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Entangled Minds EPUB Entangled Minds By Marcus T Anthony Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Why Is There A Scientific Taboo Against Discussing Ideas Like The Extended Mind And ESP In This Fully Cited 8000 Word Article, Futurist Marcus T Anthony Identifies Some Of The Illogical And Inconsistent Thinking In Cutting Edge Thinking About The Future, Especially In Relation To Attempts To Consider The Value Of Intuitive Insight, The Extended Mind, ESP And The Idea Of Entanglement In Physics A Focus Of The Paper Is The Possible Validity Of Quantum Entanglement And Consciousness, And In Particular Links Between Quantum Physics, Psychic Research And Psychic Abilities Like Remote Viewing Marcus T Anthony Provides Direct Citations To Some Of The Recent Evidence For The Extended Mind And Research From Parapsychology He Queries Why This Evidence Is Rarely Given Credibility In Mainstream Science Circles Such Scepticism Is Compared To The Way Some Of The Most Highly Problematic Thinking In Science Including The Discourse On Conscious Machines, Anti Gravity Devices, M Theory And String Theory Is Inexplicably Received Openly In The Scientific Community Can The Idea Of Consciousness Beyond The Brain Play A Leading Role In Scientific Discussions And The Future Of The Human Species Setting Forth His Propositions As Intellectual Provocations, Anthony Believes That The Existence Of Psi Phenomena Needs To Be Taken Seriously His Analysis Draws Upon Deep Futures, Which Is A Branch Of Futures Studies Click To Look Inside On The Book Cover, Top Left Of Your Screen To Read The First Part Of This Article For Free This Article Features An In Depth Analysis Of The John Brockman Edited Book This Will Change Everything, And Also Draws Inspiration From The Research Of Parapsychologist Dean Radin, Including His Book Entangled Minds Categories Quantum Entanglement, Psychic Research, Psychic Abilities, What Is ESP, Remote Viewing, Quantum Consciousness, The Extended Mind

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