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How to Melt a Frozen Heart ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ How to Melt a Frozen Heart ✍ Author Cara Colter – A kiss to warm the heart…Since his wife's death architect Brendan Grant has felt that his heart is in the deep freeze iced up and impenetrable Until a sick cat brings him reluctantly to Nora Anderson A kiss to warm the Melt a Kindle Ñ heart…Since his wife's death architect Brendan Grant has felt that his heart is in the deep freeze iced up and impenetrable Until a sick cat brings him reluctantly to Nora Anderson's doorNora has a reputation for mending broken creatures but Brendan wonders if her healing touch works How to eBook ´ on people too For spending time with Nora and her orphaned nephew is defrosting his defensesBut Nora is like a lioness protecting the new life she has struggled to create for herself and her nephew She won't let just anyone past the threshold….

  • Kindle Edition
  • 253 pages
  • How to Melt a Frozen Heart
  • Cara Colter
  • English
  • 25 December 2016

About the Author: Cara Colter

Cara Colter was born in Melt a Kindle Ñ Calgary Alberta Canada surrounded by ranches but she was always a reluctant city girl A journalism graduate she has been making her living with words for her entire adult life Before published her first romance novel in she wrote educational materials newspaper stories magazine articles and How to eBook ´ even sermonsI am living proof that dreams come true Cara says I.

10 thoughts on “How to Melt a Frozen Heart

  1. Paula Paula says:

    Nora has a reputation for being a healer of animals Brendan is a disbeliever and thinks her a charlatan until he sees her effect on animals—and the effect she’s starting to have on him as well since it’s the first time he feels like he’s come to life again since his wife’s deathWhat started out as a slow going book for me turned out to be uite a beautiful and heartfelt story The cast was filled with very caring kindhearted people I especially loved Luke Nora’s teenaged nephew who she’s raising since the death of her sister His character growth throughout the story was probably my favorite part Very emotional story with some sad tear jerking moments but uplifting too

  2. Nikki Nikki says:

    Meh I didn't feel a huge connection between the main characters There was actually no sex scenes which I wouldn't usually consider a huge deal but it made the relationship feel shallownot actually fully explored SpoilerThey fall in love after one kiss and barely any mention of a physical connection which just felt strange for me I guess this story was just too vanilla ?

  3. Phylisha Stone Phylisha Stone says:

    A book about loss not only in the now but in the past and the ability to let go and move Brendan Cara DeeDee and Luke have all gone thru family loss but not recovering well This is also a pet story with an old cat an iguana and various other rescue animals This story is about finding love again

  4. Dixie-Lee Campbell Dixie-Lee Campbell says:

    Great storylineA grandmother and the love for her cat and the influence on a boy Nora and a widower's life When they all get to spend time together and move on and realize their new reality

  5. Summer Summer says:

    Brendan’s a workaholic dissatisfied with his work Nora’s a gifted healer of animals only she’s been made to feel it isn’t a gift They’re both a little broken Brendan by the loss of his wife Nora from people labeling her a flaky freak Their romance was sweet though for me How to Melt a Frozen Heart soared highest when the animals were involved whether it was cranky old cat Charlie or Iggy the Iguana I also really enjoyed the growth of Nora’s nephew Luke it was nice to see a teenage boy portrayed as thoughtful and somewhat introverted hopefully someday when he’s all grown up Cara Colter will give him a love story of his own he’d make a great hero

  6. Esra Esra says:

    Çok sevimli sıcacık bir hikayeydi Brandan işkolik bir mimar Kendini sürekli çalışmaya adaması sebebiyle çok değer verdiği ve sevdiği birisini kaybettiğini düşünüyor kendini suçluyor Ehh kitabın orjinal adından da anlaşılacağı üzerine kalbi buz tutmuş Nora ise bir şifacı Yeğeni Luke ile birlikte hasta hayvanlara baktığı küçük bir yeri var Brendan bir gece ölmek üzere olan bir kedi ile Nora'nın bahçesinde ortaya çıkıyor ve kadının gözlerine ilk bakışında tenine ilk değişinde bir şeyler hissediyorNora'nın bu yeteneği Brendan'ın buz tutmuş kalbinde de etkili olacak mı? İşte orası da kitapta saklı D

  7. Nothing Like A Good Book!!!! wood Nothing Like A Good Book!!!! wood says:

    just loved it

  8. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Colter is obviously an animal lover and incorporates them into her stories perfectly The furry friends are a wonderful accompaniment to this sweet romance RT Book Reviews rated 4 stars

  9. Ipshita Ranjana Ipshita Ranjana says:

    SweetSimple and with the inclusion of loving animalsthis book made me realize what a good romance is all aboutA must read

  10. PWRL PWRL says:


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