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Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life Reading Pilgrimage Into The Last Third Of Life Author Jane Marie Thibault Bystricepodhostynem.eu Do You Dread Growing Old The Last Third Of Life, From Age 60 On Up, Doesn T Have To Be Feared When Viewed From A Christian Perspective, This Season Of Life Can Be Meaningful, Endurable And Even Joyful, Say Authors Jane Thibault And Richard Morgan.Thibault And Morgan Suggest Approaching The Last Third As A Pilgrimage A Journey Full Of Purpose, Ripe With Opportunities For Spiritual Growth.The Authors, Ages 65 And 82, Dig Deeply Into The Realities Of Their Lives And Give You 7 Ways To Open Yourself To God And The Abundant Life God Wants For You They Address 7 Gateways To Spiritual Growth Facing Aging And Dying Learning To Live With Limitations Doing Inner Work Living In And Out Of Community Praying And Contemplation Redeeming Loss And Suffering Leaving A LegacyThis Collection Of Scripture Based Meditations Will Inspire You Or Someone You Know To Move Fearlessly Into The Last Third, Looking Forward To The Opportunities This Time Of Life Can Hold The Book Includes Reflection Questions And Can Be Used By Individuals Or Groups For A 7 Week Study.

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    This book is written as a series of meditations on Scripture with questions for reflection The co authors write out of their personal experience at age 65 and 83 respectively, and also draw on the experiences of others to explore what they call the 7 gateways to spiritual growth 1 Facing Aging and Dying 2 Living with Limitations 3 Doing Inner Work 4 Living In and Out of Community 5 Prayer and Contemplation 6 Redeeming Loss and Suffering 7 Leaving a Legacy.Some of the questi This book is written as a s...

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    An excellent resource book for those coping with the losses of aging Short writings based on scripture quotes Advocates an attitude of self discovery and service as a way to maintain self respect during infirmity I particularly liked the concept of aging as a pilgrimage, with new vistas to explore and challenges to overcome I have had this book for years and have never before succeeded in reading ...

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    This book offers muchthan platitudes, plus anyone who is encountering limitiations due to aging or who is living in a retirement community, even independently, will find much to identify with I d highly recommend i...

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    I read this book in a group of men and women aged 55 to 87 I recommend reading this kind of book in a group because of the rich opportunities to learn from each other as we enter and aim to thrive, retire and revive in the last third of our lives I liked the firs...

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    I am on a personal pilgrimage to develop a spiritual experience as I age I have just turned 70 years old and I want to experience the most personal and spiritual growth I can during the rest of my life.From my research, I believe this is a book that offer powerful guidance in that direction.

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    Worth the read, helpful to consider these issues.