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Curse of Wexkia ❴Download❵ ✤ Curse of Wexkia Author Dale Furse – Nell lives on a beach with only her mysterious father and close neighbours for company As her seventeenth birthday approaches she experiences something strange – suddenly she can communicate with an Nell lives on a beach with only her mysterious father and close neighbours for company As her seventeenth birthday approaches she experiences something strange – suddenly she can communicate with animals and sense other people’s feelings Her life is turned upside down when she learns the frightening truth about who she really is and discovers that her life is in danger With friend Sam by her side she travels to an Curse of MOBI :↠ alien world where she must defend herself against her enemies and using her newly acuired abilities find a secret book that contains the truth about her ancestry – whatever that may beAuthor Dale Furse takes us on a fantastic adventure to a world inhabited by bizarre beings Confused by her life changing experiences and facing an uncertain future who can Nell trust to help her.

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  1. megHan megHan says:

    I enjoyed this book It is one of those coming of age type stories where when the main character Nell is about to turn 17 she finds out that her parents aren't who or maybe I should say what she thought them to be There are secrets adventures aliens from other planets danger a book no one knows about hidden powers and so much included in the story The descriptions are beautiful the dangers exciting and the people she meets along the way are interesting A good book to share with childrenNote I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

  2. Gordon Long Gordon Long says:

    I think it is common among children to fantasize about what would happen if they woke up one morning and discovered that they weren't what everyone thought that they were beings from another planet with powers to match This book is a realistic and enjoyable take on what that might be like Not necessarily enjoyable for the main characterNell is an average 16 year old enjoying her life on the northeast coast of Australia looking forward to the future she has planned Then a mystical encounter with a huge saltwater crocodile starts a series of strange events which send her careening through space the only scion of an apparently vicious species that should have died out millennia ago Aided by her half Aborigine friend Sam and hampered by members of several other species – and even by her father whose unconditional love is in doubt – she must fight her way across an alien planet to find the evidence to clear the reputation of her race and incidentally save herself from lifelong incarceration as a danger to the citizens of the universe The strength in this writing is in the description especially of scenes and their emotional impact on the characters and thus on the reader This emotional contact gives us great empathy with the main character without ducking the flaws in her personality that help drive the plot Nell seems a very realistic teenager with mood swings uncertainties and emotional spates enough to make the reader and even Nell herself uestion whether she might be going crazy She is still very likeable and we follow her uest avidlyA couple of things make it difficult to place the target audience for this story The names and the complete lack of sexual tension between the two main characters place readership in the 9 12 age group but the complexity of the plot seems aimed at a sophisticated readerMy only complaint is that there is just too much magic in the story There are so many species arrayed against Nell each with such powerful abilities that it is difficult both to keep them all straight and to believe that one young protagonist can actually triumph against such odds In general I think most fantasy readers from 10 years on will love this story I'm just waiting for the seuel which I gather will be published soon

  3. Jo Reason Jo Reason says:

    Summary Nell lives with her Dad in an idyllic beach house and has lived there all her life she is about to turn seventeen and wants to go off to collage but her Dad has other ideas Suddenly her world changes from one day to the next and she discovers things about herself and her family that she never expected It is the first of a seriesIt is a very entertaining book An exciting start traps the reader right from the beginning It then continues throughout the whole book with much excitement and some of the best descriptions I have come across in a while Nicely fast paced with loads going on There are a variety of mysterious people and some make you wonder if they are on Nell’s side or not There are plenty of emotions running wild mainly from Nell but also the other charactersI loved all the locations in the book but most of all the beach setting in the beginning makes me want to live there myselfI have two favourite parts in the book the stunning descriptive part when Nell and the other characters are swimming underwater and the journey in the skark what is a skark? I hear you ask well you will have to read the book to find out I couldn't decide which of these was my favourite so I included them bothIt is a nice easy readThe only thing I would possibly suggest is a change to the cover it gives off the impression that it is for even young readers although the books is aimed at a young adult audience but this is probably only because the main character is a teenager don´t let this put you off if you enjoy a wild fantasy ride to other planets and learning about other civilizations then this is the book for you

  4. Gigi Sedlmayer Gigi Sedlmayer says:

    What is Nell? Alian or Human?As Nell's 17's birthday draw nearer she experiences some changes in herself and could not comprehend it She is becoming aware of things and she can hear animals talking and can hear thoughts of other people She is asking herself 'what is happening to myself? Is that normal growing up?'Until her father and newly reviled relatives unveil to her that she is not only a human she also is an alien from another world And here starts the incredible story of a teenager who was hurled into space to land on the alien planetDale Furse the author did a good job to put Nell as she was a normal scared teenager facing the challenges of growing up as she was put onto the alien worldShe learns about herself and her true self as the story unfolds as she realizes that she is both human and alienA great story for young teenager YA and even to the age of 99 years

  5. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    This book is an amazing fantasy ride full of uniue characters and vivid scenesNell is facing college and has secretly applied to one But there's a reason her father doesn't support this idea and it isn't any reason you've ever heard of beforeFor seventeen years Nell has lived a rather lonely but fairly normal life Then one day an alligator speaks to her and from that moment on BIG changes come barreling sweeping her away from any hint of normalcy and taking her good friend Sam with herThis story surprised and delighted me at every turn I don't want to give any spoilers but The Curse of Wexkia has a lot going on It's a little bit sci fi a little bit fantasy a little bit teenage angst a little bit rebellion and a little bit sweet budding romance While the story ends very satisfyingly there is definitely room for a seuel and many adventures

  6. Rodney Carlson Rodney Carlson says:

    How can I tell you how much I liked this book without sounding like a fake review? Let’s start with this book was put together well It was full of action conflict and adventure I worried over and cheered for the main character Nell through every turn she took The editor involved did a great job making a fun and exciting story smooth and easy to read This was an entertaining and delightful treat I can’t help but get the rest of this series If you want a well written adventure full of new worlds strange alien creatures and dark conspiracy then you will love this book Follow along the travels of a young girl as she finds out she has much to worry about than which college to attend

  7. Hyde Arghast Hyde Arghast says:

    Definitely a page turner The character development keeps you interested and attentive the whole way through while the action and excitement tops the whole thing off perfectly Can't wait for book 2

  8. Rosa Christian Rosa Christian says:

    An exciting and intriguing 'coming of age book' Dale has a fertile imagination which is able to see the world through a young person's eyes She is an Australian author worth reading and I look forward to reading the rest of the Wexia trilology and anything else she writes

  9. Michael George Michael George says:

    This is the same book as 1st edition Curse of Wexkia Still great for all ages My original 5 dtstars stands

  10. K. Eller K. Eller says:

    An Enchanting Magical Adventure That will Captivate Your Imagination Curse by Dale Furse is one of the Best Sci fifantasy books I have read this year It is a feast for the imagination with vivid imagery and non stop Spellbinding action For me this was uite a refreshing and engrossing read The Author delivers her story with a perfect blend of mystical fantasy Science Fiction a touch of romance mystery and personal growth I was intrigued with the strong relatable characters flowing dialogue and a uniue plot that has you guessing all throughout the story the exact nature of Nell’s mysterious heritage I was pleasantly pleased with the fact that I could not put it down yet it moved along seamlessly and uickly so I didn't have toThe author provides her readers with a fresh and engaging plot that becomes uite thought provoking How well do you really know a person? And how much do we truly know ourselves or our heritage? I feel that all people keep many aspects of themselves hidden from others As much as you think you `know' someone else in reality you really only know what they `want' you to know That is a simple factI found the Flow of the dialogue to be excellent and engagingwith a natural tone to it I found myself immersed in the vivid scenery and emotional entanglements as each scene progressed unto the next This author knows her craft and it is brilliantly portrayed in the way this story unfolded Nell our wonderful heroine is so easy to connect with on an emotional level I found myself connected to her honesty her flaws and moved by her courage to keep moving forward in her uest to help her race and save herself she is pushed out of her comfort zone throughout every step of her journey and the reader can relate to her fears and insecurities but we cheer her on with each new triumphFor a New Writer Ms Furse effortlessly leaves a new reader with a Memorable `First Impression' This new author certainly showcases her seasoned writing skills and creativity in a way that pulls the reader into her story by dropping subtle hints to keep you guessing laced with little tidbits to keep your curiosity peaked I look forward to seeing the next book released in this trilogy I can’t wait to see what is waiting for Nell around the next cornerI give this one two thumbs up It was an entertaining and engrossing read with a uniue story plot I haven't read before If you enjoy delving into the depths of Alien worlds magical abilities and mysterious uests then this is a great Book to curl up with

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