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The Dartmouth Cobras Box Set (The Dartmouth Cobras, #1-3) ✶ The Dartmouth Cobras Box Set (The Dartmouth Cobras, #1-3) Epub ✹ Author Bianca Sommerland – Learn to play the gameKnights of ice and Masters in the bedroom The Dartmouth Cobras struggle to save their franchise while losing their hearts to the only women who can handle how hard and fast they Learn to play the gameKnights Cobras Box PDF ✓ of ice and Masters in the bedroom The Dartmouth Cobras struggle to save their franchise while losing their hearts to the only women who can handle how hard and fast they live Between corrupt owners pressure from fans and the media and desires beyond the norm they have to fight to make their mark as a hockey team All the men share a common goal The Dartmouth MOBI :↠ Giving their all on the ice And in loveGAME MISCONDUCT The Dartmouth Cobras DEFENSIVE ZONE The Dartmouth Cobras BREAKAWAY The Dartmouth Cobras .

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  1. Crazy for Books (Stephanie) Crazy for Books (Stephanie) says:

    ARC provided through NetGalley by publisher for an honest review Game Misconduct Dartmouth Cobras #1 35 SPANK ME STARSOkay it was tough getting into the book I was very confused by many of the characters They go by either a first name or last name which makes it much confusing Since there are many team member who are a major part of this story that's what causes the confusion There are names being thrown all over the placeAlso there are varying points of view that happen from paragraph to paragraph The story is a little basic but the redeeming part of this story was the BDSM moments with her many lovers Each one is crazy hot Though there was no clear reason for Oriana's father to treat her they way he does even when it turns out she's been right all along I get that her desire to be wanted loved an accepted was the precursor for her relationship with the guys from the teamOn to the next book in the series Defensive Zone Dartmouth Cobras #2 3 GOALIE STARSSilver is the younger spoiled wannabe actress sister to Oriana Delgado from Game Misconduct She's back home because her father is ill Instead of giving control of the Dartmouth Cobras to Oriana who is an avid hockey fan and businesswoman he's given the control to Silver Silver who knows nothing about hockey other than the men are hot and she went slept her way through the team before she'd left town the last timeNow she has to gain the respect of the team Oriana's spouses Dean Richter the GM Dom and Silver's new love interest as well as figure out her feelings for the new Goalie Landon BowerI liked this one not as much as the first one Some of my uestions from the first book were answered in this book About why their father had so much hate for Oriana Although I still think he's a hard hearted ass especially to blame a child for his and his wife's actions though they were unwarranted He still treated Oriana terribly and deserves all the pain he's getting from his ailment I thought the relationship with Dean was great Especially once Silver realized that Asher and Cedric were using her and she deserved so much from a man who was in her life I got her attraction to Landon but still don't get why he thought he wasn't good enough for her and put himself into the friend zone until Dean forced the issueI'm definitely curious about Sebastian Ramos and would love to get of him I also wonder if Becky Landon's sister will feature prominently any future story linesThe one criticism I have that I think I forgot to put in the first book review is that there are so many characters in these books and the author uses both first and last names when referring to them that it sometimes gets confusing I find myself trying to remember who someone is when she's switched from a first name to a last name later in the bookAll in all I found it a little longer than it should have been Unlike the first book in the series it took a while for things to get moving and the relationships to form The author seemed to play with the idea of them than in the first book But I love my menages and will continue to read the next story Breakaway Dartmouth Cobras #3 3 CONNECTED STARSJami Richter is back and determined to make her past mistakes up to her father by showing him that she can share in his interest for Hocking by being a part of the Dartmouth Cobras She's trying out to be an Ice Girl where she meets Akira and they become fast friends During a photo shoot she meets and is immediately captivated by Defenseman Sebastian Ramos Sebastian is immediately taken with Jami as well More than any other woman in a long time Their flirting is palpable and shows in the photos that her father and Ford Delgado formerly Kingsley both see But Sebastian has complicated tastes Jami isn't sure he wants her or someone else But once she knows what he's like though he's trying to take things slowly she can't help but fall into her old patterns with his guidance Sebastian becomes her Master and feeds her desires Jami also has a few strange things happen to her which causes Ford to ask his friend Colt to watch out for her Though they aren't together any he still cares about her If he hadn't targeted her to get to her father in Defensive Zone she probably never would have overdosedLuke Carter also has to figure out who and what he wants from their relationship Once they all come together they are a real unitI thought the sex was great I also thought that the mystery behind who was after Jami was well done I like that the author is finally writing a real story with these characters and not just a platform for them to have sex I like that the thread of one story builds into the next book Like what happens with Rebecca Pearce and Demyan and not all togetherAlso I'm freaking out about what will happen with Oriana Sloan Max and Dominik I always wondered how that would fall out as Sloan as a sadist is so possessive of Oriana and a little jealous of Dominik and his control over them allI am willing to read a book on just how that falls into place But I'm sure the author will throw it into one of the next books I like how the previous couples have moments in the next booksNow for what I don't like I couldn't believe that with everything that Jami was going through the author would have her father front and center at the beginning then he seems to drop of the planet when things really get real She writes later that he's been trying to call and she wasn't picking up but we got none of that through a large part of the story Just was like an afterthought since she hadn't written about him in a while And since he was all of a sudden becoming a helicopter parent why wouldn't he try to track her down?view spoilerAlso I was a little not happy with Luke Carter's character He went from being this sweet funny guy who was into sleeping around to this guy who was totally freaking out I guess figuring out what you like and want could be the issue but I just felt it was a little over the top and he wasn't very thoughtful of Jami It just felt like he was interested in Sebastian than Jami And that always confuses me I got the eual interest concern and attraction from Sebastian for Jami and Luke but not from Luke hide spoiler

  2. Debra Johnson Debra Johnson says:

    Genres; Adult Contemporary Erotica RomanceRead Game Misconduct The Dartmouth Cobras #1 back in 2013 Even with the typoediting errors I loved it Went crazy when I found this bundle Read Defensive Zone The Dartmouth Cobras #2 Feb 2016 Then Breakaway The Dartmouth Cobras #3 in March 2016I'm not into to sports much and know nothing about hockeyBut these books make me care not only about the characters but also the sportMs Sommerlands story don't just sizzle the combustI have become an avid fan of her stories Nobody writes MFM like hers Uniue and erotic Super sexy and steamy

  3. Nikki Sex Nikki Sex says:

    OMG I LOVED this series This series has it all so be prepared It is the ultimate in BDSM smorgasbord Menage multiples but the sex is SUPER hot it is not just sex but making luuuuvvvvvv A number of characters fall in love during this box set This series has MMFFF female and three hot men bondage whips various toyssuper hot hockey player Dom's and subs Knife playgood lord Did the author miss out on anything? Not that I could see There is also an unexpected and entertaining plot This was fun for me to read True I LOVE HOCKEY And the games were almost as exciting as the sex Ok That isn't true But they were excitingThank you Snarky mom for advising me to read this series wwwfacebookcomSnarkyMomReads

  4. Dawn Pressel Dawn Pressel says:

    I hate this girls father and can't continue to read this

  5. Casey Casey says:

    Thank you to the author and Netgalley for providing a copy for an honest reviewI enjoy reading erotic books I do not consider myself a prude so when I could not bring myself to finish reading this series I was surprised I have attempted to pick back up a few times and I just cannot get into this series There are multiple partner scenes than Carters got pills and I did not even get 50% through book one These are not short erotic stories for a book of this length I needed than the multi partner sex to get me through DNF not for me

  6. Shaly Shaly says:

    1 Game Misconduct103117 1101173 StarsWell this was a huge mind fuck I'm not sure how I feel about everything that happened in this Oriana was just so fucked up she was a smart woman but had huge 'daddy issues' At her age that shit just made her look pathetic Its not like her dad ever showed that he even remotely cared about her so why the obsession with becoming the perfect daughter is beyond me The man was an asshole in every sense of the word and she still sought his approval Her relationship with the guys was a bit crazy Her indecisiveness was frustrating it was hard to know what she wanted because she couldn't make a decision to save her life At times she was feisty and wicked which I loved but most of the time she was just a shy wallflower who was loyal to the wrong peopleagain patheticOverall it was an okay read tons of BDSM elements for fans of that genre There are way to many unanswered uestions1 What happened to Paul after the owners found out about his fixes?2 Why exactly did Oriana's father hate her so much when all she did was abide by his barbaric rules?3 Why appoint Silver as his go to after the way she humiliated him? Her fatherBTWDominik Masona black guy who plays hockey and listens to country music WTF2 Defensive Zone110117 1102173 StarsThis wasn't so bad It was really hard to like Silver when she acted like an entitled brat but when her vulnerable side came out it was hard not to like her I felt bad for her because despite her shitty attitude she really did have a low opinion of herself Yeah she made some bad choices but she wasn't stupid just sadly misguided Once she fully accepted both Dean and Landon her life became so much better she still had a crappy attitude but it was much easier to get where she was coming from Again we are left with unanswered uestions in this second book my biggest uestion is regarding Ford? WTF Anthony Delgado is such an asshole but despite his godawful attitude he has two daughters who are willing to do anything just to get his approval? He isn't worth dog shit on the bottom of their shoes so why are these two girls so fucking loyal to him? All the fuss and muss and he once again proves what a twat he is by accepting Ford fucking Kingsley as his son Hope Mr Delgado knows the devil is waiting for him with wide fucking open arms Douche3 Breakaway110217 1105174 StarsI enjoyed this book much than the first two Sebastian was super hot Loved him because even though he was a super alpha Dom he was so vulnerable and wasn't afraid to show that side of himself When Luke walked out on the relationship he hurt Sebastian so much It was enlightening to see someone so strong and resilient wear his heart on his sleeve A lot was going on in this book my biggest uestionwhat is going to happen between Max Sloan Dominik and Oriana? Why do I get the feeling that Dominik is going get left behind

  7. January Apted January Apted says:

    OMG this author was new to me and when I started reading this super steamy series about Hot hockey players I could not put it down I can't wait to read from this series and from this author

  8. Victoria Victoria says:

    It is a great book to read

  9. Rose Nickol Rose Nickol says:

    Great bookI'm not a hockey fan but the life Ms Summerland breathes into her characters makes the book very enjoyable I can't wait to read the next one

  10. E.J. Frost E.J. Frost says:

    Not for me Highly recommended by a friend but the slow pacing and lack of spark put me off Did not finish

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