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    In my younger days, I used to read as many westerns as I did science fiction novels There may have been books back then 1970s that combined the two genres, but I never stumbled across them This was the first of such books that I have read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it It hit all the sweet spots of a western, without being cliched It had enough s...

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    Review coming soon.

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    Good startGood start to what I m very sure is going to be a damn good series, please hurry with the next book

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    This is a solid mix of sci fi and western, with an intriguing new character Cord Cahill It had the classic feel of a western with some new technology and details thrown in Cahill returns home to find out how and why his sister died There s a saloon...

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    Complete waste of time.Dumb and dumberer Cheezy ripoff of a gazillion Western movies and books with absolutely no imagination or thought included This is beyond a waste of money It s theft.

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Cahills Homecoming BOOKS Cahills Homecoming Patrick Hester Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk After Fifteen Years In Space, Cord Cahill Is Coming Home His Parents Passed Long Ago, His Younger Brother Is Off Defending Border Worlds From The Expanding Republic, And His Sister, Whom He Left Behind, Is Dead How She Died, He Doesn T Know But She Left Him A Video Message Predicting Her Own Death, And He Wants To Know What Would Drive Her To Do Such A Thing His Home Has Changed, But So Has Cord, Who Now Wears The Gray Cloak And Hat Of A Sentinel They Mark Him For What He Is A Gun For Hire But This Isn T About Cord, It S About Family, About Katie How She Lived, And Ultimately, How She Died.