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The Dark Lords Tale Reading The Dark Lords Tale Kevin Borgan Ivogue.co.uk Corban Avidanson Was Raised To Serve The Realm, To Protect Its People And Its Lands He Was Taught To Honor And Righteousness He Intends To Marry His Childhood Sweetheart But When He Turns Eighteen, Corban Learns His True Heritage He Is Corban Vayd, The Son Of The Realm S Worst Enemy, And Corban Is Given The Dark Power To Conquer And Destroy The Realm He Is The New Dark Lord The Rulers Of The Realm And The Agents Of The Holy Power Want Corban Dead The Agents Of The Dark Power Want Corban To Fulfill His Destiny, Or They Will Destroy Him As Well.As For Corban, He Wants To Get Rid Of The Dark Power Yet Agents Of Both Holy And Dark Power Push Corban To Use The Magic He Does Not Want And With Every Confrontation, Every Spell Stains Corban S Soul In Time, Corban Will Become The Very Thing He Hates.So Begins Corban S Quest To Free His Soul And Save The Realm Before Both Are Damned Forever.

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    Gripping and entertaining, I really enjoyed reading this.

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    The Dark Lord s Tale is the first novel in a fantasy fiction trilogy written by Kevin Borgan While many fantasy fiction series often have a dark lord figure Harry Potter s Lord Voldemort, LOTR s Sauron as examples , the central character in this story is a reluctant dark lord who does not want that title Nor does he want the dark magic that comes with being a Dark Lord The Dark Lord s Tale begins this young man s quest to break his family s curse and to rid himself of this magic before it consumes his soul and dooms him for all eternity.Corban Avidanson has been raised in a small village in a remote fief in the northern part of the Realm by the local sheriff At age fifteen, Corban learns that the man he has called Father all his life is actually a former knight of the Realm, and he is told his natural parents died when the last dark lord fell On his eighteenth birthday, Corban is seized by the dark power and learns his true family heritage His father, Oren Vayd, was the most recent Dark Lord to wreak havok on the Realm Corban is the heir to the legacy of a long line of Vayds who have been Dark Lords or Dark Ladies going back thousands of years.But Corban Vayd wants no part of being a Dark Lord or the dark power that comes with it He wishes to find a way to purge himself of this darkness and live a normal life Corban leaves his village and the young lady he had hoped t...

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    I enjoyed this book, I am looking forward to the next one It has a good plot and plenty of action I am on pins and needles worrying about the main character I couldn t put the book down I do need to say that the author needs to get all of his books edited, there were grammar spell...

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