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Hidden Captivity Brings Even Questions For A Newly Transformed Princess Zerrin Readily Accepted By The Citizens Of Altonia, King Triton Is Not So Easily Swayed, The Bite Marks Along His Daughter S Neck Baring Tale To The Evil That Could Be Growing Within Her Now Secluded And Left To Wait Out Her Fate, Zerrin Begins To Realize That Jonas May Not Have Been Completely Honest With Her His Grandfather Ursalon Has Warned Her To Heed Zerrin S Dreams, Maybe Finding The Answers To What She So Desperately Seeks Within Them.Without A King Or Queen To Rule Its Court, War Is Imminent And Padigonia May Be Lost Forever A King Of Her Choosing Is What Triton Has Offered, But Zerrin Has Secrets She Will Be Forced To Reveal It Was Never Her Intention To Hurt Anyone, But In Order To Live Again She Must Do Just That Her Past Is Her Future, Though Finding It Again Will Be Harder Than She Realizes Hidden A Novella Is Part III Of The Young Adult, Fantasy Fiction Novel Zerrin By Patria L Dunn

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    Review for HiddenThe best book of Dunn s trilogy Very descriptive and imaginative Alana blossoms into her new life, able to overcome the lure of Jonas and his dark intentions I also found this book to be the best edited of the three As an author I pick up on spelling errors, yet her stories were so captivating they were simple to overlook in the fir...

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