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    This felt like a book of two halves What began as a detailed and seemingly thoroughly researched study of American foreign affairs sadly began by the Nixon years to seem merely generalised and opinionated.But without doubt it was the worst example of proof reading that I ve ever encountered errant commas, dollar signs transposed by random numerals, non sensical sentences in one case the word create is replaced by cremate not to mention unneces...

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    I believe that this book will be of primary interest to two groups of individuals those who enjoy American history and horny teenagers trying to learn the right and wrong approaches to romantic relationships American History Buffs While there are no shortage of extraordinary books that take deep dives into specific moments in American history, Globalism stands out from the pack by showing the cause and effect relationships that bring history to your doorstep This is a book that tracks foreign policy from 1938 I read the title because I m super smart, yo through the election of Barack Obama.Many Americans can feel that history is often this unrelated mass that is difficult to attach to today s policies They don t understand the complicated international relationships both good and bad that American finds itself beholden to at present Globalism ties it all together For that reason, I couldn t recommend this book highly for those familiar with American history texts and those looking to maybe dip their toes in the water In 1939, on the eve of World War II, the United States had an army of 185,000 men with an annual budget of less than 500 milli...

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    THERE ARE SO MANY F KING TYPOS IN THIS BOOK Apologies for the profanity, but dear Lord, who edited this thing Paragraphs split in the middle of a sentence, misspellings, random commas, missing capital letters.someone was clearly asleep at the wheel in proofreading this thing Beyond just typos, there was also a lot of bad or confusing phrasing and awkward sentences that really brought down the level of the book, stylistically So one star off for some poor writing.The other star I took off because, especially toward the end of the book, the author interjected his opinion a little too much, which just didn t seem appropriate to the type of book this was He also sometimes tried to be poetic or make a point and exaggerated actual historical fact when doing it, which bothered me For example, introducing the chapter on the September 11th attacks, he wrote about how little Americans cared about the flag prior to 9 11 Strange now to remember how we used to take the America flag yes, that s not my typo, my edition of the book has it as the america flag for granted during the Cold war It was omnipresent even planted on the moon but never truly appreciated as a banner of unity the flag offered no dazzle or meaning It was a blase sy...

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    This book is a decent survey of US foreign policy post WWII If you know absolutely nothing about the subject, this wouldn t be a bad primer.

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    When I think about my experience reading Rise to Globalism, the one word that comes to mind is fair, in the sense that the authors don t take a politically partisan stance to Republican or Democrat administrations This book achieves three purposes 1 Show the reader how the US emerged as the world superpower, tracing the route from 1938 to the present 2 Subjectively grade each president and his administration on their foreign policy objectives and whether or not they were achieved 3 Help the reader understand the US s place in the world and potentially understand where the country and the world is headed.This book is oriented to those who have trouble understanding how and why the US became the preeminent superpower in the world and for those who might be afraid of overly academic writing At the same time, the authors draw from a variety of sources and ...

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    This is one of those books that I actually remember the precise moment that I first picked it up I was in college Some of my friends and I were walking down, I believe, 7th Avenue between Irving and Judah streets late on a Friday night We had just left the pizza parlor, walking back to our cars, when we passed a bookstore on the east side of the street I don t know if it s still there The store was closed, it s green awning drawn back over the peeling green door frame, the lights were all out but, there was this rack of books outside the doorway with a sign that read free I remember stopping, thumbing through the books, thinking that there s never any good books left out for free My friends were walking off ahead of me, and I was just about to stop picking through the books Then I saw a little red paperback book with this funny gold emblem on the cover I read the title, Rise to Globalism American Foreign Policy Since 1938 , and thought, now this sounds interesting, I might as ...

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    Exhausting but now I know everything about foreign policy.

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    So many typos I ve never seen anything like it Really hard to trust the accuracy and analysis when the editors didn t even catch errors in spelling and grammar Assuming that the typos came from people outside...

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    I had to read a chapter from this book for class but was so enthralled that I decided to read the remaining 400 pages It s a summary of American foreign policy since 1938, if that sentence alone bored you then you shouldn t bother Regardless, this is the only foreign policy book I ve ever read and felt enlightened , there was a lot of information but it was presented in a way that would make a squirrel go ah Books like these that show all the inner workings of historical events are, unfortunately, put aside by most people It s a sad truth considering that we live in a timeline and reality doesn t start when we re conscious of our existence nor does it end when we die Ambrose and Brinkley gathered helpful observations and added their own pieces of insight, including powerful rhetoric like the power to destroy is not the powe...

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Rise to Globalism PDF Rise To Globalism By Stephen E Ambrose Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk One Of The Most Lively And Provocative Interpretive Studies Of The Major Events In Recent American Diplomatic History American Historical Review Since It First Appeared In 1971, Rise To Globalism Has Sold Hundreds Of Thousands Of Copies The Ninth Edition Of This Classic Survey, Now Updated Through The Administration Of George W Bush, Offers A Concise And Informative Overview Of The Evolution Of American Foreign Policy From 1938 To The Present, Focusing On Such Pivotal Events As World War II, The Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, And 9 11 Examining Everything From The Iran Contra Scandal To The Rise Of International Terrorism, The Authors Analyze In Light Of The Enormous Global Power Of The United States How American Economic Aggressiveness, Racism, And Fear Of Communism Have Shaped The Nation S Evolving Foreign Policy.