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Evil Come, Evil Go Read Evil Come, Evil Go Whit Masterson The Newspapers Called It The Crime Of The Century The Extravagance Was Understandable The Crime Would Have Made Headlines Had It Happened To An Ordinary Citizen, But This Blow Had Been Struck At Andy Paxton His Golden Voice Had Made Him An American Institution Lissa, His Actress Wife, Was Almost As Successful It Was Unbelievable That Murder And An Evil Even Worse Than Murder Could Have Touched Them.Suspecting That Andy S Enemy Might Be Someone Who Knew Him Well, The Police Dug Into The Past Lives Of The Members Of His Entourage Even The Most Trustworthy Employees Had Unsavory Secrets Afraid To Enlist An Ally Who Might Be An Adversary, Andy Sets Out Alone To Find An Opponent There Was No One He Trusted, Not Even The Police And, Ironically, He Learned That The Police Did Not Trust Him.Here Is A Taut, Compelling Mystery, Set Against The Fascinating Background Of Show Business.

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    Wade Miller is actually the writing team of Robert Wade and Bill Miller They also wrote under a number of other psuedonyms, including Whit Masterson They were junior high school friends and began their writing partnership in their teenage years, going on to write dozens of pulp novels, many of which were made into movies Evil Come, Evil Go was the last published work of the partnership since Bill Miller died of a heart attack at the young age of 41 in 1961.Evil Come, Evil Go not to be confused with the soft core porn horror movie of the same title is a terrific paperback original and should appeal to a wide range of readers It is a professional work and absolutely well crafted from beginning to end It is a sort of remake of the Lindbergh kidnapping A 1961 remake where the rich and famous man is not a famous aviator, but a pop idol, whose high grossing tours were beset by thousands of screaming fans, clawing for a piece of him Andy Paxton and his wife, Lissa, were the ultimate show business couple between his singing and her acting and the brutal kidnapping of their infant son captured every headline in the country and the cover of every newspaper They were relentlessly pursu...

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