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  1. Julie Julie says:

    A Home for Wayward Husbands by Johnee Cherry is a self published 2013 releaseBitzy's husband Beau had left her many years ago and suddenly out of the clear blue sky he comes back home He is not alone either He has a partner with him that is in bad shape and needs tending to Bitzy has no idea what to think or how to feel From this point we get a little background on how things progressed in Bitzy's life Living in small town Texas without a lot of opportunity Bitzy falls in love with Beau gets pregnant and gets married Then things go south in a hurry Thus is the story of Bitzy's life She has friends some are good for her and good to her and others maybe not so muchand well Beau is not the only man Bitzy has ever known or cared about but he is the one man she really loves when push comes to shove If Beau thinks for one minute he is going to walk back into Bitzy's life and pick things back up with her again he will have to think again Bitzy's life is very complicated Her friends and family all have secrets and untold resentments and Beau's return seems to have dredged up some these feelings causing a few to finally reveal some startling and sad truths After all these years is it possible that all that passed during Beau's absence can be left in the past? Can bygones really be bygones? These characters are beyond wacky Pot smoking is the answer to all problems for a few and I couldn't help but giggle Bitzy wasn't promiscuous per se but she seemed to need a man around and just couldn't say no when she certainly should have Her friendships are complicated too A friend that loves a man that loves Bitzy as an example others that have held onto dark secrets a friend that meddles in her life and so on Bitzy's daughter manages with some help to disengage herself from life in small town Texas and make a difference with her life She has gone through years of counseling though and when Beau returns Stormy finally has a chance to get a few things off her chest Sometimes life is really like this is some ways in smaller towns and maybe we would have encountered this a bit in the past but opportunites are rare and the trap is set early on for some Without education without money without encouragement from a strong family unit an endless cycle occurs Bitzy was a beautiful girl and had no trouble attracting the opposite sex This is her ultimate weakness Going to school getting a descent job and doing something productive with her life just never occured to Bitzy She simply lived life as it came She made terrible choices and paid dearly for them Now just as she is resigned to how her life has turned out the unexpected return of her husband throw her yet another curve ball but this time maybe Bitzy will finally find a stability in her life she has never been able to accomplish previouslyThe author's style of writing does take a little getting used to We flipped back and forth in time without any kind of warning Sometimes this had me a little confused until I got settled into a rhythm with the book As a person that has lived in towns this small on occasion I relate to some of these situations It's like living on another planet and some people may not really understand that Trust me though there are folks out there that have lives this dysfunctional and yes these towns are everywhere not just in the south but so perhaps I don't know that I would really place this in the contemporary romance category since there really wasn't any romance just sort of the promise of love in the future for Bitzy Perhaps contemporary fiction would best describe this one This one gets a B or 35 stars rounded to 4

  2. Nikita (Njkinny& Nikita (Njkinny& says:

    A Home for Wayward Husbands is the story of Bitzy and her dysfunctional friends and family Her husband Beau left her years ago but now is back with a bang The story captures the essence of the small town where people are gossipyand the place is so far out that it looks like it is a separate world in itselfI am not familiar with the rural lifestyle in America but the vivid description of the lifestyle there made me feel as if I was there myself So beautifully done Johnee treats us with some very admirably done sketches of the characters and places I was caught in the emotional swirl of the characters like the sense of discontent and then anger of Bitzy at Beau The only thing that looked like a dampener on the whole great experience was the fact that I could not easily connect all the characters initially in the story The introduction of the characters left me confused as to who was who or for that matter who was human and who was a dogcat Some clarity and fluidity was needed on character introductions So here I felt this book needed brushing Only after traversing many pages was I able to know all the characters and their relation to the main heroine BitzyOther than this everything else is a treat The story is not your usual love story and the characters are not our picture perfect beings they are normal people with flaws and imperfections This is what makes this book appealing All in all a new experience for me I got to see and be a part of a different culture The story was able to engage me and make me want to know what happened next with the charactersI give A Home for Wayward Husbands a 38 out of 5 This is a touching tale of love relationships and life A very promising debut novel from a very talented Author I look forward to reading from herI received this book from the Author Jackie Weger as a gift and I am very thankful to her The above review is my personal and unbiased opinion and in no way influencedThis review is also available on my blog

  3. Linda Linda says:

    Wanna read about someone else’s dysfunctional family? Sadly I am from Oklahoma and could identify with far too many of these characters LOL That being said I had a hard time feeling invested with any of them I found the story disjointed with all the time hopping back and forth between past and present It was never clear until well into a chapter where the author had taken us which made the story difficult to follow and interrupted the flow of the story The chapter headings didn't help any in this regard eitherI think there is a good story here but it needs a lot of polishing in refining the time shifts and other editing as a whole There are several characters in this story that include friends and extended family they were uniue diverse and pretty pathetic all around Despite this a few had some redeeming ualities The topics are serious with a lot of truths exposed about small town USA Anyone who enjoyed August Osage County might enjoy this book alsoFYI There is a small amount of adult language and drug usageFormatTypo Issues Far than an acceptable level of editing issues need to be addressed in this book From copy editing to proofing errors that range from missing words extra words to just plain ol’ wrong words like homonym errorsOriginally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy August 29 2014

  4. Martha Martha says:

    I was so lucky to win A Home for Wayward Husbands by Johnee Cherry from Goodreads Bitzy Smith's long lost husbandBeau shows up with his almost dead friend Spec Where they have been for the past ten years and what they have been doing has given them the desire to come home Bitzy's family and Beau's family have never been close Both families have stories to tell and secrets to keep Phillipa is a close friend of Bitzys and seems to supply everyone with weed She smokes with everyone that comes to visit which explains some of the decisions and events The dialog in this story make it flow smoothly while the descriptive settings take you to a place that feels cozy and welcoming Blitzy is the core of the characters that bring life and death to these families for around 30 years or so She loves Beau Wes loves her Opal Ann is her best friend and married to Wes she and her sister Dot need each other her daughter Stormie is independent yet dependable Each one is trying to help in their own way

  5. Cathy Geha Cathy Geha says:

    Johnee Cherry is an author who uses words to create scenes so real I felt I could have been part of them She provided me with a spectrum of colors to see heat and dust thick enough to feel food burnt or delicious to tease my taste buds odors so pleasant or harsh they made me want to inhale deeply or hold my nose and sounds so real I wanted to go out and find the woodpecker’s nest In addition to painting word pictures I felt I could step into Cherry introduced me to an incredible cast of characters that had a story they must have asked her to tell Cherry has taken the strands of her imperfect characters and woven them through past and present good times and bad twisted some individuals up with others to add a bit of texture and depth and in the process has created a story filled with people all looking for and hoping to find love andor a return to home The end is not an end but instead a beginning and left me feeling a bit like I had just finished the story of “The Lady or the Tiger?” I look forward to reading future books by Johnee Cherry

  6. Kirstie Kirstie says:

    Thank you goodreads and Johnee Cherry for the opportunity to review this book I won this book in a goodreads first reads drawing This is an interesting book about a poor small town girl She has a lot of heart ache and drama in her life from her friends family herself and the guy she is desperately trying to hang on to I had a hard time keeping track of the characters and time because the chapters didn't seem to be in any particular order A person would be dead in one chapter the next chapter would be about that person twenty years ago then finally in the following chapter you would find out how they died Over all I'm glad I got a chance to read this book and will pass it on to my friend to review on goodreads

  7. Tammerack11 Tammerack11 says:

    The book bounces a lot from the past and future making it hard to keep up with I was a decent book just wish it was arranged differently to make it easier to stay with the what is going on with the every one in it I would get drawn in and them smacked right out of it every time it went to the past the story is really good other than that I would like to read the others to find out what happens I just hope it is not done the same way as this book I can normally read a book of this size in a few days it took me a week with this one

  8. Deborah Blanchard Deborah Blanchard says:

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review This book was very difficult for me to get into I just felt lost As I read further it became okay The characters were well developed but the story just lacked something Maybe it wasn't my cup of tea so to speak I do think that the author has talent Not the worst book I have ever read but definitely not the best either I really hate to write negative reviewsbut I do have to be honest Some people may enjoy it so it is worth a shot

  9. Elizabeth Jane Elizabeth Jane says:

    WowI really loved this story It wasn't just an accurate portrayal of real life with all the love sex drama greed jealousy hate hurt you could shake a stick atit felt like I was living it all with the characters When the story began I was team BeauBitzy As and of the backstory filled in however I completely changed my outlook The ending was a shock and I would've appreciated an epilogue Mrs Cherry but a happy shock Good for you Bitzy Now I'm just sitting here wondering how all the little details reading with her decision will iron out Hmmm

  10. Jean Jean says:

    A Home for Wayward Husbands by Johnee Cherry was very hard for me to finish I had a hard time with the book going back and forth between the present and the past I did not connect with any of the characters I feel that the book did not have a definitive ending for all of the charactersI received this book in exchange for an honest review

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A Home for Wayward Husbands ❰Download❯ ➺ A Home for Wayward Husbands Author Johnee Cherry – Thomashillier.co.uk In the style of Fannie Flagg and Billie Letts Johnee Cherry brings to life the askew characters of a small East Texas town in A Home for Wayward Husbands Beau Smith is a tormented bad boy rich gorgeou In the style of for Wayward Kindle Ø Fannie Flagg and Billie Letts Johnee Cherry brings to life the askew characters of a small East Texas town in A Home for Wayward Husbands Beau Smith is a tormented bad boy rich gorgeous and full of potential but he has an out A Home eBook ☆ of control controlling father Leon and a demented mother Suzanna putting the Smith family in the center of gossip and innuendo in Atlanta Texas There's no hiding for the Smith family who owns most of the town and lives in the center of Atlanta's universe When he falls Home for Wayward MOBI ô head over heals in love with the strawberry blond –bomb Bitzy Jeter the daughter of a low life chicken farmer Louie Jeter his mistakes keep mounting Bitzy is a sweet gullible girl without a bad bone in her body who could care less about the rich controlling attitudes of prominent citizens Bitzy loves everyone and is willing to forgive and love again but she learns that some people are not worth forgiving Beau's unexpected return sets into motion long buried emotions and memories and the family must deal with feelings they want to forget once Faced with the challenge of having Beau back Bitzy and Stormie their only daughter must deal with him on a different level Bitzy ends up with a house full of other women's husbands who she wants to continue to love but she's going to have to make some hard choices There are big secrets in Leon Smith's heavy handed world and when Phillipa Foreshaw Wes's adopted mother who has a hippie dope smoking devil may care attitude lets Bitzy and Beau know the truth about Leon things go from bad to worse Add Dot to the scene Bitzy's lesbian sister who is smack in the middle of all of Atlanta's gossipy circles loves the intrigue of having Beau show up out of the blue Dot knows her sister well and offers jaded advice on how to deal with the hapless men taking up space in her home and heart And of course there's Wesley Bitzy's best guy friend and Opal Anne one of her few friends from high school dragging their problems through Bitzy's teapot like used up tea leaves Wes comes face to face with Beau Smith the one person he hoped he would never see again and Wes's lack of sensitivities boil over in a display that defies his logical mind and he makes a move that changes everyone's idea of who Wes is including Bitzy Can Bitzy revive the most talked about and hottest romance in Atlanta's small town history Does she want to.