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    Very well written.you could tell the writer had been there and done that.kept you in suspense.The written kept you wanting to get to the next page and chapter did not seem like fiction Well done.

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Centerline: A Novel About Wounded Warriors Coming Home WINNER Best Military Book 2013 Next Generation Indie Book AwardsFinalist First Novel 2013 Next Generation Indie Book AwardsFeatured At The 18th Annual William E Colby Military Writers Symposium, Norwich University, 2013 Centerline Is A Thrilling, High Action Page Turner That Captures A Story Many Americans Fail To Appreciate The Sacrifices Of Our Armed Forces, Their Families, And The Medical Teams Who Support Them The Tactical Flight Operations, Ground Combat Scenes, And Medical Emergencies Are Real Not Hollywood And The Stories Of Wounded Warriors And Those Waiting At Home Are Unforgettable General Bill Begert, USAF Ret , Former Commander, Pacific Air ForcesCenterline Tells The Arresting Story Of The Last Leg Of An Emotional Journey Through The Eyes Of Wounded Warriors, Crew, And Medical Caregivers Making The Trip Home From Military Hospitals Just Before Christmas At The Height Of The Surge In Iraq Air Evac 1492 Is The Collective Air Force Call Sign For The Flight But Each Person On Board Has An Individual Story Of Hopes, Dreams, Fears, And Regrets As The Aircraft Wings Its Human Cargo Through Bad Weather, Flashbacks, And In Flight Emergencies Everybody Who Goes To War Gets Shot, One Soldier Says Some In The Body Some In The Head Some In The Heart This Inspiring Debut Novel By Dave McIntyre Ret COL USA Combines Compelling Technical Descriptions Of Flying, Combat, And Medical Care In Flight To Drive The Story Through A Rollercoaster Ride Of Emotions As Thirty One Souls On Board Travel Through Pain, Loss, A Killer Storm, And The Demons Of The Past To Make It Home For Christmas Some Travelers Will Fall Short Of The Runway And Some Will Find The Beacon That Leads Them Home Back To The Centerline.