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The Lycan Hunter [PDF] ✈ The Lycan Hunter ✍ Kelsey Jordan – When Alexis James arrives at her first assignment in months she anticipates the danger and violence rife in her calling as a Lycan Hunter What she doesn’t expect is a handsome blue eyed wolf saving When Alexis James arrives at her first assignment in months she anticipates the danger and violence rife in her calling as a Lycan Hunter What she doesn’t expect is a handsome blue eyed wolf saving her life and kidnapping her Surrounded by the enemy Alexis must not only survive her prisoners but the bonds of a different sort that begin to form against her will Mikko Kyran was chosen by the gods to lead his pack and he has made it his mission to end the eight thousand years of war The Lycan PDF \ plaguing his people The Alpha never suspected that the key to the prophecy ending the Forever War would be held by a smart mouthed sexy Hunter determined to kill him Can two people from different worlds set aside everything they know about one another long enough to survive retribution from the Hunters the pack and the gods Or will their differences start a war that neither can win.

About the Author: Kelsey Jordan

Kelsey Jordan is the author of the Gardinian World Novels She is a collector of back packs pens and an unseemly amount of paper When she isn’t working on the series you can usually find her scrawling on something playing video games or taking glorious naps.

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  1. ZARIA (Sheldon Cooper lover) ZARIA (Sheldon Cooper lover) says:

    This book is not well known but deserves to be I can't stress enough how much I love the book and how great it is The author uses her characters to delve into the deeper issues of good and evil she does so in her own uniue style Rich descriptions and a fine eye for detail as well as a healthy dose of eroticism make fo a uniue take on the werewolf and hunter mythos she’s created an entirely new lycanthropic mythology that seamlessly fuses elements of fantasy romance and mystery She sucked in a breath and watched him as his predatory gaze trailed over her She tried to mimic the intensity of his stare but dominance contests weren’t her forte so she blinked That blink was all he’d needed She opened her eyes to find herself pinned underneath him“So are you trying to make me force feed you Hunter?”“No”“Then eat”“No”

  2. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Review posted at Swept Away By RomanceStory Rating 4 StarsHero Rating 5 StarsHeroine Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 4 StarsWorld Building Imagination 5 HUGE STARSAction Level 3 StarsEnding 4 StarsOverall Rating 4 StarsI was COMPLETELY taken in by the world building and imagination that Kelsey Jordan came up with in The Lycan Hunter She built a HUGE world that was very easy for me to envision and had me totally captivated by the places and the charactersAlexis James the heroine of this book is a Hunter Her sole purpose in life is to hunt down and kill Lycans She is a tiny warrior but lethal nonetheless I thought she was the perfect heroine for this book she was strong brave and she could kick some serious ass I also thought her back story was very well done and fit into the storyline perfectlyKyran the hero is a Lycan He can shift into wolf form in a blink of an eye He is also the Mikko which means he’s the leader of his pack He was an excellent hero always protective of the ones he cared about and lead his pack to the best of his abilities He was also very attractive and sexy; I could easily see why Alexis wanted himNot only did we get the perfect hero and heroine but we also got some SPECTACULAR secondary characters I have to say that the imagination that was used in creating ALL the characters made this a very interesting readAlthough this story was fast paced and had some nice action I found myself wishing these scenes would have been longer and described with a bit detail I also wished that the shifting from human form into wolf form would have had some kind of description instead of them just instantly transformedI love paranormal romances where the hero and heroine find their true mate This book took a different view on how Kyran and Alexis could tell that they were mates When the mating kicks in between these two the story heated up uite nicely I could definitely feel the connection they sharedNear the end something terrible happens and really played with my emotions My heart was breaking and tears where streaming down my face But with this being a paranormal romance even the most impossible of situations can and did end up in a good wayThe book ends on a happy note but left TOO many uestions rolling around in my head This book did NOT end in a cliffhanger but I was definitely wanting The Lycan Hunter is the first book in this series and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone that enjoys reading paranormal romances I really feel that Kelsey Jordan is a talented writer and I would definitely LOVE to read of her books in the future A copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  3. Susan A. Susan A. says:

    Kelsey Jordan has created a whole new reality for us Kyran and Alexis are born enemies He just wants an end to the war that has gone on forever safety for his family and his pack She has been raised to kill his kind on sight but even her own people seem to be out to get her killed They save each other's lives and find themselves in the soul of the otherI really liked Kyran and Lex They are both warriors but I loved that he is a good mix of domestic and alpha and doesn't try to curb her warrior tendenciesThey had had nearly polar opposite upbringings since he was loved by his family and his pack and her parents couldn't even bother to tell her good night but were uick to tell her how defective she wasThen there was Kyran's brother Ronan The relationship they have as brothers and as leaders for the pack is close special and very touching No Alpha caveman hiding of emotions these two are secure in their manhood and not afraid to express themselvesTo be the god of destruction Lykil is so adorable in some way He is a billy bad ass but fails miserably when he tries that act around Lex I love the word play he and Torin engage in constantly This book is packed with action and emotion in fact at one point I was bawling and was just about to shoot off a message to the author screaming WHY?? at her but I calmed down took a deep breath and kept reading It was a good thing I did You NEED to read this There were so many secondary characters who I think are just clamoring to tell their own story so I can't wait to see where she goes with this

  4. Douglas Meeks Douglas Meeks says:

    Once again I was not sure what to expect when I started this novel the synopsis was a bit vague on what it was which was a bit disappointing there were 11 reviews at the time I started this and all were 5 Star which always makes me suspiciousThe start of this book pulls you in rapidly and by the 20% mark I was already hooked the story of Alexis and Kyran was wonderful and original something I see less and less of these daysShe is a Hunter a group dedicated to pretty much killing all Lycans but due to constraints have been limiting themselves mainly to dangerous roguesHe is the God chosen leader of his pack and determined to end the Forever War between the two groups but the prophecy reads “When the Lycan and the Hunter come to an accord ” and you can see where things are going to goThere is a lot of action drama tragedy and surprisingly a nice bit of humor which all worked together to make a very entertaining book throw in several Gods that show up regularly and things get chaoticThe lovehate romance coupled with a “I am going to leave you to save you” mentality which I normally HATE was done with a talented touch which I actually enjoyed all things considered it was great Their relationship evolved into an epic romance and I can't wait to see the next one since there are many stories to be told and with the Gods showing up and changing things it won't get boring especially the God of Destruction who loves violent video games This being that book 1 was such a homerun I hope she can repeat it45 Stars which will be round to 5 on most places I might post this reviewDouglas C Meeks reviewing for Wicked Scribes

  5. Rachael Hyndman Rachael Hyndman says:

    I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewWhat a novel approach to shape shifters Kelsey Jordan has created a new world hidden within the human population are gods created shape shifters Lycans These shape shifters are hunted by The Hunters who were created by the gods to wipe out the shape shifters In this book we meet Alexis She is a hunter who is being tested by her Elder Council Her newest mission leaves her critically injured by a Lycan who has gone rogue Kyran the leader of all the Lycans finds Alexis injured and takes her back to his community where he performs life saving surgery on her It turns out that they can see each other's soul which means that they are soul mates Also there is some kind of prophecy about them coming to an accord in order to stop the war between the two factions This book is so cleverly crafted The characters are as well described as the world in which they inhabit There is a lot of humor and plenty of action within the story so that any reader will be well entertained and left waiting for I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series to see how all of this will play out

  6. Talitha (Victorian Soul) Talitha (Victorian Soul) says:

    DisclaimerI received this e book for free via a book promoter but in no way did it affect my literary taste buds This critiue is my honest opinionUsually with a genre like paranormal romance it's all about the romance with no focus on the paranormal aspects This book is an exception the mythology is thoughtfully constructed to the point that it borders on being labeled urban fantasy I truly have never read a paranormal romance uite like this one with its depth and originality in regards to the supernatural factor The romance didn't suffer for it and nor did the pacing of the plot a laudable feat as this is a debut novelThe PlotAlexis is a Hunter engaged in what is known as the Forever War with Lycans goddess formed beings who can shapeshift into an animal form Kyran is a newly elected Mikko packleader of the Blue Ridge pack taking over his deceased father's seat and responsibilities though he intends to end the Forever War by fulfilling a prophecy When the Lycan and the Hunter come to an accord the fallen goddess will be restored The problem with this is that the last Hunter Kyran met with vanished under mysterious circumstances Alexis comes into his life while trying to kill a traitor of his pack and her brother only to be inflicted with grievous injuries which he tends to But can he really fulfill the prophecy in a world that is rife with meddlesome gods?The first part of this book had some minor issues mainly the heroine's tendency to get in bad scrapes and risk her life but later on it was revealed why I was rather impressed with Kyran's personality often in wolf shifter books the packleader is an alpha male who treats his women like they are a given and comes off as overly cocky Not so with this hero he feels uietly confident and treats women with respect and dignity It seems worth mentioning that there was a Harem for the Blue Ridge pack in this book though not really used for what you'd think they're simply unemployed females without a purpose in a male led pack In addition to that there are female led packs with male harems so nothing for me to grouse about on the gender euality frontAlexis is a character I didn't relate with until halfway through in the story When you first read about her she sounds a lot like your average tough girl you might find in a multitude of urban fantasies She is a heroine who was always thought of as defective by her parents and the Hunter society and can't seem to realize she's actually proven them all wrong by being the best at what she does despite her flaws By the end of the book she felt like a different character but in a good way and without sacrificing her fortitudeThe part I enjoyed most about this book was the unexpected depth of the mythology Not only were there many gods of many personalities there were also rituals customs and an intriguing take on heaven and hell There was a god character who reminded me of the angel Lassiter from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series but other than that most of what I read was fresh or borrowed from ancient mythologyThe Lycan Hunter is a paranormal romance that combines mythology and prophecy into a tale of two lovers without sacrificing the story's momentum Although it was not one of my five star reads it is an exceptional book in a niche of novels where there is often no other plot besides a love story If you are looking for a paranormal romance that doesn't forfeit on either count this book is for youRating 4 of 5 stars for a surprisingly mythical paranormal romanceAs posted on my blog

  7. The Author Visits The Author Visits says:

    Note A copy of this book was provided by Kelsey Jordan in return for an honest review by The Author Visits teamReview by Kristin Lundgren The Author VisitsThe Lycan Hunter rises above the usual paranormal book into almost High Fantasy with it's complex world building mythology and rich cast of characters It is the story of Kyran a Talos wolf member of the beasthuman hybrid shapeshifters the Lycans and leader of his pack and of Alexis the top female Hunter whose job it is to wipe all Lycans from the earth Kyran strives to bring about peace between Lycans and the Hunters whose 8000 year old war has been kept secret from humans He believes that by bringing about understanding he will fulfill the prophecy When the Lycan and the Hunter come to an accord the fallen goddess will be restored and end the Forever War That goddess is Narn who is the mother of all Lycans but because of creating a new race on earth which is outside her purview she has been forever banished from Nunginn the grove of all life where they also return to be born again and the slate wiped clean Gardas is the home of these godsVarious other gods created The Hunters the Prophecy and dictated how Lycans could be killed Each Lycan has one soul mate who is destined to be their life partner When Alexis goes out after a rogue Lycan and is wounded it is Kyran who finds her and nurses her back to health Can their newfound relationship survive what is to come with meddlesome gods who can walk the earth back stabbing comrades in arms and various factions pitted against each other?This paranormal romance had a large and wide backstory with a great cast of supporting characters The descriptions of battles were terrific and exciting and the romance was tangible almost leaping of the pages There is plenty of humor in the banter and in one god in particular who is fond of violent video games The balance of the story between what feels at times to be true fantasy and the modern world works Yes they watch TV and have access to good medical supplies but they also live in caves The characters have strong moral codes and are dedicated to their family and friends They are willing to literally go to the ends of the earth and back for them I like the idea that there are beasthuman hybrids to explore in this same setting and thus flesh out some areas that I felt needed to be developed further The hero is a true alpha male in all ways but is not over aggressive to women and not at all condescending since in this book there are matriarchal packs and patriarchal packs His mother is a leader of a female pack His father was leader of his pack before him and his brother is his right hand man The heroine is a little hot headed and there is less backstory for her in the beginning but she grows on youWhat I had trouble with is something I also liked the complex backstory which is introduced in the prologue That backstory as rich and complex as it is is introduced without any framework of the story that will ultimately grow from it and thus did not make sense to me so I spent a lot of time going back and forth between it and the story which isn't as easy in a ebook and grew frustrating at times It was hard to keep track of all the places and people in the mythology as the names were all made up and some were tricky to sound out in your head I tend to read out loud in my head as I go so that's an issue with me for many fantasy books In that respect as with the characters it had that War and Peace feel to it of a broad sprawling canvas that needed Cliff notes to keep track of everything and everybody in the early part of the book There is a glossary at the back but in my rush to read it I didn't note that it was there at the back of the book as listed in the Table of Contents Putting it in the beginning would have helped or a short pre note to the prologue or after itMy main other complaint was the use of a familiar trope in fantasyparanormal The hero and heroine must be together for various reasons but in the beginning are pitted against each other and so this lovehate starts which must be broken down as the book progresses Although here it was broken down faster than most This device is used a lot in romance as well But she does manage to keep this fresh by not focusing too much on that and allowing the characters to develop a relationship albeit fairly fast The romance bloomed a little early for my tastes I like a slower burn There were a few grammatical errors or word choice errors but they didn't affect me or pull me out of the story

  8. Maghon Thomas Maghon Thomas says:

    I love werewolves They are always going to be my favorite supernatural character I love it even when they are totally cool and have this awesome background This is the story of the star crossed lovers kinda who kill each other’s kind who happen to fall for each other But think like Hunger Games type environment of kill or be killed with extreme military training for the hunters and some very HAWT wolves Serious action not so Romeo and Juliet but it can be sweet in between the death threats LOL I loved it So Alexis is our lovely lady hunter She had totally sucky parents Seriously I hope they die horribly soon Anyways she is from birth trained to do nothing but kill lycans aka werewolves She has never been shown love or affection or hell cartoons for that matter She is also taught that she is insignificant and defective by her peers and parents She has a crappy life until she is wounded uite badly and saved by a lycan She still tries to kill him when he saves her LOL It’s ok she misses However he seems to save her a lot in the story Alexis is very strong very independent she has one of the highest kill counts in the hunters And yet she totally gets sentimental when she’s finally shown decency She is always seeming to get hurt probably because she literally throws herself into battle She even saves the enemy who maybe isn’t the enemy after all I liked her character I wanted to hug her alot I’m glad things worked out like they did Kyran aka Ky is the HAWT piece LOL He’s the alpha of his pack and all he wants to do is have peace between the hunters and the shapeshifters They’ve been at war for thousands of years and he wants it over He will do anything even go above and beyond to befriend a hunter to try to make this happen Said Hunter happens to be Alexis who still wants to kill him and yet he’s in over his head because he can’t help his attraction to her Kyran is so sweet having the affectionate upbringing He has a totally awesome brother Ronan AND I am so happy to say that I’ve found two men who are good enough in their confidence to show each other their feeling without being sappy YES They had some of the best parts of the story Ky is a total catch man of your dreams droolworth main character GIMME ONE LOL And things are about to get really crazy for him There’s an astounding amount of really good side characters in here Ronan Ky’s brother and second Marce I’ve shortened her name cuz I forget how to spell it LOL Jillian Trinity some of the bad guys Torin he’s pretty awesome and Lykil the very awesome God of Destruction I love LOVE his character All of these characters as well as the mains were so well written Look I even remembered their names without reference They just stuck because I liked them I love when you enjoy the whole thing not just parts of a book Let talk about world building I love the new spin on who and what shapeshifters are and how they became I love the tension between the hunters and the shapeshifter You can seriously feel it I am totally all in for all the wonderful action that was in this book I kept feeling like I should be ducking bullets or fielding bombs or dodging punches It’s also very much an emotional ride because Alexis learns to be a whole new person with emotions attached while there are just some seriously devastating moments All I can say is PLEASE GIMME GIMME MORE REALLY PLEASE I know there has to be something because it’s really coming now but I need something LOL a WONDERFUL DEVELOPING ENGAGING WOLFY 5 PAWS

  9. Akeisha -Til& Akeisha -Til& says:

    Reviewed by Sharon I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review This is the story of Alexis James human Lycan hunter and Mikko Kyran the leader of the Lycan'sshape shifters Alexis is made to feel an outcast in her human community; even her parents don’t think much of her In her environment she is made fun of and treated as an inferior However even with no encouragement from her family and peers Alexis works and trains hard and is the best Lycan hunter Kyran is in the polar opposite environment He knows familial love and has a loyal group surrounding him Kyran is also a great hunter and strives to protect his clan from the human Lycan hunters As if that isn’t enough he is hot hot hot The book asks the uestion – “Can two people from different worlds set aside everything they know about one another long enough to survive retribution from the Hunters the pack and the gods? Or will their differences start a war that neither can win?”Before I continue I must admit that I am not a fan of paranormal books in fact there are very few that hold my attention The Lycan Hunter is only held my attention because it is one that I really like Kelsey Jordan is a very talented writer Once you begin to read The Lycan Hunter you will get sucked into this book and forget the real life world around you Kelsey is so creative and talented that your mind will uickly fall into the fantasy that she creates I can see the landscape the people and the events as they unfold clearly in my head The characters are some of the best I’ve met in paranormal romances Alexis and Kyran are both strong personalities One of the best features of Kyran’s personality is that he is secure in his leader status He never feels the need to put Alexis down to show his dominance He never tries to curb her need to be strong in her own right Who doesn’t love a man or shape shifter who can appreciate a successful womanThe other supporting characters are also uniue and loveable Ronan Kyran’s brother loves and respects his brother These two are not afraid to show their affection for one another They love their parents and appreciate their uniue lifestyle I can’t forget to mention the gods that are an integral part of the story They play key roles in the story especially Lykil the god of destruction When he makes his appearance my stomach did flips I was worried about this god of destruction but surprisingly he actually adds some cute light moments to the story Kelsey Jordan has done one hell of job with this book She creates a mythical world that the reader falls into and enjoys There is love hate conflict and romance—what could a romance loving reader want Be prepared to laugh cry and want There are two books currently planned for the series I can’t wait to see what is coming next

  10. Twin Sisters Rockin& Twin Sisters Rockin& says:

    Overall Rating 4 Rockin’ ★★★★Kyran is a lycan the eldest son of the alpha and now the leader of his pack at his father’s death He was chosen to lead by his father and the gods of his people because of his forward thinking For over eight thousand years there has been a war between shifters and hunters called the Forever War Kyran has studied the ancient text of his people and found a prophecy about how to end the conflict The prophecy involves a shifter and a hunter working together to stop the war He has found a hunter that is willing to listen to him and work with him to end the conflict The hunter’s name is Torin and he has disappeared Another hunter has come into the area hunting a rogue shifter that is killing indiscriminately Alexis is a hunter and the most successful female hunter in the organization She was raised by parents that lived breathed and did nothing but existed for the hunter organization They instilled in both of their children that nothing was important than giving themselves and their lives completely to the Hunter Organization When her parents were part of the punishment and death of her brother for trying to broker peace with the shifters Alexis knew her days were numbered too She was constantly sent on dangerous missions by herself without back up and she knew that they were trying to have her killed When Kyran and Alexis meet he sees her All lycans see their soul mates in color and only their mates He cannot believe that the gods would give him a hunter as a mate She is severely wounded and Kyan takes her back to his pack and heals her Alexis is torn because of the feeling that she feels for the lycan he is so different from all the things she thought she knew about shifters He is intelligent kind loving and protective of his people Both of them know that their people will never accept a mating between the two of them Are the gods laughing at the situation they find themselves in? They cannot live without each other but at the same time cannot be together or can they? This is a must read book Hero –Kyran 4 starsHeroine –Alexis 4 starsSteam 4 stars Plot 4 stars Cliffhanger NoWould I recommend this book Yes Gods Goddesses Shifters Lycans and Hunters all intertwined in an amazing story that provides all the action a reader could possibly want to read Love will find away and the end of this book is not what you would expectWould I recommend this author Yes What an amazing mind Ms Jordan reveals in the stories that she creates for her readers Love this author and her uniue approach to the shifter world Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest reviewThe Lycan HunterKelsey Jordan

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