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  • 27 August 2014

10 thoughts on “Secrets at the Chocolate Mansion (Maggie Brooklyn Mystery Book 3)

  1. Shazzer Shazzer says:

    As posted on Outside of a DogBroadcast News is one of my favorite films of all time and in it Albert Brooks' character Aaron says something along the lines of 'the devil will convince us that we're all just salesmen' I've always loved this speech not the least because Brooks so beautifully delivers it but because I could relate I was a Girl Scout for many years I sold cookies Luckily for me there wasn't an enormous amount of pressure to sell the most and I got by Now as a librarian I have kids and teenagers coming in waves selling fruit candy wrapping paper and coupons And all of them have this desperate gleam in their eyes as if their life depended on every sale Given the state of school budgets that's probably not half wrong The pressure on these kids is enormousNow why am I bringing this up in a review about a middle grade mystery novel about a haunted mansion? Read it yes please do and you'll see Because amidst all the clues and chills and chocolate Ms Margolis is saying something important The pressure to succeed can be crippling and not just for children When Maggie Brooklyn's friend Sonya's family opens a new soda shop and the Grand Opening is marred by a sugarsalt swap a clumsy or is she? soda jerk and a smashed window with a threatening note Maggie takes up the case Things continue to go wrong and Sonya's mother the proprietor is ready to cut her losses almost immediately rather than risk being a complete failure Add to this a new babysitting gig in a supposedly haunted mansion for a lively three year old who has a see through friend who sings haunting songs Pile on top of that a D on a history test and a boyfriend who won't talk to her and it's no wonder that Maggie is starting to crack But with the help of her twin Finn and some good old fashion gumption Maggie manages to save the day from soda shop saboteurs ghosts extra credit and stubborn seventh grade boysMs Margolis has at least one thing going for her in a very impressive way she knows middle schoolers She knows how they talk she knows how they think Between the Maggie Brooklyn mysteries and her Annabelle Unleashed series Boys Are Dogs etc she almost has the market cornered on smart funny realistic girls Her books are mightily enjoyable and subtly broadening You won't even notice you're becoming a well rounded person until you just are

  2. Adita Adita says:

    I would say this novel is pretty good but it is not enough to be called 'good' Firstly Leslie Margolis did not describe much about the characters and for me as a reader it's a problem It's like I can't really play with my imagination because she didn't tell what the characters look like The good thing is that the ending is not Predictable so I give this book 3 stars

  3. Tianai Tianai says:

    Very interesting story From reading this book you could feel the tension the haunted mansion vibes ghosts and the creepiness This story revolves around a mystery of a threatening note on a box of girl scout cookies Each time Maggie finds a clue I become and excited though most releavels I saw coming but still eually enjoyable

  4. Kristina Callender Kristina Callender says:

    Maggie's mystery kept me guessing and interested even as an adult I found her clever Great plot and perspectives on the haunted converted mansion I honestly this kids book was fun to read than expected

  5. Leanne And Leanne And says:

    This book has a nice twist to the mystery So fun and exciting that I did not want to stop reading

  6. Rainy Milligan Rainy Milligan says:

    I really liked the whole series

  7. aem aem says:

    Still interesting

  8. Claire Claire says:

    Content Has a gay couple Book My least favorite Maggie Brooklyn Book so far Not the best end to the series but not too horribleto not get 3 stars

  9. Bella Bella says:

    originally posted on my blog Ciao BellaLeslie Margolis’ novels have lately been a mixed bag for me One Tough Chick was most definitely a miss but the first few books in the Maggie Brooklyn series left me uite impressed And so I was willing to give her most recent novel and the third Maggie Brooklyn mystery a try Going in with lower expectations I’m enjoyed Secrets at the Chocolate Mansion but that’s not to say it was perfect With a few problems that were hard to overlook this novel was a solid read although I was really hoping for another outstanding middle grade mysteryMaggie has developed a reputation for not only her dog walking skills but also her knack for solving mysteries When her good friend Sonya’s bakery runs into a multitude of problems Maggie is put on the case While the mysteries in this series are predictable I love the variety of situations Maggie finds herself in My baking loving self makes it hard to turn down a book with a sweet shop involved The author clearly excels in developing a middle school environment – due to everything from Maggie’s home life to her interactions with friends I was completely immersed in the story However I have to uestion how everything works out in the end I don’t want to give anything away but there are just too many coincidences for me to believe the solution to the mysteryMaggie is a strong protagonist one who is both true to life and memorable Just as Margolis’ story is well crafted I found Maggie’s personality to be realistically developed as well Her dialogue and actions only strengthen that idea; there’s no doubt in my mind that the author knows her audience I can’t say the same for all of the secondary characters While I love Maggie’s twin brother Finn who I personally think deserved time in the book other characters seem to have been last minute additions to the story and not in a good way Many unfortunately appear to be weirdly out of placeOn a personal note one of the supporting characters a friend of Maggie shares that she has diabetes about halfway through the book As a Type One Diabetic I was surprised and happy to see that as it is a disease not commonly included in MG and YA books but further reading led me to disappointment If you are going to include such a life changing condition I would hope that it wouldn’t be mentioned with a very minimal explanation and a confusing one at that This along with typos that could easily confuse a reader I sure was caused my enjoyment of the story to diminishOverall Secrets at the Chocolate Mansion wasn’t necessarily BAD but I wouldn’t go so far to call it a favorite I struggled to believe the ending and some of the characters needed development On the positive side Maggie was a wonderful main character and I can’t see why the intended audience wouldn’t fall in love with her Here’s hoping that the next book in the series is an improvement

  10. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Maggie's friend Sonya and her mother have opened up a soda fountain in Brooklyn but on opening day there are lots of problems Salt turns up in the pie and a baseball goes through the window with a note stating Take your cookies elsewhere Later a critical shipment of chocolate chips goes missing Maggie starts investigating but there a lot of other things going on in her life Her boyfriend Milo won't return her texts She babysits the little boy who owns Nofarm and thinks that he may be talking to the ghost who is supposed to inhabit his apartment building which used to be the mansion of a chocolate entrepreneur Is the mansion really haunted? And who is out to ruin Sonya's SweetsStrengths I really enjoy Margolis' work even though I'm not a fan of New York City or clue oriented mysteries I love her characters the age appropriate romancesthe fun family interactions with Maggie's twin brother Finn The dogs from her dog walking business are an added bonusWeaknesses I read this just before Netgalley archived the title so I couldn't remember any of the names This is not a fault of the book it is a weakness in my comprehension I tend not to remember the endings of books as well

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Secrets at the Chocolate Mansion (Maggie Brooklyn Mystery Book 3)➳ [Reading] ➶ Secrets at the Chocolate Mansion (Maggie Brooklyn Mystery Book 3) By Leslie Margolis ➩ – Take your cookies elsewhere That's what the note said in neat block like print attached to a box of Girl Scout Cookies Someone is out to sabotage the new sweet shop in the neighborhood and Maggie Broo the Chocolate Epub ß Take your cookies elsewhere That's what the note said in neat block like print attached to a box of Girl Scout Cookies Someone is out to sabotage the new sweet shop in the neighborhood and Maggie Brooklyn is on the case If only she weren't Secrets at MOBI :↠ so freaked out herself lately Maggie's new dogsitting gig has her and her twin brother Finn hanging out in what they fear may be a real haunted mansion And it's hard to solve real life mysteries when you think you're seeing ghosts.

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