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The 5 Minute Book Summary Epub The 5 Minute Book Summary By ReadSmartly Escortkibris724.live Our Goal Is To Summarize Every Book As Concisely As Possible, While Making It Easy And Enjoyable To Read The 5 Minute Summary Gives You The Big Ideas In Just A Few Pages.As Mark Twain Said, I Didn T Have Time To Write A Short Letter, So I Wrote A Long One Instead We Took The Time To Write A Short, Concise Summary Of The Book That Is Actually Fun To Read Our Goal Wasn T To Write A Long Synopsis That You D Have To Slog Through The Idea Is To Save You Time.If You Like Our Super Concise And Entertaining Summaries, Please Give Us A Good Review The 5 Minute Book Summaries Is Part Of The ReadSmartly Series Our Motto Is Read Less, Know More We Only Cover Authors We Admire, So If You Like The Summary, We Encourage You To Delve Deeper And Buy The Full Book.

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    This was a book club selection that I found suprisingly interesting It looks at honesty and the role that lying and cheating have in our lives everyday The author demonstrates that most people lie a little bit, but not too much They still want to see themselves as honest people in general and once the small lie is done, they convince themselves that it was not a lie at all His work is backed up by experiments and ...

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    The writing is light and fluffy, though the subject still gets a relatively serious treatment I especially liked how the author broke everything down in the last chapter that was covered throughout the book in a simple, easy to digest format Hooray for charts

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    A breezy, humorous study of human nature and why and when we are willing to bend or break the rules.

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