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    Macquarrie s theology is somewhat outdated, but will speak significantly to those interested in existentialism and or epistemology Where Tillich mirrors Sarte in a religious way, Macquarrie does so with...

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    This is wonderful introduction to Christian Theology.

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    St Patrick s Seminary

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    This was a book for m Intro to Christianity class in 1973 It allowed me to open up m thinking.

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    This book is dated If you want to know what Christian theologians thought in the 1950s, this is your book Otherwise, stick with the books mentioned above.

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Principles of Christian Theology Download Principles Of Christian Theology By John MacQuarrie Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk This Text Poses The Question What Is Theology And Goes On To Discuss Issues Of Methodology, The Relation Of Theology To Other Disciplines And Different Theological Perspectives It Also Investigates Topics In The Fields Of Philosophical Theology Human Existence Revelation The Language Of Theology And Christianity And Other Religions , Symbolic Theology Triune God Doctrines Of Creation The Problem Of Evil And Suffering The Person Of Jesus Christ And Eschatology And Applied Theology The Church Ministry And Mission Word And The Sacraments Worship And Prayer And Ethics.