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I Will Rise ❰Download❯ ➹ I Will Rise Author Michael Louis Calvillo – Thomashillier.co.uk Charles is an ugly potbellied acne scarred line chef with a deformed left hand that triggers massive seizures After a run in with a cop and his dog Charles is thrust into death only to be risen again Charles is an ugly potbellied acne scarred line chef with a deformed left hand that triggers massive seizures After a run in with a cop and his dog Charles is thrust into death only to be risen again with the newfound ability to kill people simply by touching themHis mission of course is to annihilate the human raceAnnabelle is a fiery redhead physically blind I Will Kindle - with a serious appetite for apocalyptic mayhem She is charged with guiding and orchestrating Charles on his journey to “save” humanityRelishing the opportunity to make the world suffer Charles embraces his bloody destiny but as his killing touch spreads death and destruction self doubt and self loathing plague him as he falls for AnnabelleAs his feelings deepen Charles wonders if he has been shunned by society for most of his existence or if his loneliness is a by product of his own ignorance As realization flowers and regrets begin to surface he must make a choice between the screams of the dead and the pleas of the livingDoes all of humanity really deserve to perish at his hands Is it too late for Charles to defy death escape meat cleaver wielding pro human maniacs prevent zombie hordes from rising and stop the cataclysmic forces raging inside his bodyOr does the human virus need to be destroyed once and for all.

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  1. Michele Lee Michele Lee says:

    I Will Rise is a strange tale from the beginning The prose is a jarring mix of common even gutter slang super cool Nothing super wrong soooo and sheer weight ferocity of my utterance as if the writer is undecided on his own voice The voice wavers between a musing reminiscence and addressing the reader in a conversational toneIf there wasn't a sense of repulsion from this almost anti hero from the beginning the narrator's well described efforts to keep himself from masturbating through body funk visualization in the first chapter should be enough By the end of the first chapter we know that Charlie is a socially awkward fat oily ugly man who is a victim of the media and society and of the parents who casually called him a fucking nut job He fakes seizures and steals but won't let himself be sexually aroused because God is watchingCalvillo's voice the overwhelming main building block of the book is intense and disarming Certainly dispirited readers will find much to connect with But the flow of thought style is distracting obscuring a plot that doesn't begin until 50 pages in with a half hearted attempt at poisoning people followed by a confusing death and rebirth into being the reformer of mankind There's a disassembled feel to the story an expanded and at times out of control version of the feel of the cult movie Fight Club I Will Rise absolutely captures the tilting half insane anarchist feel but with rawness and less refinementIf readers can accept the hallucinations and ranting flow of thought style in this dizzying tale of horror and social degradation they'll likely list I Will Rise as one of their favorites but definitely as one of the most memorable books they've ever readI Will Rise is available in print at major bookstores or ebook form from Lachesis Publishing

  2. GUD Magazine GUD Magazine says:

    Charlie works as a line chef in a seafood restaurant Since birth he's been plagued by an odd growth in the palm of his left hand and seizures that are apparently triggered there rather than in the brain He's unhappy with himself with his job with his life and has turned inwards hating himself and everyone else Yet under his loathsome at least by his own account exterior there's a man desperately seeking his place in the world And if God won't give it to him then he'll find it for himselfFor the first forty five pages or so of this novel nothing much happens Instead of a plot we're treated to an apparently endless stream of consciousness tirade from the first person narrator There's some important information about page twenty nine where mystery woman Annabelle first appears but apart from that you won't lose much by skipping straight to page forty seven and reading from thereEven then there's a lot of repetition needless introspection and time wasting what shall i dos but at least stuff is happening Weird stuff Spooky stuff Almost weird and spooky enough to be worth tolerating the overwritten and at times turgid narration But not uiteIn the hands of a experienced writer and an editor with an endless supply of red pens this story could have become something intriguing and perhaps genuinely frightening At present everything good about it is overwhelmed by what's bad

  3. Nicholas Nicholas says:

    For Michael we miss you and here's a review I did of this book when it first came outA high school English teacher wrote this no kidding In all of my educational years growing up from grades pre thru all the way up to junior college I never knew a single teacher regardless of vocational discipline to write a novel like this His students must really dig himAnd here again we have a first novel this time fallen right smack dab into our favorite genre and the one I should be constantly dealing with in the first place outright in your face kind of horror with plot devices and characters and situations that grab you by the balls or region thereof if you have not balls Bottom line Charles our main character who from first person narrates the tale is one dude with wrenches thrown into the mechanics of his social life to the point he’s disciplined his private thoughts against even the temptation of masturbation He’s just a joe with a shitass job and a clinically malfunctioned jittery hand until a confrontation with a police officer and his hound and the ghostly vision of a girl he encountered at a library suddenly play a part in that hand coming to life its palm a black hole of fathomless vacuous suction with anyone it touches and like a vacuum cleaner set on nightmare it sucks the life right from you A frickin’ dog gets swallowed up in it And yet all he has to do is touch you and you’re dead in a couple days and those who touch you are dead in just as much time The girl from the library as it turns out is really a chubby blind girl in Arizona who appears to Charles in visions while she dreams and in that vision she’s sexy and actually sees She tells him a dreamer actually dreamt this world and the dreamer is awakening and everyone must die to be savedor something like thatand Charles is to purge this world relentlessly by killing everyone in it But then there are the many people that dreamt of him doing so and who fervently attempt to stop him Not to mention throughout his exploits to kill mankind his face is all over the news Ultimately a popular televised psychic may be behind it all but the only way Charles can find out the truth behind the possibly greater role he has to play is to continue down his path of global destruction and see what happens next Calvillo has this his first novel as well as an extremely impressive promotional campaign to launch him down a path to certain literary success if he keeps this up I love hot girls that drive me to kill and In 24 hours everyone you know will be dead are splashed across business cards and related marketing material are good catch phrases but do they measure up to all the hype? You betcha But I'm a redemption addict and there are elements of the story and the character of Charles which render me unsympathetic to him; the focal point of firepower Calvillo directs towards us in first person with him should I feel lead him into a palpable resolution But all that shouldn't dissuade you from reading it is just banter from me to the author I think the reading public who digs horror will lap this stuff up Truly its nonconformity as Calvillo boasts as part of the sort of writing discipline he's utilized to describe how he writes in author bio blurbs is indeed just that and that's part of what makes this work special That and for an English teacher with a dark side I Will Rise makes for a perfect addition to any library

  4. Jamey Jamey says:

    In his brilliant debut novel Michael Louis Calvillo tells the story of Charlie a frustrated and disillusioned line chef who's just trying to fit into a world that he doesn't really like to begin with He was born with a strange growth on the palm of his hand and eventually realizes that he can bring death just by touching someone He also that his purpose is to destroy humanity I don't want to give away too much plot so i'll just say that the writing was superb and the idea is very original Like a few others said it does start off kinda slowly but if you stick with it you'll get your reward at the end If you're looking for something other than the ordinary zombie vampire ghoust etc stories you should definitely give this one a try

  5. David Agranoff David Agranoff says:

    I have interacted with the author through e mail and message boards and thought he was a nice guy Authors who I really respect talked highly of this novel I maybe alone in this opinionbut i was disappointed by this book I had high hopes but could not get into this book at all It seemed to try way to hard to be fight club but it lacked the sharp wit of Chucky P

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