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Deep Blue Sea [Ebook] ➡ Deep Blue Sea By Valerie Howard – Jamie Walker's life is a messShe lives like a widow while her husband leaves for weeks at a time on business She is childless lonely and depressed and now her job as an editor at a magazine is in jeop Jamie Walker's life is a messShe lives like a widow while her husband leaves for weeks at a time on business She is childless lonely and depressed and now her job as an editor at a magazine is in jeopardy Not to mention the fact that her past mistakes are threatening to overwhelm her at any moment Jamie has two options swallow Deep Blue PDF/EPUB ² the bottle of sleeping pills in her husband's nightstand or reach out to the God she's been running from since she was eighteenWhich will she choose and how long can she live like this.

10 thoughts on “Deep Blue Sea

  1. Aria Aria says:

    2nd read I like this book And I was bored After I finished Mansfield Park as well What's a girl to do?

  2. Angie Thompson Angie Thompson says:

    Nothing against the book or the writing but this was just not my kind of story Watching characters stay at rock bottom for so long isn't an easy thing for me and it took so long to get hope especially in Jamie's story And with her and her husband not being Christians through most of the book I wasn't comfortable with a lot of things about their lifestyle even though it wasn't overdone view spoilerAnd the resolution to the tragedy that happened so long ago isn't the kind of thing I like to read about at all hide spoiler

  3. Aria Aria says:

    I really really liked this And it was uite clean for all the subjects it dealt with

  4. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    As seen on my blog Hey Folks I just finished reading Valerie Howard's Deep Blue Sea which was generously provided to me by the author herself free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion This novel features Jamie Walker a woman whose life is spinning out of control Her husband spends time out of ttown on business then he does with her and when he is around he refuses to understand her deep seated need for a child She tries desperately to distract herself from both her present pain and the past that torments her but the resulting depression causes a lack of focus that threatens her career as a magazine editor Jamie knows something has to change but what? In the back of her mind there is always the tempting lure of the full bottle of sleeping pills laying in the nightstand drawer but deep down this woman knows that this is a permanent solution to temporary problems What are her other options? Her friend Jade is always inviting her to church and Jamie finally takes her up on the offer out of boredom than anything else Surprisingly she finds the message she hears there appealing Can Jesus be trusted to lift the burdens turning life into a train wreck? Which path will she choose? Howard constructed a compelling plot with very believable characters This is one of those books that pulls the reader into the lives of the people involved It is also unapologetically filled with the gospel without beating you over the head with it Teenagers will enjoy this story along with their older counterparts and children will not need to be shielded from anything contained in this novel so feel free to share it with your family The only drawback to this title is that it is a bit of a slow start but once it gets going I found it very worthwhile My rating is a solid four and a half out of five stars I eagerly await this writer's next project Until we meet again Happy ReadingCarolyn

  5. Kaitlyn S. Kaitlyn S. says:

    This was a really good book and I was enthralled in it from the beginning and that's despite my hesitancy at reading suspenseful mysteries I had seen good reviews on this and knew it was a book with Christian principles And feeling in the mood for a good mystery and a bit of suspense I decided to give it a try And I am glad that I did There was nothing gruesome or horrid about this story only a strong theme of reconciliation of telling the truth and of longing to be free from guilt The ending surprised me and the way the gospel was so clearly presented and woven into the story was pretty amazing Due to the content of underage drinking and the suspense of the mystery this is definitely geared towards an older audience

  6. Christine Dillon Christine Dillon says:

    This was my second book by Valerie Howard I greatly appreciate the 'realness' of her books in that she writes about real messed up people I did however feel that the hopelessness of this one went on too long and in fact I uit reading at chapter 25 because it was too depressing to watch the main characters make foolish choice after foolish choice Some weeks later I went back to the book The last uarter was much easier to read as the main character finally made a right choice How many other people are like her? They constantly reject the only source of hope? VH writes very well I will keep reading her books

  7. Connie Connie says:

    DEEP BLUE SEA by Valerie Howard This book was very well written and the narration was very well done 45I have enjoyed all of the books that I have read by Valerie Howard and this is no exception This book is about mistakes that were made many years ago but never revealed These mistakes effect her in ways that could have grave conseuences and affect her in many waysI loved the way that the main character was pulled into the gospel and learned how the Lamb of God was her substitute sacrifice I received this audiobook free with no reuirement of review I am reviewing this book of my own accord and am giving my honest opinion

  8. Randy Tramp Randy Tramp says:

    I enjoyed this read It flowed Tension increased as the pages turned What was Jamie Walker's secret? Why did she protect it at any cost? Then her missing cousin's cold case reopened Add a hotshot detective from New York trying to close his 100th case making it a great plot Plagued by guilt Jamie searches for forgiveness finding an ally in a pastor she interviews for her magazine's monthly cover article An important eternal message of forgiveness clearing the heart forever Very good read one I highly recommend On to the next book in this series

  9. Barb Barb says:

    Good premise but it lost something in the delivery Jamie is a magazine editor whose work is suffering because she's unhappy and distracted in her home life Her husband is never home and doesn't understand her wish to have children Jamie's depression leads to a near suicidal crisis then a friend invites her to a church event The story turned out to be too didactic the ending too pat and predictable

  10. Ellen White Ellen White says:

    Having read other books by the author and found them to have a good meaning and help to the person she is writing about Past mistakes loneliness and a husband doesn’t realize the depth of despair she has fallen into The narration was good of her emotions Enjoyed and was given audio for my voluntary review and my voluntary review review

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