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The Children of Yden ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ The Children of Yden By S.G. Rogers ❄ – 2014 RONE FinalistCrowned Heart Award from InD'Tale MagazineAs Jon’s magical training begins his budding romantic attraction to Kira jeopardizes his relationship with Brett At the same time the Drag RONE FinalistCrowned Heart Award from InD'Tale MagazineAs Jon’s magical training begins his budding romantic attraction to Kira jeopardizes his relationship with Brett At the same time the Dragon Clan is The Children MOBI :↠ bringing the Earth born children of Yden’s wizards back home Unfortunately the Fox Clan has also been recruiting these teen wizards for its own sinister plans The mysterious Guinn of the Fox Clan is searching for a weapon known as the Portal Key and is than willing to kill for it Jon becomes increasingly desperate and reckless in his uest to thwart the Fox Clan but he discovers—too late—his enemy is closer than he thinks.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 328 pages
  • The Children of Yden
  • S.G. Rogers
  • 06 May 2015

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  1. Juli Juli says:

    Children of Yden the second book in the Yden series by SG Rogers sees teen wizard Jon Hansen return to Yden to master his magic under his grandfather uixoran’s tutelage Meanwhile he learns his clan is searching Earth for their lost childrenTheir nemesis the Fox Clan is gathering its own children and mysterious Guinn of the Fox clan seeks out the Portal Key—an item with which he can enter Yrth and take it over The people of Yden need their children home to fight him It’s up to Jon and his family to find the children train them and stop GuinnHowever Jon’s training on Yden isn’t as easy as he’d hoped A rival who finds himself part of uixoran’s lessons who makes life difficult for Jon Add to that Jon’s conflicting feelings about Kira and Brett and a presidential commission and his little sister Sela’s developing magic the young wizard has on his hands than he’d hoped for Wondering which will kill him first—his new role on Yden or Guinn—Jon is determined to succeed With a school dance looming and a secret that Jon learns about his beloved Brett’s father the battle isn’t going to be so easy for our beloved Dragon Clan wizardChildren of Yden is a magical and adventurous addition to the Yden series with the humor Ms Rogers’ readers have come to love and contemplates the uestion just how far are we willing to go for our families Fans of say Harry Potter or of the author Tamora Pierce will thoroughly enjoy Children of YdenThe book can stand alone but the relationships herein will deepen for the reader if they start out with the preceding volume in the series The Last Great Wizard of Yden

  2. Books Books says:

    Children of Yden continues the story of John Hansen Kira Brett and their friends After Efysian who had been slain at the end of the previous book The Last Great Wizard of Yden had killed or drained all mature wizards of their magic there was very little magic left on this magical planet uixoran John's grandfather decides to find as many of the children of the drained or slain wizards as possible and take them on as apprentices on Dragon Isle Unfortunately Guinn of the Fox Clan have a similar idea In the end he who has the most wizards could wield the power and overthrow or aid the new government of Yden A race to find all the young wizards who had been hiding on earth to escape the slaughter ensuesThis book is comfortably paced and most definitely a page turner Riveting action and nail biting suspense is skillfully balanced by scenes of teenage fun and very interesting descriptions of wizards in training The dragons and their growing baby dragons add a touch of magical nature to the story Oh and let me not forget the giggling plants in uixoran's garden All of the above mentioned combined with many fantastic beings and phenomena prove that the author did some marvelously uniue world buildingThe main character John Hansen is a likable and highly realistic young man He is not above petty jealousy and uncalled for aggression but he does have a strong sense of duty when it comes to protecting his own He is also not an unrealistic he man who blunders into everything and shows some very good judgment at times when he chooses to run for his life rather than fight against a superior force All the other characters are well crafted From the Scottish siblings to the enigmatic and brave Fin; you'll love them all The descriptions of the typical awkwardness of teenagers and teenage survival in the modern world are spot on and often humorousI highly recommend Children of Yden as a must read but I would advise readers to get hold of The Last Wizard of Yden and read that first A standing ovation for a five star read and a gifted author Ellen Fritz

  3. Barbara Rauch Barbara Rauch says:

    What a page turner I read this book in one sitting because I could not put it downOnce again Jon Hansen and his friends and frenemies transport to an alternate universe where there are wizards dragons dragon hatchlings a wood sprite water nymphs cyclops and magic in Yden As they travel between Yden and their homes on earth Yrth Jon and the other teens span the cultural divide as Ydenites and Yrthlings explore both worlds Jon's relationship with two girls one a Princess in Yden and the other the daughter of a powerful evil wizard on Yrth becomes confusing for him as the story progresses As with most teenage boys Jon's inability to communicate his feelings makes for some hurt feelings and learning to deal with those feelings makes the story richerAlong with magic and wizardry the teens also have fun shopping for clothes going to a spring dance in a limo making s's around a campfire and walking on the beach whether they are on Yden or on Yrth More importantly the young wizards and humans learn to work as a team using the diverse interests and skills each one brings to the groupBetrayal deceit and greed emerge as the evil wizard searches for a key which would open a pathway between Yden and Yrth Jon's uick thinking not only saves his own life during a confrontation with the wizard but the lives of others imprisoned by the wizard's clan But Jon is not the only hero Each one of the teens has a special part to play in the battle of Good vs EvilI can't wait for the next one

  4. Renee Renee says:

    Children of Yden is the second book in the story of Jon Hansen and his friends This book is every bit as good as the first book The Last Great Wizard of YdenAll of Jon's friends are back along with a host of new characters both good and evil The characters are very easy to relate to and the story is packed full of action which will keep you turning the pages While dealing with the magic and wizards on Yden the characters are also going to dances and dealing with normal life on Yrth Earth The author describes Yden and its inhabitants in such a way that they are easy to picture and makes you want to visit Underneath it all the characters show strong family values and learn compassion and forgiveness How far would you go for your family? Can bullies change? There is someone here for everyoneThis book can be read on it's own but I recommend reading The Last Great Wizard of Yden first You will get an even deeper understanding of the characters

  5. InD& InD& says:

    4550In a very Percy Jackson meets wizardry sort of tale this book goes from the high fantasy adventure of the first book to collecting wizards and fighting for good in the seuelFull review in March 2013 issue of InD'tale Magazine

  6. Sandy Sandy says:

    Oh I'd like to escape to Yden To live in a tree house train with my grandfather in magical spells play with some baby dragons on the beach hang out with my friends at the end of the day then transport back to Earth using my arm cuff and transporter ring whenever I please Yes that would be the life But to the characters in this fantasy novel danger is just around the corner as the uest for power is the objective when the last spell is cast Jon is trying to be everything in both worlds but his lack of self assurance gets himself in some uestionable situations His friends in both worlds are uite the lively bunch from getting ready for a dance planning a party or planning their moves against other wizards there was always some action to keep you moving throughout this novel Typical teen issues mingled with the chemistry of wizardry provide some interesting action and some humorous situations also You are cast into an exciting world of spells romance and beautiful scenery as Jon and his friends discover their talents and form friendships As tension builds someone wants total power of the wizard kingdom but with total power there the control for power will spread to other lands Someone needs to stop them and uickly I was given this book in exchange for an honest opinion

  7. Carol Carol says:

    Many years ago my mother told me that seuels are often disappointing “The author writes a great book” she explained to me “but just can’t keep up the uality in a seuel”To this day I view seuels with a mix of hope and trepidation My feelings were intensified when a friend told me that SG Rogers’ book The Children of Yden was even better than the original The Last Great Wizard of Yden I found that hard to believetill I started readingAll of the my old friends from the first book were there as well as some wonderful new ones New apprentices are coming to Yden Jon and his friends are growing up and Sela is coming into her own The adventure is just as exciting as in Wizard if not so the villains as evil the magic as enchanting and the humor every bit as funny What’s the non magical characters find a way to use their own talents to keep up with and assist their wizard buddiesSG Roberts has definitely done it again Now that I don’t have to worry about the seuel falling flatwhen will the next book be out?I received this book free of charge in return for an honest review

  8. Alysa H. Alysa H. says:

    I appreciate the care that's put into the magical world of this book but I did not like it as much as Book 1 The hero Jon is perhaps even beholden this time around to generic conventions of Super Special Teenage Boy Hero and since almost the entire book takes place in Yden with the exception of but a few scenes eg the high school dance Jon is made even special by Yden standards not even as a Young Wizard on EarthYrthThere were things that I particularly liked in Book 1 that were actually full on negated here First off Jon's Yrth love interest Brett was cool precisely because she was a human girl who still managed to be strong and get herself through tough magical situations Here without big spoilers it turns out that her parentage is complicated than we suspected I also liked that Book 1 presented Brett as Jon's only love interest and he merely became friends with Yden born warrior princess Kira Here not only is there a love triangle shoehorned in but even Kira turns out to have additional powers So does Jon's little sister Sela who I should mention talks like a girl far older than her stated age Book 1 was a solid fantasy novel if a little slow and cardboard at times Book 2 is much slower and even cardboard I expected the final battle this time against a bad wizard much less intimidating than the epic Evil Lord of Book 1 to be climactic but even there I was disappointed Jon's fight with Guinn was fine in itself but we only get to see other parts of the battle other characters' struggles via post battle descriptions of what happened We hear about who got injured and how but we don't feel it with any sense of immediacy I don't feel like I totally wasted my time reading this it WAS good to see these characters again meet a few news ones and revisit Yden but I was overall disappointed I will probably not read Book 3

  9. Ashley E Ashley E says:

    Children of Yden is fun YA fantasy that caught my fancy easily I especially loved the relationships that it showcases with Jon and his family and friends Of course his helpless confusion in the face of two girls interested in him made me want to smack him at times but he's a teenage boy I tend to want to smack them anyway In the second book about Yden things seem to have calmed down Jon and little sister Sela are going to visit Dragon Isle over Christmas Break and they meet the newest resident brand new apprentice Max And he's not the only one uixoran is planning on training Soon Jon is transporting over on weekends and training with other apprentices gathered from among the lost children of Yden survivors stranded on Yrth most with no knowledge of their heritageThe Dragon Clan isn't the only one interested in recruiting apprentices though In the void left by Efysian's defeat another Clan has risen determined to make his mark on Yden and on YrthI enjoyed this even than the first book in the series and this one felt like it stood even better The plot was very coherent and Rogers brought the whole thing off very wellMy favorite character was Sela hands down Sibling relationships are always something I watch for and enjoy Jon and Sela were so much fun to watch and Jon's friends were another great plusFor an easy fun and clean fantasy read I can recommend the Yden booksI received this book for free through First Reads and was not reuired to write a positive or any other type of review All opinions stated herein are solely my own

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