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Bolshevik Tradition This Book Provides Comprehensive, Integrated Coverage Of The Entire Field Of Business Ethics It Begins With An Overview Of Today S Business Scene, Then Explores The Basic Tools And Techniques Of Ethical Analysis And Moral Reasoning And Shows How They Apply To A Wide Range Of Issues In All Areas Of Business Including Marketing, Finance, Management, Strategic Planning, Computer Systems, Etc Provides Charts Showing How To Handle Different Ethical Approaches And How To Use The Approaches In Handling Issues Shows Readers How To Think Through Issues To Conclusions Presents Both Sides Of An Issue And Shows How One Can Argue To A Conclusion Covers MORAL REASONING IN BUSINESS Conventional Morality And Ethical Relativism Utility And Utilitarianism Moral Duty, Rights, And Justice Moral Responsibility, Virtue, And Moral Reasoning MORAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS Justice And Economic Systems American Capitalism Moral Or Immoral Corporations And Morality Safety, Risk, And Environmental Protection Whistle Blowing Marketing, Truth, And Advertising Protecting Intellectual Property, Corporate Disclosure, And Insider Trading Information Technology, Ethics, And Business Workers, Rights Employment, Wages, And Unions Workers Rights And Duties Within A Firm Discrimination, Affirmative Action, And Reverse Discrimination Accounting, Finance, Corporate Restructuring, And Ethical Investing Professions In Business And Professions As Business MORAL ISSUES IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS The International Business System, Multinationals, And Morality Corrupt Contexts, Cultural Diversity, And International Business Famine, Natural Resources, And International Obligations For Anyone Interested In Domestic And International Business Ethics.

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