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The Treatment ❰PDF❯ ✩ The Treatment Author Suzanne Young – Can Sloane and James survive the lies and secrets surrounding them or will The Program claim them in the end Find out in this seuel to The Program which Publishers Weekly called “chilling and suspen Can Sloane and James survive the lies and secrets surrounding them or will The Program claim them in the end Find out in this seuel to The Program which Publishers Weekly called “chilling and suspenseful”How do you stop an epidemicSloane and James are on the run after barely surviving the suicide epidemic and The Program But they’re not out of danger Huge pieces of their memories are still missing and although Sloane and James have found their way back to each other The Program isn’t ready to let them goEscaping with a group of troubled rebels Sloane and James will have to figure out who they can trust and how to take down The Program But for as far as they’ve come there’s still a lot Sloane and James can’t remember The key to unlocking their past lies with The Treatment—a pill that can bring back forgotten memories but at a high cost And there’s only one doseUltimately when the stakes are at their highest can Sloane and James survive the many lies and secrets surrounding them or will The Program claim them in the end.

10 thoughts on “The Treatment

  1. Natalia Natalia says:

    Emotional characters shocking plot and amazing ending Very relatable and real I learned to love and hate the characters with a passion and the plot twists drove me crazy This book also had a lot obvious themes and messages in it Absolutely fantastic

  2. Molly Molly says:

    Huge thank you to the publisher for letting me read this advanced copy I'm writing this honest review to say thank you15 starsTHIS BOOK MADE ME SO ANGRY I remember reading The Program last year and enjoying it a lot I loved the tone the characters the issues that it dealt with but wow WOW This book was just wow Basically the book starts up where the last one left off and Sloane and James are on the run They IMMEDIATELY get picked up by the rebels there are two of them who take them to a safe house and they meet up with Lacey Lacey is having recall problems and like THE NIGHT Sloane and James are in the safe house the leaders of the rebels decide to go out to a club and party DESPITE SLOANE AND JAMES BEING WANTED FUGITIVES DESPITE ALL OF THEM BEING ESCAPEES THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER DUHSo of course drama happens and the rebel leader gets drunk and by this point of the book Sloane and James have made out AT LEAST fifteen times and almost had sex twice because that's ALL THEY DO because that's what you do when you're on the run I guessAnd of course the club gets busted and they have to flee the safe house and Lacey disappears and somehow ends up back IN The Program even though we have no idea HOW she got found and then Sloane and James end up with the rebel leaders who decide that the rest of the rebels should just go off and do whatever somewhere else because OH YEAH Sloane and James are SUPER WANTED and being around them isn't safe DUHHHHHH So then they go off to this countryside house or idek but they're just hanging out and the rebel leader is just always on her phone And 'doing stuff' This 'stuff' is NEVER EXPLAINED And basically I keep saying rebels because THEY NEVER ONCE DO ANYTHING REBELLIOUS EVER They just talk And the leader and her BFF practice knife fighting and mysteriously have money whenever they need it and nothing happens James and Sloane make out and OOPS forget the condoms and actually talk about not having them so they can't have sex Because again that's all you do when you're on the runTHEN Realm shows back up and caused love triangle drama because EVEN THOUGH Sloane and James have been ALL OVER EACH OTHER EVERY OTHER PAGE Sloane just cannot deny that there was something between her and Realm and even though she looooooves James so much she can't NOT admit that she cares about and missed Realm and she lets him basically get close enough to her that James thinks something is going on and OF COURSE this is bad enough that he has to freaking RUN AWAY and leave Sloane That's REAL mature and shows JUST how much he loves herSo then there's a bunch of drama and Realm is SO FUCKING CREEPY GTFO OMG And they go on the run again and finally get caught by The Program and by this point I was just SO sick of this book and SO bored and didn't want to read it any but I forced myself to because I was way past the DNF point and I wanted to see if it got better but it just GOT WORSE So Sloane is back in the program and all of these BIG BAD AWFUL BOMBSHELLS are dropped and people are getting lobotomized and it was just like WHY Why would this huge company put all of this money into making useless people It just made no sense Why waste money on something that is going to give you NO RETURNS So Sloane is of course set to get a lobotomy but she OF COURSE breaks out just as James and Realm are breaking in to save her and oh yeah they HAVE A CURE that will bring back their memories but there's only one pill left and for some reason it's SUPER EVIL and James takes it and then they go to find the scientists who made the pill but because even though The Program took away everyone's memories giving them BACK is bad too???????? WHICH IS IT? jfc I just had no idea what this story was even trying to saySo blah blah blah Sloane and the scientists who made The Treatment talk to the press and then THE PROGRAM IS RUINED WhatThat's it?NOTHING HAPPENEDSo if you're with me it was basicallySloane and James make outRealm is creepy and shows upLove triangle ensuresSloane is capturedSloane is freedSloane tells the pressEND OF ALL EVIL IS ACHIEVEDThere's also making out And by the end of the book James and Realm are BFFs Cuz that makes even senseThere was no rebellion There was no real conflict Sloane being back in the program was BORING AS FUCK to read and the resolution was just so ridiculous

  3. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    This was an okay story and there were some interesting twistsSloane and James were both on the run in this book and still undecided if one of them should take the pill which will allow them to regain their memories I could see where they were both coming from but it really seemed like the odds were against them all the timeThe storyline in this had a few twists which were good but once again the pace was uite slow and it was a bit of a struggle to get through this We did get some interesting information on both ‘the program’ and ‘the treatment’ in this story though along with she very interesting uestions raised over what would happen to the people who took ‘the treatment’ – would they all become suicidal again?We did get a little bit of romance in this one but unfortunately things weren’t even running smoothly for Sloane and James in that respectThe ending to this again had a little bit of action and we also got some surprise deaths and even some lobotomies in this book6 out of 10

  4. Sophie Sophie says:

    I wish I was kidding that I already finished this one Woops

  5. awkwardlybookish awkwardlybookish says:

    There is a seuelTHERE IS A SEUEL?? My lifecomplete

  6. Jenni Arndt Jenni Arndt says:

    There’s always something nerve wracking about going into the seuel to a book that you loved I was a huge fan of The Program so my hopes were high that The Treatment would follow in it’s awesome footsteps I am saddened to report that it really didn’t This novel fell so flat with me that I almost DNFed it about 3 times But then I would think about how much I loved The Program and how since this is a duology this was the last book in the series and I just had to see how everything played outI’ll start this out by talking about what didn’t work for me because the beginning was just a train wreck in my eyes and then the novel started to get better in the final part The Treatment is broken up into 3 parts in the first two we catch up with James and Sloane as they are on the run from The Program and join the rebels out in the wild I remember loving Sloane and James’ relationship in the first novel but it was so over the top and cheesy in this one Every moment between them felt like the sweetness was just laid on far too thick so much so that I started to be annoyed by them instead of buying into their romance Things get even worse when Michael Realm makes his reappearance and we are treated to one of the most annoying love triangles I have ever read James becomes an annoying whiney baby and Sloane loses who she is by flip flopping between the two in a matter of moments I mean there are no doubts in my mind that she wanted James and only James all along but she would allow Realm to kiss her hand or hold her hand and think about the love she has for him and it was so annoyingAnother thing that annoyed me was the lack of detail as to how the rebels were surviving and living the life that they were Dallas had a cell phone that she was constantly on no talk of her buying minutes or paying a monthly bill so I wonder how the heck she was always using it Also driving these vehicles all around the countryside how were they paying for gas? At one point when James is throwing his big temper tantrum he takes the Escalade from the safe house and ends up driving for days Where did he get money to keep going at that time? It was mentioned that Cas one of the rebels had connections to get money so maybe that would explain how they got money to buy information but James would not have had access to that when he was out on his own Also they go to all these abandoned places that have working power running water and even hot water at that Who is paying the bills at these places? For rebels on the run they lead a pretty cushy life and I would have liked some explanations as to how they have these luxuries at their fingertipsThings do pick up in the final part of the novel The action gets going and the twists start coming but as far as I’m concerned it was just too little too late Also the final jab at the program that makes everything end the way that it does seems so trivial and simple that it makes the series feel like it went on for no reason if it all could have been ended by something so simple I am so sad that the series is going out on such a negative note with me and I kind of wish I had not read this seuel so I could have remembered The Program much fondly but unfortunately I can’t unread this one I do hope that other readers aren’t as annoyed as I am by these things and maybe my word of warning will help you go in with a bit of trepidation so you come out liking it than I did For of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

  7. Read InAGarden Read InAGarden says:

    Such an amazing book This reader isn't going to spoil the book for those waiting with spoiler laden synopsis Just know that James and Sloane and Realm are the focus of the story and there are a few familiar faces that reappear along side new ones The Treatment wraps up all the loose ends from The Program and gives readers both a chapter six months after the main action of the book and an epilogue This reader appreciates the decision to end the series in two books instead of manufacturing extra drama and stretching out over three books Eagerly awaiting whatever Mrs Young decides to write next

  8. VictoriaSong VictoriaSong says:

    If I close my eyes and rub my hands together and chant out loud there is no book like The Treatment x3 and then I open my eyes; in my hands I will find the ARC of The Treatment ? I think yes please and thank you Suzanne Young DSincerely your newest The Program fanVictoria 3

  9. Erin Erin says:

    I don't know what happened here with this seuel whether it was the character's themselves or their sometimes stupid decisions that they would make but man I'm disappointed with this book I mean don't get me wrong here this book still had some interesting moments here and there but honestly what the hell happened to the awesomeness that I experienced from the first book???With the first book I was all like this And now with the seuel I'm all like Then leaving me with a face like this So yeah I still don't know what happened But what I can definitely say is that the first book was the best and this seuel was not Hmph I'm disappointed Really disappointed le sigh I totally miss the awesome first book now since the plot was focused on and not on the romance stuff

  10. Stacee Stacee says:

    This was a fantastic ending to the series and a perfect example that not everything needs to be a trilogy Love love loved the plot there were so many twists and turns I never knew what was going to happen next And the swoons I wasn't expecting there to be so many Gah The ending was phenomenal and the epilogue was perfection I can't wait to have a finished copy in my hands

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