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    Narena Devon a successful plus size woman wants to be married She has always dated but has never found the one Almost all of her close friends are married and with children Narena does not have time for men who subscribe to the philosophy why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free yet that is precisely what Narena does She falls for white Anderson Prescott Anderson is a man who is not looking for marriage just looking to get a taste of Narena between the sheets, against the wall or wherever he can have her Bookswagger Marcia Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger I enjoyed Just One Look The friction between the characters that both wanted to be together but fought the attraction believing they wanted different things from each other was hot There were a few times when Narena was playing hard to get when I was like give in already but I am glad she didn t the story was made better for it I am hoping Alex brother Manning and Narena friend Candi are the next couple in the series Just One Look was a hot read I have not read Marilyn Lee in a while and if this is what I have been missing I have to stop sleeping on her.

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    Meet Narena a plus size woman looking to get married Then meet Anderson the surprise Narena was never expecting She s never dated a white guy not to mention a white guy with a severe commitment phobia and no apparent desire for a plus size African American woman with her mind on marriage.What I liked was the interaction between Narena and Anderson was totally believable We saw the internal battles she had when her desire for Anderson and her desire for a committed relationship don t mesh We see the exact same thing in reverse for Anderson There were no personality transplants for either character just for the sake of the story.

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    This is Anderson and Narena s story Again a woman who turns the tables on the man Narena makes Anderson chase her and then when he finally get s her she has to wait for him to say those 3 words.Again another story I really enjoyed The stories make me laugh out loud and love that female ladies are all full figured woman Loved it.

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    What can I say about this bookNice, short story about a sexy man loving a plus size woman that s a big plus.I just wanted to slap them both They where on and off all the time Sooo annoying Anderson might have been sexy and all but his attitude stinks He felt like a Gods gift to women.And she kept taking him back That would be me after the first time Sorry Marilyn Lee I still love you.

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    It was a good short story Made me laugh a couple of times milk for free anyone But They annoyed the living s t out of me On, off, on, off

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    I see this series of read are going to be very interesting this particular book was good but I expect better in her next women of substance series maybe it me i but felt the story was rush then again the story is short.

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Just One Look (Women of Substance) Narena Devon Has Always Been A Confident, Full Figured Woman While Most Of Her Friends Married, She Was Content To Wait For Her Knight In Shining Armor Then She Runs Into Anderson Prescott Literally Knocking Him Off His Feet And Falling Hard For Him In The Process.Anderson Prescott Is Handsome, Successful, And Used To Having His Choice Women Always Tall, Slender, And Blonde His Immediate Attraction To Narena Surprises And Dismays Him.The Physical Attraction Between The Two Is Immediate And Powerful But She S Determined To Get Married And He S Determined To Continue Getting His Milk Free Preferably From Her.