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Laura Ingalls' Friends Remember Her: Memories From Laura's Ozarks Home Laura Ingalls Wilder Wrote The Famous Little House Books About Her Early Life On The Prairie But She Wrote Those Wonderful, Warm Works In A Farm House In The Ozark Hills Of Southern Missouri This Book Contains Candid Talk About Laura Ingalls And Almanzo Wilder From Their Ozark Neighbors Sit Down With Their Good Friends And Learn About Laura And Almanzo, Down Home And Close Up Read Discussions Of Their Life In The Ozarks Why Laura S Books Make Us Happy And Whether Or Not Their Daughter Rose Wrote Laura S Books, As Has Been Alleged There Are Also Extensive Selections From Laura S Most Beautiful Thoughts And Writings, Taken From Her Magazine Articles Of Nearly A Century Ago, Full Of The Same Warmth And Beauty That Is In Her Little House Stories Laura S Books Tell Of Cold Northern Winters, But She Wrote Them With A Warm Ozark Heart This Newly Revised Edition Is A Lasting Record Of Ozarkers Recalling Two Of Their Own As Most Of The Ones Interviewed In Have Since Passed Little House Fans Of All Ages Should Relish These Personal Insights From The Local People Who Knew Her Best About The Author Dan L White And His Family Settled In The Ozarks Some Years Ago About Miles Up The Road From Laura S Rocky Ridge Farm There They Live On A Forty Acre Ozark Farmstead, With Cows, Horses, Chickens, Goats, Blackberries, Black Walnuts, Ticks And Chiggers In This Book Dan Talks With Other Down Home Folks In The Ozarks Who Were Close Friends Of Laura And Almanzo And Gives Us A View Of The Little House Lady From Her Those Who Lived And Worked In Her Adopted Home Town Dan Is Also The Author Of Other Books About Laura Laura S Love Story The Lifetime Love Of Laura Ingalls And Almanzo Wilder Devotionals With Laura Laura S Favorite Bible Selections Laura Ingalls Wilder S Most Inspiring Writings The Long Hard Winter Of What Was It Really Like Big Bible Lessons From Laura Ingalls Little Books

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    I hate to give any book about LIW three stars, but I feel this one needs it The interviews are 5 star, but then the author drifts into these essays I think I probably agree with him about religion and politics, but the way they are presented leave me uncomfortable that he s projecting his beliefs onto someone who isn t here to confirm or deny his hypothesis So to average out, I end up with a three star rating.

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    It s enjoyable to hear Mrs Wilder s friend s tell their stories.