, it comes close Published in 1875, Jules Verne s epic castaway tale is loaded with geography, meteorology, astronomy, hydrography, orography, chemistry, geology and by virtue of appearing first in serialized form as The Secret of the Island , the saga runs 193,266 words Verne doesn t so much stop as he runs out of natural sciences to explore.The fanciful adventure begins above the Pacific Ocean on March 23, 1865 as a balloon is ripped apart by a cyclone Five Americans and one dog are aboard The men are railroad engineer Cyrus Smith, journalist Gideon Spilett, freed slave Neb short for Nebuchadnezzar , sailor Bonadventure Pencroff and 15 year old Harbert Brown, Pencroff s protege and the son of his former captain The dog is named Top and they are all prisoners of war, having escaped Confederate controlled Richmond by stealing the balloon.The escapees stay aloft long enough to crash onto the shoreline of a deserted island After searching for one of their missing mates, the men immediately begin to fortify themselves against the elements Verne seems positively giddy at the prospect of leaving civilization and using ...

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    3,5 4 Fini dans la nuit hier, je n arrivais plus m arr ter Apr s une premi re partie douloureuse pour moi trop de descriptions tr s, tr s d taill es, trop scientifiques mon go t le reste s est lu tout seul, c tait passionnant et palpitant, et le style de Jules Verne est saluer quel talent Bon, tout ne...

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    As with many of my pre Goodreads books, the date read for this one is a best guess, but probably roughly accurate Although I liked it overall, I didn t rate it as highly as my Goodreads friend Bruce recently did.Simply put, the premise here is that in March 1865, five Unionists one the black former slave of one of the white escapees, and another a 15 year old boy escape from Richmond by stealing a balloon that s been prepared and provisioned for a Confederate mission but are quickly blown WAY off course by a massive hurricane, and five days later wind up on an uncharted island By the time of the Civil War, of course, balloon flights were not science fictional This novel s science fiction element is actually a tie in with Verne s earlier novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea but I would say that much of the plot is a descriptive fiction tale of adventure and survival under adverse conditions In that respect, it has a lot in common with Defoe s Robinson Crusoe, and readers who like the one might like t...

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    Last year I participated with a group of friends in doing a Secret Santa This was the book that my Santa gave me as well as Gulliver s Travels I think it was because of the fact I was moaning about the lack of any Verne on Maui I am SOOOOO glad my santa chose this book for me It was amazing Yes there were some dry parts, unless you like painstaking detail about how to make Iron or Bricks, but even they were quickly dispatched, and could be skimmed without really mising anything.Verne s Characters rank in loveability with Characters such as Jim Hawkins,Rhett Butler,Huck Fynn and Tom Sawyer, as a matter of fact there were not many characters I did not like,other than the ones you were supposed to dislike For me,IMHO, This Classic ranks right up there with The Count of Monte Christo, Great Expectations ETC I have already read Journey to the ...

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    This is a story about the artist not his art The plot is practically nonexistent, contrived purely so Jules Verne can demonstrate his extensive scientific knowledge.Four men are air balloon wrecked on an uncharted, uninhabited island in the pacific ocean The island has every vegetable, animal, and mineral resource to be found anywhere else in the world The four castaways, who never once disagree with each other or say a cross word, colonize the island with nothing than their knowledge, intelligence, empty pockets, and bare hands Within a couple of years they manufacture metal, glass, bricks, animal farms, windmills, boats, a telegraph, batteries gun powder, you name it they got it And by the time you reach the end of this long tedious book, after having learnt the names of all the hills, rivers, lakes, bays, forests bot...

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