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One Hundred Great Essays Penguin Academics ❤ One Hundred Great Essays Penguin Academics pdf ⚣ Author Robert DiYanni – One Hundred Great Essays provides that number of the most exemplary and rewarding selections available in the English language The anthology combines classic essays of great instructional value togeth One Hundred Great Great Essays PDF/EPUB ´ Essays provides that number of the most exemplary and rewarding selections available in the English language The anthology One Hundred PDF/EPUB or combines classic essays of great instructional value together with the most freuently anthologized essays of recent note by today's most highly regarded Hundred Great Essays MOBI ó writers The selections exhibit a broad range of diversity in subject matter and authorship All essays have been selected for their utility as both models for writing and for their usefulness as springboards for independent writing An introductory section informs readers about the ualities of the essay form and offers instruction on how to read essays critically and use the writing process to develop their own essays For those interested in learning about reading writing and critical thinking by studying examples of great writing.

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  1. Jeffy Joseph Jeffy Joseph says:

    I have looked at the contents of several anthologies of essays but they all seem to have a few good ones and a lot of mediocre ones Even the good ones may not be the best by those essayists Not this collection This one is packed with the best essays by the best essayists I didn't read or intend to read it from cover to cover but did a selective reading to cover authors whom I have liked or about whom I have come across in my past readings The ones that I liked are'How we listen' by Aaron Copeland'The interpretation of dreams' by Sigmund Freud'Nowhere man' by Pico Iyer'The medium is the metaphor' by Neil Postman'The din in the head' by Cynthia Ozick 'The mother tongue' by Amy Tan

  2. Liza Liza says:

    I realize there's a newer edition out so I'm not 100% certain what specific essays were removed or added I think despite that major detail this collection is still a great find because of the variety of essaysThere's a great mix of dry essays entertaining gems and essays that could be said to be somewhere in between which I think is important for students to be exposed too It included The Vindication of the Rights of Women and A Modest Proposal to modern essays that deal with topics of language acuisition and culture such as How to Tame a Wild Tongue to Judy Brady's I Want a WifeThe topics are diverse and range from social to political issues Due to the publication range of the essays in the collection anyone can mix and match cultural issue to particular writing style if you are inclined to do so Each essay has a mini intro to the essays and background information on the author who wrote the essay After each essay there are 3 writing prompts that students can do though not all of the particular prompts may suit your individual tastes or needs I consider them as a potential assignment and just an added bonus as opposed to writing assignments that must be completed with each essayI think if you're planning on teaching Pre APAP LanguageAP Literature this collection is a great resource to have though I suspect that those in Pre AP and AP Language may benefit than an AP Lit classOverall great find and something I think you should consider having your school look into if you are considering purchasing new material for the English department

  3. JP JP says:

    I read most of this in April but had to return it before a trip It's a neat mix of classics and modern works all worthy examples and interesting in their own right A few social themes are disproportionately emphasized especially gender and race issues Among my favorites of the selection were Graduation Angelou Of Studies Bacon Politics and the English Language Orwell Notes of a Native Son Baldwin Calculated Risks Cole Attending a World Bateson The Trouble with Wilderness Cronon Letter from a Birmingham Jail King On Self Respect Didion and The Geography of Imagination by Davenport

  4. Doug Geivett Doug Geivett says:

    I'm not reading this straight through but sampling essays periodically As of July 7 2008 I've read seven of the essays Francis Bacon Of Studies Roland Barthes Toys Lord Chesterfield Letter to His Son Aaron Copeland How We Listen Gretel Ehrlich About Men ueen Elizabeth I Speech to the Troops at Tilbury Anne Fadiman Never Do That to a Book

  5. Tracy Tracy says:

    This collection has so many great essays to choose from that I have than my share to choose from to teach an advanced writing class next autumn

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