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12 Drummers Drumming Casey Collins, A US Foreign Service Officer, Is Thrown Into A Maelstrom Of Agony When She Learns A New York Bound Flight From England Exploded Soon After Takeoff Fearing Her Lover, Stefan Krajewski, A Polish Operative For Danish Defense Intelligence, Was On The Ill Fated Flight, She Flies To Europe To Learn The Truth Casey Is Swiftly Embroiled In A Twisted Series Of Events That Paint Her As A Terrorist Conspirator And A Suspect In The Airline Bombing Discredited By Her Own State Department, Pursued By The FBI, Wanted By Interpol, She Is A Fugitive Whose Only Protection Is A Small Band Of Skilled Agents Operating Outside Of The Law Hurled Into A Relentless, Death Dealing Mission, She Senses A Multi Leveled Web Of Deception Tightening Around Her, Forcing Her To Rely On People She Neither Knows Nor Trusts Any One Of Whom Might Sacrifice Her Life For Their Own Corrupt MotivesCasey Is In A Breakneck Race Against Time, A Lone Woman Standing Between A Diabolical Terrorist And The Completion Of His Deadly Plan

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    I am totally biased her, as the author of this book is my boyfriend s mom I really do love it though

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    would readfrom this authorsome language and one innuendo but didn t go into detailgreat spy novel, though.

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    Not as good as I had hoped Plot a bit convoluted.