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10 thoughts on “Marxism in Plain and Simple English

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    Would be zero if allowed.The book is a scam Anti Marx, anti people, written by a tea partier Crazy, fascist useless and worst I feel myself fooled.

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    Very helpful for beginners in Marx, but also very biased towards it Offers a very half assed and primitive conclusion arguing why Marxism is neither relevant nor practical.

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    Good book It gives you the basic idea about Marxism This book is a good start for those who know nothing about Marxism

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Marxism in Plain and Simple English Few Other Ideologies Have Effected The World Quite Like Marxism On The Surface It Is A Good Idea Paved With Good Intentions So What Happened How Did Marxism Turn Into Communism To Understand That, You May Need A Little Help This Book Offers A Look At Marxism That The Average Person Can Understand.If You Are New To Political History Or Just Want A Better Understand, Then This Book Will Help You The Plain And Simple English Series Is Part Of BookCaps Growing Library Of Book And History Recaps.