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Music in the Renaissance (Prentice-Hall History of Music Series) Read Music In The Renaissance PrenticeHall History Of Music Series Author Howard Mayer Brown Bestbooks.run Provides An Overview Of The Place Of Music In Renaissance Society Explains The Most Significant Features Of The Music, And The Distinguishing Characteristics Of Each Of The Leading Renaissance Composers Emphasizes The Music Itself What It Was Like, And How It Changed Features Many Musical Examples Reflects The Massive New Scholarship In The Field And New Music Examples E.g., Spanish And English Music, The Italian Madrigal, And The Influence Of Renaissance Humanism On Music.

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    As a singer for whom early music has been a significant part of my repertoire since college, I wanted to know about the music I was singing This book was a great survey of Renaissance music, with just the level of depth I was looking for It reminded me of things I d learned but also taught me about the compositional devices and techniques the composers used The writing itself is also quite good I never felt that the text dragged me down, even in areas I was less familiar with or interested in e.g., instrumental music of the era If you are a fairly experienced musician or student of music, and you want to understand the characteristics and historical development of the major composers and eras of Renaissance music, this volume is a great place ...

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