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Amish Amish Read Author Joe Keim The Amish Way Joe Keim, Founder Of Mission To The Amish People, Deciphers The Conversation Between Jesus And Nicodemus And Explains The Biblical Teaching Of Jesus Regarding The Second Birth And Why It Is Necessary To Salvation He Then Contrasts Jesus Direct Teaching Versus The Amish Idea That We Can Earn Salvation By Following The Traditions And Religious Practices Of The Amish People The Amish Religion Is Led By A Strict Belief That We Must Do Our Best In Life On Earth In Order To Have A Shot At Spending Eternity In Heaven The Amish Way Is To Confess All Sin In Order To Be Sure That No Sins Stand Between Themselves And God Because Of These Works Based Beliefs, Many Ex Amish Struggle With A Feeling Of Failure, Believing That They May Well Be Doomed Because Of Their Leaving The Amish Culture Jesus Never Intended That We Rely On Our Works, And The Author Plainly Points Out How All Amish, And Ex Amish, Can Accept Christ S Righteousness In Order To Be Certain Of Their Salvation And Future He Shows How They Can Have Faith, Knowing Jesus Christ, And Have A Very Fulfilling Purpose In This Life On Earth About The Author And His Ministry Since The Establishment Of MAP In February Of 2000, Joe And Esther Keim Both Formerly Amish Have Been Doing All They Can To Further Assist The Plain Amish Folk Of Our Country Having Been Amish Gives Joe First Hand Experience With The Religion, And Because Of That He And His Wife Have Been A Blessing To Many Amish People Whom Have Been Seeking The Lord In Replacement Of Amish Religion Three Fold Purpose Of MAP Evangelize And Disciple Amish And Former Amish People Assist Older Teenagers And Young Adults Who Have Already Left The Amish Culture Expand MAP All Over North America This Ebook Is Periodically Offered For Free Download On Your Kindle Our Desire Is That Anyone Wanting To Know About The Amish And Their Take On Christianity Be Able To Take Advantage Of This Excellent Kindle Book, Even If It Is For Free Anyone Interested In Knowing Who The Amish Are And How They Fit In The Religions Of America, And Of The World, Is A Great Candidate To Read This Ebook About The Amish.

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    Mr Keim has written an excellent book regarding salvation cannot be earned Bible verses are used well The Amish used in the title really has little to do with the book however, the author does have a mission to the Amish.The Amish faith while completely centered in being in God s Will is based on being a good person and doing what God would want you to do AND hopefully you will have done it well enough...

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    More of an evangelistic bookI was reading this book expecting to learn about the Amish beliefs This is a great evangelistic book, it s just not what I thought it was.