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CSI Effect Ebook CSI Effect By Liberty Speidel Polishdarling.co.uk The CSI Effect Has Made Juries Less Likely To Convict When Faced With A Circumstantial Case LT Dwayne Holligan Faces This Problem In His Most Recent Case, The Murder Of Sarah Donovan, The Girlfriend Of A Fellow Officer When The D.A Tells Holligan To Cut The Killer Loose, The Young Officer Decides To Take Matters Into His Own Hands Can He Thwart The Reviled CSI Effect

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    Loved this well written short story about good cops trying to get a confession out of a murder suspect Without the forensic evidence they need fo convict all they have are their instincts The writing is strong and rings true The sad fact is that shows like CSI and other procedural police dramas set up an expectation in potential jurors that block conviction...

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    Any piece of fiction that helps me see some aspect of life in a new way is a winner in my book I suppose I was vaguely aware of the CSI effect, but this story cemented the concept for me I appreciated the snappy dialogue and the gritty twist in the end A quick, interesting read that held my att...

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    I ve been watching shows like SCI for a long time now, but who knew there was such a thing as a SCI effect It s a real thing, the author notes at the end of this story, and the bane of the police and prosecutors Quick, fun short story Looking forward to reading from this author.

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    I don t read many short stories because I don t generally find them as satisfying as a novel However, CSI Effect is an engaging story with emotion, good pacing, and characters I could visualize.

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    Great Great short story and quick read I d really enjoy an actual full book in regards to the CSi Effect that s not a college priced textbook for recreational reading.

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