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    This is a book that makes reading history very easy I especially liked the sections of this book that discussed the 1960 2000 periods The author discusses real people, one woman in particular, and the changes for good and bad in real lives.Includes charts, maps, photos and a good bibliography.Highly Recommended.

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    Packed with facts and solid citations but very dry.

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    While the general themes are very interesting, the details can overwhelm Provides some great insight into a very complicated country and people.

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    A good, if dry, history of 19th and 20th century Morocco I read it in anticipation of a trip there to better understand the history, culture and politics and it did the job.

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Morocco Since 1830: A History The First General History In English Of Morocco In The Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries, Morocco Since A History Explores The Profound Changes That Have Affected Social Relations In Morocco Over The Last Years, Especially Those Between The Sexes, And Between Linguistic Identities And CulturesAlthough The Country Has Returned To Roughly Its Pre Colonial Boundaries, Morocco Still Suffers From The Effects Of Colonization By France And Spain Its Current King, Like The Sultans Of The Nineteenth Century, Claims Legitimacy Through His Leadership Of The Islamic Community, But There Is A Long Tradition Of Dissent Based On Islamic Ideals Morocco S History Is Also Marked By The Enduring Presence Of A Large Jewish CommunityThis Comprehensive Portrait Examines The Tactics Used By Moroccan Rulers To Cope With European Penetration In The Nineteenth Century And Colonialism In The Twentieth, And, Since The S, To Retain Control Of The Independent State As Pennell Points Out, However, The Ruling Dynasty Is Not Sufficiently Representative Of Modern Morocco, Nor Are Political Events The Only Influence On Change Most Moroccans Are Still Poor, And Their Lives Are Shaped By Their Economic Circumstances The Influence Of Harvests, Access To Land And Water, And External Trade Have Always Determined The Fate Of The Majority