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Remains of Innocence (Joanna Brady, #16) [EPUB] ✵ Remains of Innocence (Joanna Brady, #16) Author J.A. Jance – Librarian’s note This is a previously published edition of Kindle ASIN B00G29VYKS An old woman both a hermit and a hoarder is dying in Great Barrington Massachusetts While cleaning out her dilapidat Librarian’s note This is a previously published edition of Kindle ASIN BGVYKS An old woman both a hermit and a hoarder is dying in Great Barrington Massachusetts While cleaning out her dilapidated Remains of MOBI :↠ house her estranged daughter Liza Machett discovers a fortune in hundred dollar bills For Liza the money seems like a blessing—until an elderly man she's never met appears at her mother's funeral warning that she's in danger Suddenly Liza's uiet life is turned upside down Terrified Liza sets off on a perilous cross country journey that will lead her to Cochise County Arizona where Sheriff Joanna Brady is embroiled in a personal mystery of her ownJunior Dowdle a developmentally disabled man in his sixties is found dead in a limestone cavern near Bisbee Inside the cave the police also discover a badly injured kitten as well as the remains of other mutilated pets Though he'd always been kind and sweet with the onset of dementia he had begun having violent episodes Could he have hurt those animals Was his death an accident Or is he a victim as well Joanna and her modest staff have their hands full as another case rocks the department—a shocking murder involving Liza and the money The undaunted sheriff must solve these two disturbing cases fast before innocent blood can be shed hours minutes seconds.

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  1. PamG PamG says:

    REMAINS OF INNOCENCE by J A Jance is the sixteenth book in the Joanna Brady mystery series set in and around Bisbee Arizona Two story lines make this novel complicated than many In Bisbee Sheriff Brady has a missing man who is found dead Was it murder or an accident? The second story line is split between Massachusetts and Arizona In this case a hoarder who is estranged from her children dies While daughter Liza is cleaning out her mother's house she finds hidden money which she uses to renovate the house in preparation for selling it When arson and murder happen in Massachusetts and then the estranged son is murdered in Arizona these two distant cases become linkedThe dual cases put a strain on the police forces and became very complex The characters felt real and three dimensional with distinct voices flaws and virtues The motivations seemed believable and well drawn There are several plot twists that are believable but I did not expect a couple of them The prose was well written moving and suspenseful The plot was perfectly paced absorbing entertaining and absorbing There are several themes and triggers in this including murder animal cruelty family estrangements rodeo competitions torture family support and much Overall this is a well done mystery police procedural and family drama novel I am looking forward to reading my next book in the series I recommend it to mystery fans

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    35 stars In this 16th book in the 'Joanna Brady' series the sheriff investigates geographically distant crimes that seem to be connected The book can be read as a standalone but knowledge of the characters is a plusMassachusetts resident Selma Matchett a cantankerous mean spirited hoarder is estranged from both her children Liza and Guy When Selma enters hospice care Liza cleans out her mom's house and finds nearly 150000 hidden in books and magazines Liza proceeds to spend some of the cash to renovate her mother's decrepit house for sale Then at Selma's funeral a man approaches Liza and tells her that be once knew her long absent father and that Liza needs to be careful because some people 'don't forget'Murder and mayhem soon begin and Liza takes off across the country on the 'underground railroad' operated by long haul truckers which is meant for abused womenLiza's plan is to get to her older brother Guy in Bisbee Arizona to see if he can explain what's going onMeanwhile across the country in Bisbee Sheriff Joanna Brady has a lot to deal with Junior a handicapped man beloved by his adoptive parents and the community is found murdered his body lying in a cave with the remains of several abused animals and a live but tortured kitten Joanna fears a budding serial killer might be responsibleThe medical examiner Dr Guy Matchett Liza's brother is scheduled to do Junior's autopsy but he is soon found brutally murdered himself his body showing evidence of torture Joanna thinks the Junior and Guy deaths are unrelated and when she's contacted by authorities in Massachusetts looking for Liza concludes there's a connection between the crimes in Massachusetts and what happened to Liza's brother GuyThe story skips back and forth between Liza's trek across the US and Joanna's investigations in Arizona Liza is handed off from one long haul rig to another and meets a series of interesting personalities along the way In the Arizona sections Joanna has a competent team of deputies and crime scene analysts and their work is well described and informativeJoanna's family also plays a part in the story including her supportive husband Butch rodeo loving daughter Jenny and the family dogs and horses This adds a homey touch to the bookJoanna solves Junior's murder with the help of forensic evidence and the Matchett case with the help of federal authorities The Machett solution however didn't uite ring true for me This book is a fine addition to the Joanna Brady series and recommended for mystery fansYou can follow my reviews at

  3. Tulay Tulay says:

    Very good mysteryLike this strong self made sheriff Joanna is real woman with the same issues of working women Killings in Massachusetts and Arizona is came together and she has to solve this mystery also find the evil in her town Killings of the innocent people and torture of animals

  4. Jerry B Jerry B says:

    We’re long time Jance fans; ironically though we dislike her Ali Reynolds series her JP Beaumont and Sheriff Joanna Brady books are definite favorites of which we would never miss her latest We marvel that after over 50 novels and at just a few months shy of 70 years on the planet her standards have slipped nary a notch – as well evidenced by the terrific dual plot of “Remains” Perhaps the plot closer to home is that Junior Dowdle a long running minor local character and a mentally disabled man has gone missing When he's found dead in a dark cave along with dead and mutilated animals a homicide is suspected to say the least Meanwhile we’re entertained by another set of disturbing developments arising in Massachusetts A woman named Lisa Manchett is handling the affairs of her late mother a hoarder; and discovers a lot of cash in the house When her neighbor turns up dead and Lisa’s apartment ransacked her boss helps her escape using a cross country “system” of transportation set up to help abused women escape their situations It took us a while to connect her to Guy Manchett the surly Medical Examiner in Brady’s hometown and Jance’s in real life of Bisbee Arizona Then when Guy turns up dead as well the tale really heats upWe have no doubt Joanna will find Junior’s killer but that outcome surely came as a surprise The Manchett matters didn’t get uite the detailed solutions one might have suspected yet generated considerable suspense along the way While we typically enjoy every book in this set this one was uite compelling and definitely a tribute to an author whose flame hardly flickers

  5. Jennifer Margulis Jennifer Margulis says:

    This book tells two stories that take a long time to intersect Liza Mattern is a young woman with a mentally ill mother growing up in a filthy home in Great Barrington Massachusetts; Sheriff Joanna Brady is a red headed law enforcement official in a small town in Arizona investigating the perplexing death of a developmentally delayed adult named Junior after he is found at the bottom of a cave ledge beside a mewling kitten that has been tortured I haven't read any books by JA Jance or any other books in this series My aunt gave this one to me because I was looking for a mindless escape But neither storyline really grabbed my attention until over 170 pages into the book when the two plots finally come together I found myself unable to keep track of all the characters there are dozens and not very compelled by what was happening in their lives I imagine regular readers of these Brady novels would not have this problem But even if you already know them from previous books the characters in Remains of Innocence are not well developed The narrator keeps her distance never giving us any real insight into the psychology of someone who grows up with a hoarder Liza's personality is flat There is no emotion on her part or the reader's as the people around her are murdered Sheriff Brady spends a lot of time on her Bluetooth while driving We see her giving orders eating peanut butter sandwiches and thinking through the and thens of her day but her personality seems woefully underdeveloped as well She overcomes every obstacle put in her way there aren't many with ease and never has to prove herself or get herself out of a bad situation With no real conflicts to overcome in this book besides solving a small town murder there is not that much to keep the reader engagedThough things finally pick up in the last third of the book we never understand what the killer's motivation is in one of the storylines being evil does not explain it The writing like the characters is a little flat And the loose ends aren't tied up very well I had uestions than answers when the book ended How was the extortion carried out for so long? Was the son part of it? Where would the main character who lost everyone to murder go now? I did like Brady's husband who uncomplainingly tended to the kids sleuthed for his wife and held down the fort while she was out investigating murders I suspect other books in this series are better than this one This is not a suspense novel I would recommend

  6. Dan Dan says:

    Liza Machett cleans out her mother’s home in Great Barrington Massachusetts when she finds money hidden everywhere All she remembers that they were poor growing up Soon the house is burned to the ground her landlord is murdered and she is on the run to her brother is Bisbee Arizona But in Bisbee the Sheriff Joanna Brady is dealing with the death of a local who was found at the bottom of a hole When Liza reaches Bisbee Joanna hands her hands filled with than the Sheriff’s department can handle This story is riveting filled with enough suspense to keep me guessing And situations that move uickly and efficiently that I didn’t want to put the book down I though the characters were well developed and the mystery of the money satisfactory It is an enjoyable summer read

  7. Mike French Mike French says:

    Another very enjoyable read from JA Jance Sheriff Brady has two murders to solve and this keeps the reader's attention from start to the end I love Jance' s three series and if you haven't read herdo yourself a favor and start

  8. Laura Laura says:

    It had been a Very Long Time since I had treated myself to an actual hardcover book I went to a book signing that JA Jance was having at the Puyallup Library and a local bookstore was selling her newest book Truly an extravagance I shouldn't have affordedbut I did If you ever have the opportunity to go hear Ms Jance speak do it She is engaging witty and delightful Exactly the kind of person one would love to have over for dinner to discuss things like family travel and the best ways to dispose of a pesky dead bodyIf you are already a fan of the Joanna Brady series you won't be disappointed with this latest installment If you have yet to become a fan this is a good one to jump in with it is jam packed with opportunities to become filled with righteous indignation harm to animals and the handicapped and to thoroughly rally behind Our Heroine Joanna I shan't include any spoilers but let's say that Ms Jance is adept at keeping the True Identity difficult to discern whilst laying out clues obvious in hindsight To my mind just the way a mystery should be Figure out able but not blatantly obviousTechnical note My copy at the end of chapter 12 notes that a character is receiving 'just deserts' which I believe should be 'just desserts' This is in no way a knock on Ms Jance but her publisher should make the correction prior to the next run And consider themselves duly whacked with a wet noodle

  9. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Amazing story that Joanna has to figure out a dying woman hoarders house battered woman and the mob they all fit together to make a good story

  10. Sherry Fundin Sherry Fundin says:

    I have read numerous J A Jance novels so when I saw the opportunity to read and review Remains of Innocence I jumped all over it J A Jance writes an amazing mystery of murder torture abuse and the evil of human psychopaths The writing keeps me on the edge of my seat as I try to figure out who is the murdererI can picture Lisa driving up to the dilapidated house that she had left so many years ago Her memories are not good – an abusive mother who drove her and her brother away Her mother had mental problems not least of which was hoarding Lisa grew up in poverty and filth She had been teased at school and called stinky A teacher stepped in and because of that her life became bearable – she was able to shower wash her clothes and had money to buy food That is why now her small apartment is spotlessWhen Lisa’s mother ended up hospitalized they called her All her mother wanted was her “Joy To Cooking” book and was adamant about it That’s how Lisa came to be standing at the door of her old house A spider crawled on her hand as she retrieved the book and she dropped it We both hate spiders Who doesn’t? Money fell out She started checking all the books and kept finding Where had it come from? Had she been using outhouses no bathing or clothes washing and no food to eat while the money had been sitting there the whole time? Thirty thousand dollarsIn Arizona Sherriff Joanna Brady was called from bed at 5AM to look for a developmentally disabled man He had climbed out a bedroom window and was nowhere to be foundJoanna had inherited the job of sheriff of Cochise County after her father died She had proven herself and won the townspeople’s respect She is married with two kids and pets that all seem to be damaged in some way I love that her husband Butch who is a writer handles most of the household duties A man secure in his masculinity Does he write crime novels? My hubby does the cooking too so I can relate When hubby’s not home like Joanna a PBJ sounds like a meal to meIn her job as a waitress Lisa knew people by what they ordered for dinner They all chipped in to help her clean out and fix up her mother’s house with the money she found Why would someone burn it down? Now she was on the run She didn’t know from who what or whyI love J A Jance’s approach Remains of Innocence is two separate storylines untilThe reading is smooth and easy Just enough suspense mystery and tension to keep me reading page after page The characters and plot are detailed and fully developed No complaints Even being an ARC I found few things I would change and they were very minor and grammaticalI am always happy and eager to pick up a J A Jance novel especially if Joanna is in it I love her She takes no crap from anyoneI feel J A Jance tried to trick me with the identity of the murderer Whoa a great twist Where did that come from? No wonder I was vacillating back and forth Most excellent and I can hardly wait to read the next one

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