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Teaching Maya ➟ Teaching Maya free download ➤ Author Tara Crescent – The perfect blend of bondage dominance submission and tender romance Unable to experience arousal or reach orgasm with her first boyfriend twenty one year old Maya feels like a freak In desperation sh The perfect blend of bondage dominance submission and tender romance Unable to experience arousal or reach orgasm with her first boyfriend twenty one year old Maya feels like a freak In desperation she hatches a plan to seduce the best selling author Ryan Clayborn during a two week vacation and have him coach her in bed Ryan sleeps with many women but commits to none He warns Maya that an affair with him would include whips handcuffs and canes But Maya is drawn to him as a moth to a flame Ryan’s control and dominance takes Maya to new peaks of arousal But with time ticking on will this affair end well or will Maya end up broken all over again.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 175 pages
  • Teaching Maya
  • Tara Crescent
  • English
  • 21 June 2014

About the Author: Tara Crescent

Tara Crescent writes steamy contemporary romances for readers who like hot dominant heroes and strong sassy heroines When she's not writing she can be found curled up on a couch with a good book often with a cat on her lap She lives in Toronto.

10 thoughts on “Teaching Maya

  1. Charlie Charlie says:

    Very enjoyable kinky romance Tara Crescent is one of my favourite BDSM romance authorsTeaching Maya was a fun read with lots and lots of kinky sexy time There's plenty of smut sweet romance and a very sexy Dom Ryan

  2. Astrid Grant Astrid Grant says:

    This is an all around good read If you're into BDSM then you will absolutely love this It runs the gamut from light to heavy but always with the gentle sensuality that makes it a truly erotic novel Unlike many erotic stories it doesn't drag in the character details nor does it skim over them Instead you get enough information early on to really care about the characters without losing interest The characters are beautiful and well formed I appreciated the style of them – you can really feel Maya's initial frustration her eagerness her fear and her excitement; you can also feel Ryan's conflict – should he give in to this beautiful but innocent woman or should he stand firm in his resolve to protect himself? Overall this was a fun naughty little book with a sexy story and a sweet ending

  3. PJ PJ says:

    Pretty good it felt a bit rushed though After awhile these BDSM books begin to blend into each other The biggest issue is that the story lines aren't strong enough to keep the reader interested in between the sexy time scenes so the reader tends to skim ahead from scene to scene which become redundant and therefore yawn inducing instead of steam producing Also does the woman always have to be a virgin or frigid in bed to be a candidate for bondage or spanking etc? Why can't she just be curious? On the other hand is every successful man a hot as hell Dom? Whatever I'm just as guilty of being drawn to these modern grouchy Cinderella tales And this one gets 350 stars

  4. Dirty Dayna Dirty Dayna says:

    this book isn't a 3 for BDSM because that was executed as a 45 but there really was no story if you removed the sex I love this author and this one book won't stop me from continuing to love the authors work but this one specifically wasn't for me

  5. Karen Shortridge Karen Shortridge says:

    maya had really bad sexual experience with her first boyfriend and feels she is the freak but no bring in the experienced hot and her previous crush and watch the story unfold brilliant read

  6. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    Ryan that boy is a temptation drops of water ran down his body past sculpted abs and made their way lower He really did have the perfect amount of chest hair My gaze followed that strip of hair lower until it settled on that spot where the hair disappeared into his trunks He's considerate then I need to know what you are nervous about Maya If we are to play tonight you need to be honest with me We can't play safely if I can't trust you to tell me what you are feeling He can be loving without realizing it sh Ryan swore He got up and moved uickly to sit next to me and gathered me in his arms Hus kitten he soothed He held me in his arms as I composed myself He makes the most tempting promises sultry temptress Ryan shook his head at me We'll never make it to the Eiffel Tower if I join you in the shower I loved Maya and Ryan's story

  7. Natasha Natasha says:

    Maya was in a relationship that made her think maybe there is something wrong with her or is it her ex boyfriend and she wanted to find out Ryan a family friend and made it to the family gathering this year and she decided to ask for his help without telling him why She thought she could do the no strings attached but she was sorely mistaken

  8. Katherine W. Katherine W. says:

    Teaching Maya is an enjoyable sexy romance The sex scenes were deliciously hot and on the lighter side of BDSM If you are looking for a well crafted sexy uick read I highly recommend Teaching Maya

  9. Les Huntley Les Huntley says:

    A GOOD SYORY NOT FOR EVERYONEWell I finished the book a book I really didn’t want to read But a deal is a deal; I said I would read it and I did Sort of As I worked through the beginning chapters I wasn’t expecting much of a story just endless repetitions of steamy scenes in the playroom and anywhere else handy After four chapters I decided to skip the steamy parts and look for a story something or somebody I could relate to in some meaningful waySo as I say I sort of read the book which thankfully began to grow slowly into a meaningful story I still found no one to relate to but gradually began to sympathize with the young woman for the pickle she was getting herself into The story develops slowly just as any good story and lasting relationship must develop Ultimately this turns out to be a fairly conventional love story with many highly unconventional interludes As a story this is top notch worth at least four stars The writing is good the story is good and the mechanics are good All in all a well crafted and well produced book I expect it to sell well to its target audience That summarizes what’s to like about the book; there is much many readers will not like I am here talking about those readers who value prudence By that I mean those who are “able to govern themselves by the use of reason who are cautious and circumspect as to danger and risk” Webster’s definition I am one of those having determined some forty years ago to be very careful about the images I store in my computer’s RAM Random Access Memory knowing my OS Operating System believes what my brain tells it and tries hard to get me to act accordingly Sorry about the computer geek terminology; I know no better way to describe it My final word to those looking for something to read If you are among the target audience you will greatly enjoy this book If you are not you should spend your time and money on something much enriching and edifying than anything you will find hereI rate this book 3 stars the average of 4 stars for the story and writing and 2 stars for material inappropriate for many audiences There are some who simply should not read this book and in my opinion that definitely includes anyone younger than twenty

  10. D.E. D.E. says:

    Crescent’s novel Teaching Maya is a romance novel with BDSM aspects Maya is a young woman that has been unable to have satisfying sexual relations She decides to seduce the oh so hot Ryan Clayborn during a two week family vacation Ryan makes it clear that he isn’t into relationships Maya accepts these terms but will she be able to live with this decision? Teaching Maya is a uick easy read that like the title promises centers upon the sexual awakening of Maya Unlike the vast majority of BDSM novels Teaching Maya was not centered on the BDSM relationship and how it works As an outspoken women I find it difficult to read about submissive women That was definitely not a problem with this novel The BDSM relationship is limited to the sexual aspect of Maya and Ryan’s relationship I found this refreshing The background descriptions are very limited – as if the writer was in a hurry to get to the ‘good’ parts I was obsessed with learning what the family business was as Crescent never tells the reader The imageries however improved as the novel went along I found certain aspects of the story unbelievable Two examples are that Maya as a trust fund child doesn’t go to college before starting at the family business and attends the ‘best’ business school in Paris and then for only 2 years These are only small details but often getting these details right makes the story believable for the reader It didn’t seem as if Crescent has ever been to Paris The French especially the Parisians in the past decade definitely understand English even if they refuse to speak it to us lowly tourists Crescent’s continuous use of putting character’s thoughts into uotations – as if the words were spoken instead of thought – was frustrating Often I had to re read passages to check whether a phrase was spoken or merely thought I recommend this book to BDSM virgins

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