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Theft at the Fair and Other Stories ❮Reading❯ ➵ Theft at the Fair and Other Stories ➭ Author Gita V. Reddy – This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN B00DW2PZSAAge Group 9 12'The Theft and Other Stories' starts a new series ' 'IT's A MYSTERY As the name suggests the books in this series will have short sto This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN the Fair Epub Ù BDWPZSAAge Group 'The Theft and Other Stories' starts a new series ' 'IT's A MYSTERY As the name suggests the books in this series will have short stories based on mysterious happening and of course brilliant solutionsThis book has four stories Hitesh Case The burglary has everyone puzzled Hitesh child prodigy chess master math whiz kid says the thief came on a camel and used Theft at Epub / a ladder The police Inspector finds this hard to believe but such is everyone faith in Hitesh that the inspector decides to uestion a group of camel drivers What if Hitesh is wrongShanta Tai Jasoos An advertisement appears in all leading newspapers for the sale of MrSarma's house but he does not want to sell his house Obviously a gang of criminals wants his house desperately Shanta Tai their maid of twelve years and the children at the Fair ePUB ☆ Dev and Deepa decide to do somethingTheft at the Fair Chitra and her cousins go to the fair and little Aarti their two year old cousin follows themChitra is the oldest and it becomes her responsibility to take care of the younger ones She does too by keeping them together and keeping Aarti close The fair is crowded and there are many sights like the Well of Death the Hall of Mirrors etcThey return home and at the Fair and Other Kindle - it is found that Aarti is missing an ornament When she had followed them she was decked up in all traditional finery for a family function Chitra blames herself and feels the others do too She is determined to find the thief for which she at the Fair and Other Kindle - revisits the fair and its dangers tooThe Mother Goddess A motherless boy Jeevan spends most of his time in the temple of Mother Saraswathi To him the goddess is his friend and mother So he is naturally devastated when the idol disappears from the shrineHe finds a clue that leads to the idol being recovered before it is smuggled out of the country to be sold as an antiue.

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  1. Darlene Darlene says:

    Disclosure I was given this book for an honest reviewGita V Reddy the author lives in India Her books take place in India So I suggest that this presents an educational opportunity for parents and teachers Pull out the encyclopedias books about India andor make sure Google is available Though Gita takes the time to explain terms or words within the story that are regional it would stop the flow of the story to explain everything India And this set of stories keeps you reading even as an adult The mysteries are right up front I love that they help the reader to learn to use their powers of observation That was the only super power I would allow my children to use Otherwise with cape flowing they would have jumped from second story windows So no capes or pretending other powersSince I should have written this yesterday I can't remember exactly but I think each of the stories was about some kind of theft Well duh it is there in the title of the book wink wink I did wonder if there was a higher incidence in India than America But realized that it could be localized here also I live in a small town population approximately one thousand and I assume we have as much crime here per capita as LA usually drug related So India is probably comparable AND I prefer a mystery that has to do with theft over kidnapping or murder And in this case it is the smart children that figure it out Hopefully that comes with the conversation that kids who see something should say something to parents teachers authorities etc So this book is valuable for all that the reader puts into it The author mentions money statements Another Google shows us what that means and how it translates to American money But than anything else these stories are fun and show us how much we have in common and teach us about other people respecting others and their properties And did I mention these stories are funI highly recommend this book to everyone especially parents and teachers to facilitate a great learning experience

  2. Ray Simmons Ray Simmons says:

    Reviewed for Readers FavoriteTheft at the Fair and OTHER STORIES is a delightful collection of mysteries by Gita V Reddy These tales are detective stories for kids in the tradition of the Nancy Drew and Tom Hardy tales I read and enjoyed as a boy The stories are very logically laid out and the protagonist solve the mystery in a straightforward and logical step by step matter that takes the reader along a path that will introduce and reinforce the habit of critical thinking The majority of the stories also involve using math to get to the solution which is an added bonus in America where our children’s math skills are supposed to be falling behind those of the children in Europe and Asia The bottom line for any collection of stories for children though is are they entertaining Are they fun to read The answer here is a resounding YesI think it helps that Theft at the Fair and OTHER STORIES are tales from another culture Aside from learning critical thinking kids can learn a little about how children live in other countries They also get to see that although kids from other countries might speak differently eat different foods and have a different religion they are still kids just like them and enjoy having good clean fun and being helpful The characters are well drawn and easy to bond with The plots and action are age appropriate and the writing is great Kids everywhere will enjoy this fun collection by Gita V Reddy

  3. Donadee& Donadee& says:

    Here is another book by our author that has four stories giving us four things to be learned Each one is a lesson in life that should be shared with our youthWhat did I like I truly loved the way that each story used something very common to tell its story in this case mystery and how they can be solved by using what has been given to us Our brain Three of the stories use math to help solve the mystery telling us also to continue our learning skills One shows how our love of something or someone can guide us What did I dislike Again nothing in the story but sometimes the gullibility of people can put us in a bad way It seems that if we learned to pay attention we would save ourselves a lot of problemsWhat are you going to like Four beautiful stories that are well developed and bring forth information that should be shared with our youth of today Each one touching in its own way but told in way that all ages can learn and enjoy Ms Reddy puts a lot of research into her books and it shows Lots of detail and vivid descriptions bring her stories to life and all very deserving of five stars

  4. Autumn Autumn says:

    received this book to give an honest reviewSo K and I have really loved this author's work and especially her mystery books She adds different mysteries with each chapter so you very well entertained and wondering who has done itToo me this is awesome because now K is learning about different genres in books and that mystery is one of them He actually asked me why isn't the same detective in each chapter and of course I had no answer for him lol Now as much as I love the stories the names at times were very hard to pronounce so I just attempted my best I don't think K noticed but for others it may be a bit of an issue I really liked how each mystery was solved and if you listened or read very carefully then you can help solve the mystery as well I think the neat thing about it all is that children are the ones solving the crimes that are being committed It isn't adults or the police it is actually children that is really neat I can't wait to see of what the author is going to write as I know K will enjoy it

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Gita Reddy is a fantastic author who is able to educate kids in a new and fun way I absolutely love the education value in 3 short stories This is such a great way to encourage younger readers to learn outside of the classroom

  6. Michelle (Michelle& Michelle (Michelle& says:

    A great children's story Four separate mysteries that will have your child thinking and solving the story at hand Also cultural lessons that I found very interesting This author writes wonderful children's books and I would highly recommend any of them

  7. Peggy Peggy says:

    SPOILER FREEA pretty good mystery that will keep the young ones reading till the end Challenging their little minds into trying to figure the story out An all around great Christmas stocking stufferReceived for an honest review

  8. Victoria Zigler Victoria Zigler says:

    What an excellent collection of stories I liked how maths and problem solving skills were used to solve things in most of the stories and thought 'The Mother Goddess' was a very touching story

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