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Measure of a Man Full Length Play Script German Boxer Max Schmeling Uses His Experience And Guile To Pull Off The Upset And Prevail Over Contenders, Including The Nazi Regime Though Joseph Goebbels Seems At The Helm Of Schmelings Life, Their Plight Becomes A Matter Of Nazi Vs American, Black Against White And Good Against Evil In Life, And Even In Death, Max Schmeling Was Plagued By His Association With The Nazi Regime Follow Schmeling Through His Time Served In The German Army, Through His Relationship With His Wife, Anny, Through His Lifetime With Fellow Boxing Colleagues Joe Louis And Joe Jacobs, As Well As Many Others Whose Lives He Touched As The Reporter Herein Considers How To Write Schmelings Obituary, The Last Word Goes To Joe Jacobs, Who Maintains That Schmeling Was No Nazi, As The Two, German And Jew, Walk Off Together Into History M W Young Boys

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