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Be My Valentine Ebook Be My Valentine By Sheila Rabe Petrasrobert.eu Shelby Barrett Only Wanted One Thing For New Year S A Diamond Engagement Ring But Midnight Has Come And Gone, And She Still Doesn T Have A Ring On Her Finger She S Given Up A Lot To Stay In Seattle With Her Boyfriend, And Now He S Saying He S Not Ready To Be Tied Down It S Enough To Drive Any Sane Woman Crazy Or Make Her Turn To Her Mom For Advice Diana Valentine Is A Romance Novelist Who Prefers Creating Make Believe Heroes To Dealing With The Whims And Whines Of Real Life Men Her Off The Cuff Advice For Her Daughter Try Sending Flowers To Yourself Shelby Does And Signs The Card With A Name She Completely Made Up David Jones If That Doesn T Make A Certain So And So Jealous, What Will Well, Everything Goes Exactly According To Plan Until Shelby Meets The Real David Jones Who Would Have Thought She D Find Him So Compelling And Fun To Be With Looks Like Valentine S Day Could Get Pretty Interesting This Year

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    This book was definately a waste of my time I was about to put it down when the David Jones thing happened He was by far the best and most interesting thing to happen to the whole book However, he couldn t save it from becoming a long and drawn out book I understand that this book wasn t supposed to be a traditional romatic comedy, but a look into modern day romance, or so the quote on the front cover says, but i felt totally disconnected from it For it to have been a modern day romance, the characters would have had to meet online like most people do nowadays This book was basically about an overgrown 2 year old brat demanding a ring from her asshole of a boyfriend and crying to her mother when her manipulations didn t work The only time this book got interesting was when Shelby was hanging out with David, and even then, I felt like he was too good for her and that she was just gonna ruin him The whole romantic aspect of her mom and Lance was very disturbing I ll admit that i m not as comfortable reading about two people as old as my parents dating and ending up in b...

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    Be My Valentine by Sheila RabeI really enjoyed this quirky story.The description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book I m adding it because I believe the one on the Goodreads page does not depict this story STUPID CUPIDShelby Barrett only wanted one thing for New Year s a diamond engagement ring But midnight has come and gone, and she still doesn t have a ring on her finger She s given up a lot to stay in Seattle with her boyfriend, and now he s saying he s not ready to be tied down It s enough to drive any sane woman crazy or make her turn to her mom for adviceDiana Valentine is a romance novelist who prefers creating make believe heroes to dealing with the whims and whines of real life men Her off the cuff advice for her daughter Try sending flowers to yours...

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    This was an odd book, in that I really didn t like the main character she seemed incredibly immature to me , but I still couldn t seem to stop reading The best thing about the book has to be David Jones, and it was perhaps his character that kept me reading However, I agree with other reviewers who felt that he could have done better The heroine whose name I can t even remember at this point was emotionally immature, and her attempts to manipulate whatever his name was that she was dating mad...

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