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  1. Sorcha O& Sorcha O& says:

    I always feel a bit apprehensive before reading a ghost story and not for the reason you might think Rather than being worried that I’ll find myself too scared to sleep I often find myself grumbling at how unaffected I am by the ghostly activities Despite me being very imaginative it always takes brilliant storytelling and the author being able to really set the scene in a realistic way that makes the fear factor so much higher for me I had no doubt before reading ‘So Fell the Sparrow’ that Katie Jennings with her fabulous storytelling and brilliant characters would deliver a fantastic and chill inducing ghost story that would have me uivering in the night and sleeping with my bedside lamp onThe heroine of our story is Dr Grace Sullivan a character who from the first page is incredibly real I love flawed and bruised characters as it really helps me as a reader connect with the character’s feelings Grace’s strict scientific philosophy completely opposite to Ian’s passionate belief in the paranormal gave a real contrast in how people view the world and gives a reminder to readers that we shouldn’t be so uick to judge others beliefs The tension between Grace and Ian was brilliantly done with their stubborn nature having me both laughing and groaning as I longed to bash their heads together bless them Such an amazing couple with great chemistry I loved themJackie’s character is one that really interests me I adored getting glimpses into her background and the problems that having a gift can cause when others don’t understand it I loved the relationship she had with Alex and really liked having another girl to keep Grace company The boys with their ghost busting gear whilst adorable and nerdy as they were were a bit too ‘boys with their toys’ for Grace’s liking so it was great to see how her relationship with Jackie kept her both grounded yet skittish as Jackie’s ‘gift’ became real to her It was a brilliant storyline that saw Grace really develop as a character as she began to struggle between being alone or having friends that she didn’t connect with spirituallyThe way that Katie Jennings wrote the ghost scenes was spectacular There were times when reading this book that I couldn’t sleep at night afterwards which gave me a real thrill that I haven’t experienced since seeing ‘The Woman in Black’ on stage I did not sleep for a week after seeing that There was one scene in particular that really struck with me and that was the prologue where we see young Sally a dead girl who cries through the window at her parents when they leave the house and her memory behind This was the perfect introduction to the story and had me turning the page to Chapter One without a second thought All other aspects of the ghost story line were perfect The story had obviously been very well researched giving enough information to have us clued up on the technical aspects of ghost hunting without making it an information dump Having Grace’s less than impressed reaction at the hunting display they made in her basement The mystery behind which spirits in the house are the most restless and feeding off the fear that they cause was haunting and had me in suspense the whole bookAt risk of giving anything away I will end with just saying that I cannot recommend this book enough It is definitely a favourite of mine and is such a wonderful intriguing and of course romantic read Katie Jennings has done it again5 stars

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    I received this book because I won the First REads Give away I was really hesitant to read this book because the past few first reads I've received haven't just been all that great It was hard for me to first get into the book but let me tell you when I got passed chapter one I couldn't put the book down I stayed up until 6am this morning so I could finish it I absolutely love all of the characters especially Ian and Alex they are swoon worthy I love how much of a cynic Grace is and i love that Jackie is such a free spirit I do have to say also that some parts of the book had my heart pumping and it was because I was a little scared I was scared because I strongly believe in ghosts and the things that were happening were a little freaky but I LOVED the book Katie Jennings is AWESOME Will definitely be recommending this book

  3. Tina Tina says:

    WowThis book gave me the chills It had a great creepy ghost story that took uite a few unexpected turns and totally blew my mind I enjoyed the charactersthe way they mysteriously came together and the way Grace handled her reluctance to be involved with the whole ghost hunting nonsense She threw sarcasm like a pro LOLGreat storyline Creepy ghosts and fun characters I highly recommend it

  4. Carmen Pacheco Carmen Pacheco says:

    As Jackie headed northeast toward the rising sun a doctor five hundred miles away was receiving a late night phone call that would change her life forever And in Seattle a ghost hunter awoke from a strange dream the name of a woman he’d never met on his lips Grace He fell back asleep and forgot the dream but fate had done its job Soon he and his partner would hit the road on the hunt for the paranormal Four strangers were unknowingly en route to each other bound for a tiny seaboard town in Massachusetts To a house that had claimed the life of a sparrowThis was an unusual beginning as there are four central characters but the female leads Jackie and Grace take center stage immediately; rich details of their backgrounds setting the mood for empathy Their male counterparts our dynamic ghost hunters Ian and Alex are introduced and explored but our knowledge of them is limited to present day interactions with the women They’re so swoon worthy you won’t feel cheated trust me Honestly I came to expect the unexpected with So Fell the Sparrow and was genuinely happy for having put my faith in author Katie Jennings Be warned This is not a campfire tale to elicit uick thrills This book’s effects lingeryikesI’m scaring myself all over againJackie is a nomadic medium whose ability of “sight” earned her father’s castigation and reproach for communicating with demons Having the wherewithal to run away from a poisonous environment Jackie embraces her gift drifting from town to town availing herself to the afterlife A spirit encounter guides her to her next destination Grace the rigid doctor who recently lost her parents in a car crash only to discover her fiancé in bed with her BFF following her parents’ services has just arrived at the Sparrow House a property inherited through her father’s willbut kept a secret After a week of adjusting to the small town fervent to keep interaction with the locals to a minimum Grace experiences her first disturbance the cries of a child Mourning the loss of her parents but rationalizing the grief with an excess of bitterness Grace has now inherited unwanted attention“I need to know if there’s something about you that brought these spirits out Nellie says she experienced nothing in the house until you arrived Ergo you are in some way shape or form the crucial piece of the puzzleThe cloud that hangs over you may be what’s attracting these spirits They’re drawn to you because you’re in a weakened emotional state”While honest probably not the best pick up line Ian Let me be direct Grace was not an easy woman to love She was uite nasty in fact When she wasn’t lambasting Ian and Alex for their chosen profession whose services were acuired by a good intentioned neighbor Grace was repeatedly insulting and kicking people out of the Sparrow House don’t you dare call it her home At some point during Grace’s introspection she did consider she might be a wee abrupt I was feeling a bit underwhelmed by the story and turned off my Kindle When a particularly grueling stomach pain woke me up in the middle of the night and I grew restless I resumed reading Big mistake Ms Jennings hit her stride when addressing the heart of the story a ghost haunting Praying the sound of “soft crying” so eerily described in the book was just in my head since the cats were curled up on my bed completely exonerating them I was thankful to live in a one story home For all intents and purposes however I immersed and traversed the creepy hall with Grace assaulted by all the images it provoked Well doneWhen further proof of hostility invades the Sparrow House and convinces Grace she needs Ian Alex and Jackie’s expertise a full investigation is set up for Halloween when the veil between the living and dead is transparent The suspense was deftly maintained by Ms Jennings as we’d gleaned apparitions and witnessed a death scene in the harbor adjacent to the home I was plagued by a myriad of hypotheticals; dying to go through the search and discovery Kill me with the last line at the conclusion of Chapter 8CHILLS Chapter 9 holds its own; keeping me riveted and mesmerized in absolute fear WOW And Ms Jennings doesn’t let up While the mysteries start to unfurl and piece together the menace escalates threatens and manifests during a séance amongst other “scare the shit out of you” moments Wow is a paltry interjection This is one scary mofo of a bookSubtly interwoven are uniue love stories to dilute the terror lol While Grace and Ian are tempestuous personalities who survive off of sarcasm and red wine their repeated clashes dare the other to take closer notice They coalesce into a fiery harmony Jackie’s childhood torment tethers her anger but she resurrects like the Phoenix herself when Alex accepts her unconditionally Fates and a family tree align this group to uncover evil and restore peace within the home and themselves Freakinglovedthisbook

  5. Kevin Hammond Kevin Hammond says:

    I think about the cover now that I have reached the end of the story I think about how that image tells the story so perfectly well in places this story is dark and filled with mystery there is some amount of grief it is a ghost story and the plot reflects the atmosphere of that same image on the coveryou can tell when you are reading this that the writer dearly loves the ghost hunting scene I didn't find it hard to latch onto some of the devices the ghost hunters were using or the terminology even though I had to read on a bit to find out what a Mel meter is it fit very well with me because there were so many other elements to this story it is sad mystery laced a bit of some of the good horror moments; that may be a sort of salute to the supernatural horror genre and there's also a bit of a love story unraveling I think definetly something for everyoneI read this very uickly and found that kind of broad appeal and riveting plot line I was hoping forso then there's that dilemma I have read a few stories by this writer and had told myself that When Empires fall was as good as it could get now there's this one and I have a bit of trouble deciding which is my favourite

  6. Amy Lotsberg Amy Lotsberg says:

    You know how when you're reading a book sometimes each chapter or section is from a different person's point of view? It's still written in 3rd person but you can tell that you're 'seeing' the story through the eyes of a certain character Well she does this but it's all jumbled up One sentence will be from one character POV and the next another It's distractingThat said I really liked the story Hated the main character at first You're kind of supposed to but for me so much so that I almost uit reading I was sure she wouldn't be able to redeem herself still not sure she did But I liked the other charactersSo I did find flaws? things I didn't care for I enjoyed it overall and would read from her just to see if she can get hat POV thing down because I like her stories

  7. Sylvia Walker Sylvia Walker says:

    This was a truly scary book I hate it when I read a ghost story only to have it turn out that for one lame reason or another there are no real ghosts That was certainly not the case here; So Fell the Sparrow offers up plenty of ghosts including some real baddies Some of the scenes were chilling Grace the skeptic was not as sympathetic a character as Jackie nor Ian as Adam but I didn't want anything bad to happen to any of them It was interesting how Jackie who can see ghosts and Mercy who is one both had abusive childhoods and responded so differently as adults Sally the little sparrow and the messenger sparrows were very compelling to the story Won't be walking around the house in the dark for a while now

  8. Sara Daniell Sara Daniell says:

    I normally don't read ghostly books because they just aren't my thing Mainly because they keep me up all night and the hubby gripes because every light is on in the house as soon as the sun goes down BUT although this book did have some spine tingling hair standing on end moments Mrs Jennings added enough to the story that helped ease the spook I was so caught up in the story line that the scary stuff really didn't bother me it just intrigued me to keep reading on I give this book 55 stars Great job yet again Katie

  9. Georgianna Simpson Georgianna Simpson says:

    This is a marvelously scary tale and love story at the same time It's well written and flows effortlessly I love the characters and the setting It's a great read really exciting I loved the plot and twists in the storyline I highly recommend this to all who love ghost stories and romance

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So Fell the Sparrow ➻ So Fell the Sparrow Download ➼ Author Katie Jennings – An alternate cover for this isbn can be found hereA skeptic a ghost hunter a tech genius and a medium Will the spirits winAfter the tragic death of her parents Dr Grace Sullivan inherits than she barg An alternate cover for this isbn can be found hereA skeptic a ghost hunter a tech genius and a medium Will the spirits winAfter the tragic death of her parents Dr Grace Sullivan inherits than she bargained for An empty house she’s never heard of a nosy So Fell PDF or neighbor and the restless spirits of a violent century old murder A hard nosed skeptic Grace refuses to believe in ghosts despite hearing sounds and seeing things that can’t be explained When she unearths antiue furniture from the basement the spirits become agitated and dangerous Ian Black and Alex Gallagher a team of ghost hunters come in to investigate Still denying the paranormal events in her home Grace can’t bring herself to take the ghost hunters or the psychic medium who teams up with them seriously As Grace struggles with her grief and the feelings she’s developing for headstrong Ian the disturbing mystery of the house deepens Now she’ll have to face the unbelievable before the spirits claim her for their own.