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Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish Siamese Fighting Fish Betta Splendens Are One Of The Most Interesting And Attractive Breeds Of Domestic Fresh Water Fish On The Planet Their Majestic Beauty, Interesting Quirks, And Entertaining Behaviours Will Keep Fish Friendly Households Happy For Years To Come I Hope What You Read In This Book Will Prepare You For The Journey That S About To Unfold Before You Siamese Don T Need To Be A Stressful Addition To Your House Nor Do They Need To Cost You Hundreds Of Dollars To Maintain They Are Simply A Joy To Watch.It Was A Pleasure To Write This Book, And Even Enjoyable To See Children Reading Learning So Much From It Note This Book Is Aimed At The Novice Wanting To Bring The Joy Of The Siamese Fish Into Their Homes And Needing Help With Setting Up Their Tank And Learning About Betta Spelndens.

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